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CEFA Early Learning Private Schools

A unique enriched preschool curriculum designed for kids aged 1-5

CEFA Early Learning is a franchise-based consortium of preschools in British Columbia. There are currently 14 CEFA preschools located throughout the lower mainland, including Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, and Langley.

Highly progressive in its educational philosophy, CEFA (which stands for Core Education and Fine Arts) emphasizes project- and play-based learning. CEFAdescribes its approach as a cross between Montessori and Reggio Emilia methods.

The CEFA curriculum

CEFA’s founder, Natacha V. Beim, designed her curriculum after observing best practices around the world – in Korea, China, Italy, and Canada. The approach provides rigor in core academic subjects (such as reading and math) with freedom and creativity through fine arts and yoga.

  • CEFA Reading:  learn how to read, not only phonetically, but also working on the seven essential components of reading.
  • CEFA Science: observe life through seed cycles, animals, and the human body.
  • CEFA Music: strongly influences the learning of skills such as verbal communication and problem solving.
  • CEFA Writing: introduces students to all essential pre-writing and fine motor exercises.
  • CEFA Languages: known to stimulate a child’s cognitive capability and improve their ability to process information.
  • CEFA Culture: fosters inclusion between children.
  • CEFA Math: emphasis on helping your child gain and apply reasoning skills.
  • CEFA Drama: develops creativity, imagination and teamwork.
  • CEFA Arts: explore colours, textures, materials and clays.
  • CEFA Phys Ed: designed to develop the muscles and gross motor skills.
  • CEFA Yoga: enhances concentration, increases flexibility, boosts confidence and relaxes your child's mind.
  • CEFA Dance:  develops emotional and physical sensitivity.

Four things that make CEFA schools unique

  1. Spacious classrooms for each age group: baby, JK1, JK2, JK3 (based on the year your child is born).
  2. Early childhood education (ECE) trained teachers that further undergo 6 months of additional CEFA University teacher training.
  3. An in-house chef that provides home-cooked and healthy meals every day.
  4. A curriculum that blends core education (math, reading, writing) with fine arts (drama, arts, yoga) in a play-based environment.

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