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Connecticut summer camps

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Connecticut is beautiful in summertime and what better way for your child to enjoy the outdoors of the Connecticut summer than at a Connecticut summer camp. Nothing but fun in the New England sun!

A Connecticut summer camp offers a variety of summer activities tailored to kids' development, in the heart of the US. You can also view experienceboarding.ca to learn more about Connecticut boarding schools.

A number of summer camps in Connecticut focus on children with special needs or children who are learning disabled, as well teens with behavioural issues. Kids with ADHD or other disabilities are encouraged to exercise their minds during the usually dull summer months; they also benefit from the company of other children facing similar challenges.

Connecticut summer camps

Summer camps put on by private schools offer families an inside glimpse of what the school might offer their child. Click on any of the camp links to learn more about what Connecticut summer camps can offer your child.