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More about private education

More about private education

Private school life

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Articles from Our Kids' archive since 1998

Read the current issue online as a digital magazine or delve into past issues, by year or by article topic. Hundreds of parents, students, educators and experts share their personal stories about the value of a private school education.

Because there are so many articles, this list is broken up into two separate pages. Click on any of the links below to learn more about private schools and subjects related to getting accepted into and enjoying the direct benefits of private schools.

Private school articles page one | Private school articles page two

•  Community Service by Schools in Richmond Hill and Willowdale
•  Boarding school can be a 'home away from home'
•  Upper Canada College, the private school with a public purpose is 175!
•  Canadians at international private schools are thriving
•  International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement at Private Schools'
•  Quebec's schools: A+ for Trafalgar School For Girls, LCC and others
•  Private schools offer parents choice, says UWO's Derek Allison
•  Private schools and academics: inside Pickering College
•  Schools offer opportunities to grow

Our Kids has always held a close relationship with the many schools we represent. Part of our mandate has always been to report stories from inside private schools. Check out the three stories below for insiders' perspectives on life at private schools.

•  At King's Edgehill Private School: 'Accomplishment'
•  Achievement at Pickering College
•  At St. Mildred's-Lightbourne School in Oakville: active learning
•  Private schools with financial aid: 'affordable and accessible'
•  Strathcona Tweedsmuir Private School in Oktoks: 'Alberta Futures'
•  At St. Andrews All Boys school 'boys will be boys'
•  AP: Advanced Placement at Ridley College in St. Catharines, Ontario

Inside private schools, arts and athletics are just two of the focuses. Parents who send their children to private schools are happy with the way in which the schools focus on curricula such as arts and athletics. Check the stories below to see why.

•  Arts at Armbrae Academy: a 'source of pride'
•  The Arts program at St. Andrew's: a profile
•  Stanstead College Athletics: a private school story
•  Schools help struggling teens
•  Private schools offer students a balancing act
•  Private school before and after programs at work
•  Best fit: Finding it as you search for a private school for your child
•  What to look for in preschool programs: Going 'beyond babysitting'

While many people misunderstand boarding schools as exclusive, elitist or questionable for other reasons, kids who attend a boarding private school are often unequivocal about the benefits they receive from living at a boarding school during those critical, formative high school years.

•  Boarding: making the switch from day school to boarding school
•  Boarding School Portrait: Inside Havergal College (2007)
•  Boarding School: Life Inside Brentwood College School
•  Extracurricular benefits at some private schools from across Canada
•  Inside a Boys Only School: Royal St. George's College (RSGC)
•  Boys School is a Changing World
•  At Havergal College, Girls have a Bright Future
•  At Pickering College, a student tactfully and smartly brings change
•  At Wesley Christian Academy in Unionville, character counts
•  Choosing the right private school - 1999
•  Student gets a break from bullying in switch to private school
•  At Greenwood College School, students reach out to other Toronto kids
•  A program at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School gets students involved
•  Private schools in Toronto: getting involved in community issues
•  Choosing a school close to home: Albert College
•  Competence in English thanks to Albert College's ESL program
•  Special Needs Schools: ADHD students find a home
•  Creative learning at Alan Howard Waldorf School in Toronto
•  Stratford Hall's IB program was the difference for one parent!
•  Cyberbullying: what you can do to fight it
•  Cyberbullying: facts and figures
•  Boys and communication - for Boarding school teachers & parents
•  Girls Private Schools: the benefits of an open learning environment
•  Diversity at private schools
•  How to tell if your child has a learning disability
•  Small classes and freedom draw top teachers to private schools
•  Bayview Glen School wins the Duke of Edinburgh award
•  Private schools and encouragement
•  Enrichement at Mabin School
•  St. John's-Kilmarnock School at a research station in Dorset
•  Special Needs: Integrated classrooms are an alternative to segregation
•  At Sherwood heights in Mississauga, students strive for excellence
•  Students develop interests at St. George's School of Montreal, Quebec
•  Round Square schools offer the opportunity to explore the world
•  Finding true talents at Toronto's RSGC
•  Extracurricular activities at private schools like Stratford Hall and others
•  Villanova College near Toronto, propagates Christian values and faith
•  De La Salle College propagates faith and Catholic tradition
•  Private school alumni take on the world

Paying private school tuition is probably the most prohibitive aspect of private schools for most parents. However, many parents who send their children to private school are not wealthy, just merely creative. Learn all about private school financial aid in a number of articles below, including personal anecdotes from parents as well as advice from financial professionals on private school bursaries, tax breaks and how to find private school scholarships.

•  Financing a Private School Education (from 2000)
•  Planning ahead for private education: Financing and Tuition
•  Financing the future in private education (from 1999)
•  Find the funds to pay for private school
•  Friendships formed at private school in Nova Scotia
•  Advanced placement and international baccalaureate programs
•  How to get accepted into private school
•  Gifted kids are no longer bored at this school in Richmond, BC
•  Minds changed about 'girls only' at Trafalgar School in Montreal
•  The Study, in Quebec, and Trafalgar Castle in Ont. bloom confidence
•  High school students graduate
•  Boys only schools are still a viable option argue a number of experts
•  Boarding school: a private school option worth considering
•  Student accomplishments at private & boarding schools in 2004
•  Boarding school teaches academics - and life
•  St. Andrew's College, home away from home: life at boarding school
•  Getting over the boarding school 'jitters' at Ridley College
•  Navigating the private school admissions process: advice from Our Kids
•   A brief look at IB
•  In my day: Boarding schools have a rich history
•  At King's-Edgehill School, Cora finds independence
•  High Scope promotes independence
•  The International Baccalaureate program: an overview
•  International Students find a home at boarding schools
•  Inside Round Square at Collingwood School in Vancouver
•  Private education or public? It's a matter of choice
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