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The oldest private schools in Canada

Ranking private schools by age

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While it’s misleading to rank private schools overall, it can be helpful to rank them in terms of specific criteria. Here we rank them in terms of age: we provide a list of the top 20 oldest private schools in Canada.

A school’s age is important. If a school has been around a long time, it likely has something valuable to offer. It may also have established a strong reputation in Canada and worldwide.

Keep in mind, though, there’s far more to evaluating a school than its age or even prestige. Just because a school is the oldest doesn’t mean it’s the best. Age is just one factor to consider when choosing a school. You’ll also want to look at a school’s cost, community, culture, programs, and academics, among other things. In the end, you should try to find a school that’s the right fit—for your child and family.

To help you out, we list schools by location and type. While combing through these lists, which can be filtered using our advanced search, make sure to check out our comprehensive school profiles. You can also compare schools in terms of a wide range of metrics, like academics, admissions, course pedagogies, special needs support, and more. Finally, we provide an invaluable advice guide, which contains detailed articles on different types of schools, choosing a school, applying to schools, and many other topics.

Private School Expos
School Location Grades Founded
1 King's-Edgehill School Windsor, NS 6 to 12 1788
2 Upper Canada College Toronto, ON SK to 12 1829
3 Bishop's College School Sherbrooke, QC 7 to 12 1836
4 Pickering College Newmarket, ON JK to 12 1842
5 De La Salle College Toronto, ON 5 to 12 1851
6 St. Michael's College School Toronto, ON 7 to 12 1852
7 Villa Maria Montreal, QC 7 to 11 1854
8 The Sacred Heart School of Montreal Montreal, QC 7 to 11 1861
9 Trinity College School Port Hope, ON 5 to 12 1865
10 The Bishop Strachan School Toronto, ON JK to 12 1867
11 Stanstead College Stanstead, QC 7 to 12 1872
12 Trafalgar Castle School Whitby, ON 4 to 12 1874
13 Rothesay Netherwood School Rothesay, NB 6 to 12 1877
14 Lakefield College School Lakefield, ON 9 to 12 1879
15 Trafalgar School For Girls Montreal, QC 7 to 11 1887
16 Ridley College St. Catharines, ON JK to 12 1889
17 Ashbury College Ottawa, ON 4 to 12 1891
18 St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School Oakville, ON PS to 12 1891
19 Olivet School Etobicoke, ON PS to 5 1893
20 Havergal College Toronto, ON JK to 12 1894