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The world is a little smaller at a Round Square school

Round Square schools in Canada are part of a worldwide association of schools that allow students to travel, experience multiple cultures, participate in community service, and simply enjoy a variety a learning environments. Many of Canada's Round Square schools are also private institutions which you can find in our listings. If your child enrolls in a Round Square school, he or she can request and receive an exchange to any other school in another country for a semester at a time. There are approximately 60 Round Square schools in the world.

Round Square defines its vision according to IDEALS: internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership, service. Round Square schools emphasize community involvement, especially through International Service Projects. Activities here might include building infrastructure in underprivileged areas, constructing fresh water systems, working in soup kitchens, and working with impoverished youth.

The name "Round Square" derives from a 17th century building at Goronstoun School in Scotland, which was one of the founding schools of the program. This educational approach bases itself on the theories of renowned educational philosopher Kurt Hahn. He argued that schools shouldn't only exist to prepare students for post-secondary institutions. Instead, Hahn saw more of an intrinsic value in education; it was a tool through which children could learn to about real human challenges. He sought to foster such values as generosity, bravery, creativity, and conflict resolution. As such, today's Round Square schools encourage growth of the whole child, not just his or her scholarly side.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Round Square School

Prior to selecting a Round Square school think about some of these key questions:

  • Is your son or daughter ready to live away from home?
  • What can you do to ensure that your child adjusts to culture shocks? Have you researched what you should expect from the area where the school is located?
  • Is the school suited to your son's or daughter's aptitudes, needs, and interests? Does it have a specialty? Does it come close to matching your expectations of an ideal educational institution? Could you see your child in that environment?
  • What is the school's most significant strength? What are its weaknesses? What is the school's average class size?
  • Does the school have a positive reputation? To best answer this question, talk to parents, students, and alumni. In addition, consult the Fraser Institute's annual school ratings and rankings (on which Round Square schools regularly score quite highly).

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List of Round Square

    School NameTypePaceCost

    Delano Academy (est. 2014)  

    • Vaughan, Ontario
    • JK to 9 Coed
    • Day school (140 students)
    D.A. is a K-12 university prep, coed IB candidate 21st Century school. Enriched and rigorous curriculum. Balanced academics, arts, athletics & character development. We value best practices & evidenced based approaches. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • International Baccalaureate
    Student-paced$14,995 to $15,995Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day14995

    Appleby College (est. 1911)  

    • Oakville, Ontario
    • 7 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (487 students)
    • Boarding school (273 students)
    Appleby College in Oakville is recognized globally as one of Canada's leading independent schools. Breadth, excellence, innovation and caring are the characteristics that define the essence of the Appleby experience. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    Standard-enriched$35,090 to $69,440MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day35090

    Lakefield College School (est. 1879)  

    • Lakefield, Ontario
    • 9 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (105 students)
    • Boarding school (260 students)
    LCS offers world-class programming (Grades 9 -12) designed to meet the strengths of each student while encouraging growth through a school-wide Leadership, Character and Values program and enriched boarding experiences. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    Standard-enriched$32,000 to $63,500HighSchools Coed Boarding Day32000

    St. John's-Kilmarnock School (est. 1972)  

    • Waterloo Region (Breslau), Ontario
    • JK to 12 Coed
    • Day school (375 students)
    St. John's-Kilmarnock School, in Waterloo, offers enriched educational programming for students from JK – Grade 12 through its accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Its average class size is 17. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$15,860 to $52,685Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day Homestay15860

    Fern Hill School - Oakville (est. 1982)  

    • Oakville, Ontario
    • PS to 8 Coed
    • Day school (400 students)
    Fern Hill School Oakville is a private independent school offering individualized learning in Preschool to Grade 8. Our school is regarded as one of the pre-eminent elementary schools in Canada. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Accelerated$18,952 to $21,325Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day9999999999

    Bishop's College School (est. 1836)  

    • Sherbrooke, Quebec
    • 7 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (60 students)
    • Boarding school (200 students)
    Bishop's College School is an English boarding and day school for students in grades 7 through 12. Small in size and culturally diverse, BCS is a member of RoundSquare and offers an ESL program and AP courses. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$18,200 to $55,800MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day18200

    Stanstead College (est. 1872)  

    • Stanstead, Quebec
    • 7 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (65 students)
    • Boarding school (170 students)
    Located on the Quebec-Vermont border, Stanstead College offers rigorous university-prep, Grades 7to 12, in a secure, family-focused learning environment. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$20,800 to $60,200MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day20800

    Fern Hill School - Burlington (est. 1982)  

    • Burlington, Ontario
    • PS to 8 Coed
    • Day school (180 students)
    Fern Hill School welcomes students from Preschool to Grade 8 and focuses on developing intellectual curiosity, creativity and confidence. Our maximum class size is 19 students. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Student-paced$19,332 to $22,028Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day9999999999

    St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School (est. 1891)  

    • Oakville, Ontario
    • PS to 12 Girls
    • Day school (550 students)
    Oakville's SMLS continues to be a premier independent school for girls Preschool to Graduating Year since 1891. "Millie" graduates take on the world with confidence and the knowledge that they can do anything. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • Reggio Emilia
    Standard-enriched$9,000 to $26,300Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Girls Day9000

    Bayview Glen - Whole Child. Whole Life. Whole World. (est. 1962)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • PS to 12 Coed
    • Day school (1050 students)
    Bayview Glen is a traditional co-ed day school in Toronto, Ontario from Preschool (age 2) to Grade 12, a global member of Round Square and offers Advanced Placement programme. Tuition ranges from $16,995 to $24,000. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Accelerated$16,995 to $24,000Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day16995

    Ashbury College   

    • Ottawa, Ontario
    • 4 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (592 students)
    • Boarding school (108 students)
    This traditional private school in Ottawa, Ontario offers Grades 4 to 12 with 100 boarding and 600 day school students. Tuition is from $23,600 to $58,300. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    • International Baccalaureate
    Accelerated$22,440 to $52,300MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day22440

    St. Clement's School (est. 1901)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • 1 to 12 Girls
    • Day school (470 students)
    St. Clement's School develops outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    Standard-enriched$28,350Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Girls Day28350

    Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (est. 1905)  

    • Okotoks, Alberta
    • K to 12 Coed
    • Day school (675 students)
    Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School is an independent, private coeducational day school for Grades K-12 close to Calgary, AB. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$18,780 to $21,660Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day18780

    Lower Canada College (est. 1909)  

    • Montreal, Quebec
    • K to 12 Coed
    • Day school (785 students)
    Lower Canada College is a coed, K-12 university preparatory school, committed to excellence in teaching and learning. It is the only English school in Quebec offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$17,625 to $22,485Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day17625

    Linbrook School (est. 2014)  

    • Oakville, Ontario
    • JK to 8 Boys
    • Day school (180 students)
    Linbrook School is Oakville's only all-boys school. This independent, not-for-profit day school fosters and supports each individual students special skills as an athlete, musician, performer, artist, writer or humanitarian. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$20,100 to $23,700Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Boys Day9999999999

    Rothesay Netherwood School (est. 1877)  

    • Rothesay, New Brunswick
    • 6 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (130 students)
    • Boarding school (150 students)
    Rothesay Netherwood School offers programs for grades six to 12 in Rothesay, New Brunswick. Its average class size is 14 to 16 students. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$20,110 to $54,090MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day20110

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