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International boarding schools

An international education

On this page we cover schools located outside of Canada. For a complete guide to private schooling, including information about admissions, please see our introductory guide.

Table of contents

  1. List of international boarding schools

  2. Choosing a school

  3. Tuition

  4. Compare boarding schools

  5. Going to an international boarding school
  6. Further resources


Boarding schools

  • Neuchâtel Junior College
  • Chamberlain International School
  • St. Francis High School
  • Alpine Academy
  • Buffalo Seminary
  • Heritage
  • Caribbean International Academy -St. Maarten
  • North Broward Preparatory School
  • THINK Global School
  • New Mexico Military Institute
  • Hampshire Country School
  • Foxcroft Academy
  • Army and Navy Academy
  • The Gow School
  • Fork Union Military Academy
  • Southwestern Academy
  • Randolph-Macon Academy
  • Oxford Tutorial College

School NameTypePaceCost

Neuchâtel Junior College (est. 1956)

  • Neuchâtel, Ontario
  • 12 to 12 (Coed)
  • Boarding school
Neuchâtel Junior College, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, offers Canadian Grade 12 curriculum and AP to students from across Canada and beyond. [View profile]
  • Traditional
Standard-enriched$29,000 to $54,500

Chamberlain International School (est. 1976)

  • Middleboro, Massachusetts
  • 6 to 12 (Coed)
  • Day school (25 students)
  • Boarding school (98 students)
Co-ed therapeutic boarding school in Massachusetts for students 11-22 years. Student support is offered for learning disabilities, OCD, anxiety, ADHD, NLD, ASD, attachment disorder, bipolar disorder and depression. [View profile]
  • Traditional

St. Francis High School (est. 1927)

  • Hamburg, New York
  • 9 to 12 (Boys)
  • Day school (500 students)
  • Boarding school (26 students)
Located in Athol Springs, NY, a small suburban community in the town of Hamburg just south of the city of Buffalo. The 65 acre campus is located 13 miles from the Canadian border directly on the shores of Lake Erie. [View profile]
  • Traditional

Alpine Academy (est. 2001)

  • Erda, Utah
  • 7 to 12 (Girls)
  • Boarding school (70 students)
Alpine Academy isn't just a school, it is an experience that prepares young women for life beyond our campus. Students learn to engage in not only academics, but also family, community, and interpersonal relationships. [View profile]
  • Traditional

Buffalo Seminary (est. 1851)

  • Buffalo, New York
  • 9 to 12 (Girls)
  • Day school
  • Boarding school
Independent day and boarding school for college-bound girls. Our STEAM curriculum is unique, and creative, independent thinking is valued. Located in Buffalo, NY, girls access the best of city living. [View profile]
  • Liberal Arts
Accelerated$19,840 to $46,715

Heritage (est. 1984)

  • Provo, Utah
  • 7 to 12 (Boys)
  • Boarding school (115 students)
Heritage offers expert care for at-risk adolescents including those diagnosed with Mood Disorder, depression, anxiety, defiance towards authority figures and those on the Autism Spectrum. Learn more on our website. [View profile]
  • Progressive

Caribbean International Academy -St. Maarten (est. 2003)

  • Cupecoy, St. Maarten
  • JK to 12 (Coed)
  • Day school
  • Boarding school (8 students)
Caribbean International Academy provides a world class private Ontario education in the most idyllic of places: The island of St. Maarten. CIA fosters an optimal learning environment for all students. [View profile]
  • Traditional
Standard-enriched$9,130 to $32,645

North Broward Preparatory School (est. 1957)

  • Coconut Creek, Florida
  • Preschool to 12 (Coed)
  • Day school (900 students)
  • Boarding school (330 students)
North Broward Preparatory School is a K-12 co-educational day and boarding school located in S. Florida located minutes from the beach with IB, AP, and LD classes set on 80 acres with year round hockey. [View profile]
  • Liberal Arts
  • International Baccalaureate
Accelerated$24,200 to $58,000

THINK Global School (est. 2009)

  • New York, New York
  • 10 to 12 (Coed)
  • Boarding school (46 students)
THINK Global School is a traveling high school where you’ll live and study in a different country every semester, combining a top-notch education with place-based learning in four countries per year. [View profile]
  • Progressive

New Mexico Military Institute (est. 1891)

  • Roswell, New Mexico
  • 9 to 12 (Coed)
  • Boarding school (843 students)
The New Mexico Military Institute offers a rich history and tradition of educating tomorrow’s leaders through a program of strong, challenging academics, leadership preparation, and character development. [View profile]
    $13,629 to $20,065

    Hampshire Country School (est. 1948)

    • Rindge, New Hampshire
    • 3 to 12 (Boys)
    • Boarding school (22 students)
    A friendly, active boarding school for bright boys who have good intentions but who may be too impulsive, intense, or bothersome for other schools and whose intellectual interests may separate them from their peers. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts

    Foxcroft Academy (est. 1823)

    • Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
    • 9 to 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (352 students)
    • Boarding school (98 students)
    Day & Boarding school with all boarding for International students Academic & Sports Grade 9 - 12 Tuition International $41,000 USD [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    Standard-enriched$22,000 to $41,000

    Army and Navy Academy (est. 1910)

    • Carlsbad, California
    • 7 to 12 (Boys)
    • Day school
    • Boarding school
    Army and Navy Academy is a life-changer for boys. As a Gurian Model School, we know how boys learn inside and outside the classrom, what motivates them, and how to develop each student's potential. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$22,000 to $37,500

    The Gow School (est. 1926)

    • South Wales, New York
    • 6 to 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (15 students)
    • Boarding school (135 students)
    The Gow School is a special needs private school that offers programs for grades seven through 12 in South Wales, New York. [View profile]
    • Traditional

    Fork Union Military Academy (est. 1898)

    • Fork Union, Virginia
    • 7 to 12 (Boys)
    • Day school (30 students)
    • Boarding school (470 students)
    This military academy in Fork Union, Virginia is the premier college preparatory boarding military schools for boys in grades 7-12. Renowned for its emphasis on Christian values, academics and athletics. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    $19,730 to $37,450

    Southwestern Academy (est. 1924)

    • San Marino, California
    • 6 to 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (34 students)
    • Boarding school (110 students)
    Southwestern Academy is a coeducational boarding and day school with a location in San Marino, California and Rimrock Arizona. We offer small class instruction with personalized lessons and an international student body. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$19,850 to $48,850

    Randolph-Macon Academy (est. 1892)

    • Front Royal, Virginia
    • 6 to 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (56 students)
    • Boarding school (269 students)
    Randolph-Macon Academy is located in Front Royal, Virginia. This college-prep school is for grades 6-12. Students develop a strong knowledge base while also building leadership skills and strong positive morals. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$14,350 to $40,525

    Oxford Tutorial College (est. 1988)

    • Oxford,
    • 10 to 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (150 students)
    • Boarding school (150 students)
    Oxford Tutorial College is a leading independent college specialising in A-level and GCSE tuition for students grade 10 to 12, intending to go on to higher education at a good British University. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$33,255 to $39,447

    Our boarding school guide has advice specific to finding boarding schools abroad. For insights that are more general (on how to evaluate school options) we recommend you review our hub on choosing a school.

    Private school expos

    Private school expos are ideal launching pads for your school-finding journey. All expos are held in the fall at a number of centres across Canada. There are three expos hosted in Ontario, one in Toronto, one in Halton-Peel, and one in Ottawa. Expos are also held each fall in Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. All are opportunities to speak with administrators from leading boarding schools within the regions in which the expos are held.

    Parent discussion forum

    Word-of-mouth is another powerful tool in your school-finding arsenal. The Our Kids private school discussion forum allows you to discuss your options and debate topics around gifted education. You can use our community of parents, educational experts, alumni, and schools to help answer your questions and stimulate your thinking.

    Upcoming open house events

    Attending open houses is obviously a great way to learn more about a school and get a feel for the environment. For some advice on open house visits, go here. For questions to ask that are specific to boarding programs, refer to our main boarding school hub.

    Broadly speaking, the cost of boarding reflects the cost private school tuition in general, though with premiums added to cover housing and meals.

    Many schools offer financial aid, including scholarships and bursaries. Financial aid is needs-based, and financial aid programs are created as a means of broadening the student base and attracting students, independent of means, who will contribute most to the culture of the school. Generally speaking, the larger and more expensive schools provide the most aid.

    You can read more about financial aid and scholarships in our dedicated guide.

    Below you'll find the range of costs at international boarding schools:

    Tuition (baording school)Students receiving financial aidGrade eligibility for financial aidAvg. aid package size (annual)
    Neuchâtel Junior College$29,000 to $54,50020%12$20,000
    Buffalo Seminary$46,7159 - 12
    THINK Global School$79,00010 - 12
    Foxcroft Academy$22,000 to $41,00010%9 - 12$7,500
    Army and Navy Academy$37,50020%7 - 12$7,500
    The Gow School$63,60030%7 - 12$22,000
    Southwestern Academy$39,900 to $48,85028%6 - 12$15,000
    Oxford Tutorial College10%11 - 12$10,000

     Founding dateEndowmnentAdmissions rateEnrollmentEnrollment
    per grade
    Neuchâtel Junior College1956
    Chamberlain International School1976$0100%
    St. Francis High School1927100%
    Alpine Academy200185%
    Buffalo Seminary1851$12,000,00060%21855
    Caribbean International Academy -St. Maarten2003$11,921,411,400,406100%19515
    North Broward Preparatory School1957$10,000,00060%1230176
    THINK Global School200913%4415
    New Mexico Military Institute1891100%
    Hampshire Country School194850%222
    Foxcroft Academy1823$9,000,00068%450113
    Army and Navy Academy1910$30072%
    The Gow School1926$26,000,00095%
    Fork Union Military Academy1898
    Southwestern Academy192440%12918
    Randolph-Macon Academy1892$88594%30944
    Oxford Tutorial College1988$0100%93

    Primary curriculum
    Secondary curriculum
    Curriculum pace
    Academic culture
    Average class size
    Language immersion
    Special needs support
    Tech integration
    Neuchâtel Junior CollegeTraditionalStandard-enrichedRigorous13ModerateMedium integration
    Chamberlain International SchoolTraditionalStudent-pacedSupportive10 to 12Very High
    St. Francis High SchoolTraditionalAcceleratedRigorous18LimitedMedium integration
    Alpine AcademyTraditionalLimited
    Buffalo SeminaryLiberal ArtsAcceleratedRigorous9 to 1ModerateHeavy integration
    HeritageProgressiveStudent-pacedSupportive8 to 10Very HighMedium integration
    Caribbean International Academy -St. MaartenTraditionalStandard-enrichedSupportive5 to 15LimitedMedium integration
    North Broward Preparatory SchoolLiberal ArtsInternational BaccalaureateAcceleratedRigorous18Very HighHeavy integration
    THINK Global SchoolProgressiveStudent-pacedSupportive12Limited
    New Mexico Military Institute16 to 1Limited
    Hampshire Country SchoolLiberal ArtsStudent-pacedSupportive4Very HighLight integration
    Foxcroft AcademyLiberal ArtsStandard-enrichedRigorousLimitedMedium integration
    Army and Navy AcademyTraditionalStandard-enrichedRigorous5 to 19ModerateMedium integration
    The Gow SchoolTraditionalStandard-enrichedSupportive4 to 5Very HighHeavy integration
    Fork Union Military AcademyTraditional10 to 15Very High
    Southwestern AcademyTraditionalStandard-enrichedSupportive5 to 15LimitedLight integration
    Randolph-Macon AcademyTraditionalStandard-enrichedRigorous12 to 17LimitedMedium integration
    Oxford Tutorial CollegeProgressiveInternational BaccalaureateStandard-enrichedSupportive2 to 8Very HighLight integration



    Learning disorders:
     Auditory processing disorder
     Language processing disorder
     Non-verbal learning disorders
     Visual motor deficit
    Development disorders:

    Behavioural and emotional:
     Troubled teens
     Substance abuse
     Oppositional defiant disorder
     Cystic fibrosis
     Multiple physical

     Admission deadlineSSAT requiredInterview requiredAcceptance rateNext open house
    Neuchâtel Junior CollegeBoarding: rolling
    Chamberlain International SchoolDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    St. Francis High SchoolDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    Homestay: rolling
    Alpine AcademyBoarding: rolling85%
    Buffalo SeminaryDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    9 - 1260%
    HeritageBoarding: rolling71%
    Caribbean International Academy -St. MaartenDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    Homestay: rolling
    K - 12100%
    North Broward Preparatory SchoolDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    6 - 126 - 1260%
    THINK Global SchoolBoarding: Mar 1, 201613%
    New Mexico Military Institute100%
    Hampshire Country SchoolBoarding: rolling3 - 750%
    Foxcroft AcademyDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    9 - 129 - 1268%
    Army and Navy AcademyDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    Homestay: rolling
    7 - 1272%
    The Gow SchoolDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    7 - 1295%
    Fork Union Military AcademyDay: Dec 31, 1969
    Boarding: Dec 31, 1969
    Homestay: Dec 31, 1969
    Southwestern AcademyDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    6 - 126 - 1240%
    Randolph-Macon AcademyDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    6 - 1294%
    Oxford Tutorial CollegeDay: rolling
    Boarding: rolling
    Homestay: rolling
    10 - 1210 - 12100%



     MathScienceLiteratureHumanities Social SciencesForeign LanguagesFine Arts
    Neuchâtel Junior CollegeTraditional MathEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceCreative
    Chamberlain International School
    St. Francis High SchoolTraditional MathEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance
    Alpine Academy
    Buffalo SeminaryTraditional MathEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance
    HeritageEqual BalanceExpositoryEqual BalancePragmatismAudio-LingualEqual Balance
    Caribbean International Academy -St. MaartenEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance
    North Broward Preparatory SchoolEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance
    THINK Global School
    New Mexico Military Institute
    Hampshire Country SchoolTraditional MathExpositoryTraditionalEqual BalanceEqual BalanceCreative
    Foxcroft AcademyTraditional MathEqual BalanceTraditionalPerennialismAudio-LingualCreative
    Army and Navy AcademyTraditional MathEqual BalanceTraditionalEqual BalanceCommunicativeCreative
    The Gow SchoolTraditional MathInquiryTraditionalPerennialismEqual BalanceCreative
    Fork Union Military Academy
    Southwestern AcademyTraditional MathEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance
    Randolph-Macon AcademyTraditional MathEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceCommunicativeCreative
    Oxford Tutorial CollegeEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance



    The appeal of boarding outside Canada is considerable, both for the quality of the academics and for the richness of the cultural experience. Being in Europe or Asia, for example, means being proximate to a wealth of languages, ideas, places, and people. Closer to home, the United States is home to some of the oldest and most respected boarding schools on the continent, and some of the most progressive schools in the world.

    All participate in a robust, world-class academic tradition. With students enrolling from around the world, learning from each other, discussing their backgrounds and sharing an understanding of their place in the world, schools outside Canada are able to offer a broad range of opportunity and independence that isn't available at home. Along with that cultural understanding is often the chance to develop language and communication skills.

    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation requirements, as well as the degrees offered by international schools, varies based on focus, curriculum, and affiliation. For example, students attending Neuchâtel Junior College earn credits toward completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Other schools—including Carlsbad International School, the International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK), and THINK Global School—offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) toward the fulfilment of the IB diploma.

    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

    The International Baccalaureate is a two-year advanced secondary school curriculum that was founded in 1968 and is now taught in schools in more than 140 countries, including many alternative institutions in Canada.

    The IB curriculum was created for students aged 16 to 19. It is intended to provide a well-rounded, high quality, advanced course of study that delivers the basics of high school education while challenging students to apply their knowledge and skills through collaboration, discussion, and communication.

    In order to earn an IB diploma students complete a course of study in six core subject areas (language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, and the arts) an essay of up to 4000 words, and sit standard, externally assessed exams. In addition to coursework, students are also required to complete two formal projects and a minimum of 50 hours of community service.

    University recognition of the IBDP

    Each of Canada's universities is free to sets its own admissions standards and to assess each candidate based on their own internal criteria. There is no national university entrance exam or governing body overseeing university admissions. As a result, admission criteria can vary widely, even between universities within Canada. Students are required to contact colleges or universities directly to find a list of admission requirements and deadlines, and to submit transcripts in support of their application.

    While the specific details of recognition can vary between universities—or, in some cases, even between faculty within a university—the IB diploma is widely accepted as an admission credential if the scores earned meet certain targets. In some instances, IB courses and exams are recognized for transfer credit within an institution, used in fulfillment of university degree requirements and/or fulfilling course prerequisite requirements.