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Sunday, February 11, 2018 • Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto • 12:00 – 4:00pm

Find camps for kids and teens interested in honing skills in ice skating including both power and figure skating. Camps in Canada can include instruction from professional figure skaters and power skating teachers; kids inevitably improve skating skills with the concentrated attention they receive.

Hockey schools can run in-camp power skating camps for all levels from novice to expert. Even professional hockey players participate in and understand the value of a skating camp to help them improve their skating. Players are trained according to a professional power skating system and skills focus will include increasing foot speed, improving ankle strength and other subtle techniques to increase speed, strength and power. Weight training and physical training may focus on trimming leg muscles and other unnecessary weight.

Figure skating programs
Many arenas offer summer and winter skating programs for figure skaters, special figure skating classes and off-ice training. Many skating camps offer group classes for intermediate and advanced figure skaters. Camps will teach skaters basic ice skating skills, but many camps concentrate on more advanced skills such as ice dancing, choreography, jumps, spins and other skills. Camps may also include a skills competition and a camp-ending ice show.

Figure skating and hockey power skating are important aspects of all the skating camps listed here. Learn more from the camps listed below, to find out how they can help you improve your skating.

Skate camps

20th anniversary camp guide

List of ice skating camps and programs

   Special Needs Support: Light    Specialized   
Camps that specialize in ice skating
Teen Ranch   
An hour from the GTA, a traditional, Christian summer camp & year round retreat facility, specializing in developing youth through horse, hockey, adventure, bmx, soccer, figure skate, beach volleyball, WHAM & day camps.


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 5 to 18
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $320/week
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 320 5-18 0 Caledon
Camps offering ice skating as an activity
Niagara Christian Collegiate   
Give your child a fun-filled learning adventure at any of NCC's Summer Camps. Or get a head start on your studies during our August Credit Program!

Fort Erie

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 11 to 18
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $3,550/session
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 3550 11-18 0 Fort Erie
Ridley College Summer Programmes   
Ridley College is located in St.Catharines Ontario, Canada. Summer camp offers ESL credit/camp, Summer Academy, Enrichment, Discover Canada, Experience Niagara, Multisport Camp, Lego Robotics, Rowing and many more!

St. Catharines

Education (multi)

  • Ages 4 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $260/session
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 260 4-17 1 St. Catharines
Lovell International Camps   
Canadian run camp in the Swiss Alps. Offering a host of sports and activities including: Language, Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Horse Riding, Hiking, Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Cultural Excursions & Overnight Expeditions.


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 6 to 18
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $800/session
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 800 6-18 2 International
Camp Mère Clarac   
Located on the banks of Rivière Ouareau, we have a magnificent site of 115 acres of land with unique and safe facilities, making it one of the most beautiful camp sites in Quebec.


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 4 to 16
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $444/week
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 444 4-16 3 Saint-Donat
French International Language Camps   
English students learning French mix with French students learning English in this innovative program in the French Alps. Sports and other activities are an important part of the experience, along with language lessons.


Education: Language Studies

  • Ages 7 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $2,200/week
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 2200 7-17 4 International
Stanstead College Summer Camps   
Summer Camps for local and foreign students. Wide variety of camps offered such as Language, STEM, Cultural, Hockey Specific and much more!


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 11 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $1,000/session
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed 1000 11-17 5 Stanstead
Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre   
Leadership and Outdoor Education for youth and the young at heart from across Ontario and around the World!

Haliburton Highlands

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 1 to 100
  • Coed, Girls, Boys
  • Day, Overnight
from $163/night
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed, Girls, Boys 163 1-100 6 Haliburton Highlands
A unique, intimate small camp experience. So much fun with amazing life lessons on self esteem, empowerment, self understanding and a variety of activities, paddle boarding, boxing, yoga, boot camp, meditation and more.

Bloor West Village, Toronto; Torrance

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 8 to 16
  • Girls
  • Day, Overnight, Program, family
from $375/week
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight, Program, family Girls 375 8-16 7 Bloor West Village, Toronto, Torrance
Kids of Canada North Overnight Camp   
WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. Overnight Camps near Haliburton offering traditional multi-activity or specialized Sports, Dance, Hockey & CIT Programs or a day camp in Richmond Hill specializing in hockey.

Richmond Hill; Haliburton Highlands

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 4 to 16
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight, family
from $800/week
Day, Overnight, family Coed 800 4-16 8 Richmond Hill, Haliburton Highlands