Boarding schools in Europe

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Boarding schools in Europe have a tradition dating back to the very roots of Western education. Of course, today's schools have also come a long way from those roots.

Boarding schools in Europe

(Below, find listings of boarding schools from several cities in Europe.)

Today, boarding schools have many of the amenities and luxuries you would associate with modern culture. While boarding schools can be expensive, the benefits of a boarding school education are numerous.

As with all private schools, European boarding schools offer a disciplined, structured environment, smaller class sizes and well-respected, highly qualified instructors. Today, boarding schools also tend to be much more multi-cultural. Students from Asian nations, South America and all the continents of the world strive to get into high quality boarding schools from Switzerland, the UK, Italy and North America. Swiss boarding schools are particularly highly regarded; you'll find several listed below.

Why Boarding School in Europe?

For most students coming from abroad, the appeal of any boarding school in Europe is the Western education system, exposure to Western culture and of course immersion in English and other European languages. In a European boarding school, students from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds mix together, learn from each other, discuss their backgrounds and acquire a stronger understanding of each other and the world in general.

Families from Asian countries find that the approach to teaching in a European boarding school is - like all western education - less rigid, forced and memorization-based than that found in many schools in Korea and China, for example.

All of these are 'generalizations' that indeed hold true for numerous boarding schools you will find here. There is little doubt that the education offered at a private boarding school is one of the best gifts you will ever give your child. Below you will find boarding schools from Switzerland and Italy. We also recommend you search many North American private schools using our school search engine.

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