Quebec girls schools

Quebec girls schools

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Gender-based environments receive a lot of attention among parents and in the national media, and it’s understandably one of the top questions on parents’ minds when choosing a private school. For girls, that’s especially true, and often for good reason. Despite the advances in the rights of women, traditional gender roles nevertheless are often unwittingly reinforced in academic and extra-curricular settings. Science and technology are more likely to be promoted to boys than to girls; English and the arts are more likely to be promoted to girls than to boys. Athletics, the prom, and many other aspects of student life can reinforce traditional roles and expectations.

New opportunities 

Girls’ schools have been shown to have a role in disrupting the patterns and the messages that accrete around an understanding of gender, ability, and possibility. Studies by the National Association for Choice in Education (NACE) and others have shown that girls in a single-sex environment are more likely to explore non-traditional subjects and activities. Absent from boys, girls perceive new areas of opportunity, something that is encouraged by the presence of female mentors and role models.

New possibilities

In other ways, participation is the result of little more than the environment itself. To be the best hockey player in the school—rather than the best female hockey player in the school—can provide an added motivation. Girls are more likely to join a robotics club, for example, when they don’t run risk being the only girl in the room, or when participation won’t be read as an act of defiance to a perceived status quo. Certainly, that’s the tradition that girls’ schools in Canada continue to this day. It’s not about isolation, it's about providing a space for a greater freedom of interest, engagement, and identity.

Below is a list of girls' schools in Quebec. 

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List of Quebec girls schools


  • Name
  • Cost
  • Study (est. 1915)   3233 The Boulevard, Westmount, Quebec, H3Y 1S4
    (The Boulevard / Place Breaside)

    • K to 11 (Girls)
    • Day school (365 students)
    The Study offers a bilingual mother tongue programme in both English and French from kindergarten to grade 11 in Westmount, Quebec. The average class size is 12 to 18 students.  
    • Traditional
    • Standard- enriched
    $18,415 to $20,735 /year
    Day Girls 18415 5-16 Westmount

    Trafalgar School For Girls (est. 1887)   3495 Simpson Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 2J7

    • 7 to 11 (Girls)
    • Day school (140 students)
    • Homestay school
    Based in the heart of downtown Montreal, Trafalgar School for Girls is a diverse school community that challenges and inspires girls to love learning, build confidence and shape a better world.  
    • Liberal Arts
    • Standard- enriched
    $15,875 /year
    Day Girls 15875 12-16 Montreal

    Collège François-Delaplace (est. 1963)   365 Compton Street East, Waterville, Quebec, J0B 3H0
    (Rue Compton / Rue Principale)

    • 7 to 12 (Girls)
    • Boarding school (200 students)
    COLLÈGE FRANÇOIS-DELAPLACE is a private Traditional / academic boarding school in Waterville, Quebec. The school offers programs for grades 7 to 12 with enrolment of 200 boarding students.  
    • Traditional
    • Standard- enriched
    • French immersion
    • Christian
    • Sports-intensive
    $7,950 to $30,300 /year
    Boarding Girls 7950 12-17 Waterville

    Sacred Heart School of Montreal (est. 1861)   3635 Atwater Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, H3H 1Y4
    (Atwater / Docteur-Penfield)

    • 7 to 11 (Girls)
    • Day school (230 students)
    The pre-eminent All Girls English Catholic high school in Montreal, with 156 years of experience graduating young women of action with solid skills and tools for success.  
    • Traditional
    • Standard- enriched
    • Christian
    $13,764 to $49,492 /year
    Day Girls 13764 12-16 Montreal

    Villa Maria (est. 1854)   4245 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3K4
    (Av de Monkland / Boulevard Décarie)

    • 7 to 11 (Girls)
    • 7 to 7 (Boys)
    • Day school (1400 students)
    Villa Maria offers programs from grades seven to 12 in Montreal. Its average class size is 28 to 32 students.  
    • Traditional
    • Standard- enriched
    • French immersion
    • Christian
    $4,175 /year
    Day Girls Boys 4175 12-16 Montreal

    Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie (est. 1905)   628, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 2C5
    (chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine / Avenue Claude Champagne)

    • 7 to 11 (Girls)
    • Day school (1050 students)
    • Boarding school (60 students)
    École secondaire francophone privée pour jeunes filles située à Outremont, Qc. Les frais de scolarité sont de 3 800 $ par année. Elle offre les profils Éducation internationale, Danse-études et Musique-études.  
    • Liberal Arts
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Standard- enriched
    • French immersion
    • Arts-intensive
    $4,000 to $9,150 /year
    Day & Boarding Girls 4000 12-16 Montreal

    Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's School (est. 1909)   525 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Westmount, Quebec, H3Y 3H6

    • K to 11 (Girls)
    • Day school (325 students)
    Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's School offers programs from kindergarten to grade 11 in Westmount, Quebec. Its average class size is 18 students.  
    • Progressive
    • Accelerated
    • French immersion
    $19,150 to $20,440 /year
    Day Girls 19150 5-16 Westmount