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This contact form is brought to you by Our Kids – The Trusted Source for thousands of families since 1998.

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Our Kids

This contact form is brought to you by Our Kids – The Trusted Source for thousands of families since 1998.


CGS (Children's Garden School)

670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 2K4

Grades (Gender):
Preschool to 3 (Coed)
$11,700 to 20,750/year
Main Language:
Avg. Class Size:
8 to 12
Day: 100 (Gr. PS - 3)

School Address
670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 2K4



About this school:


CGS is celebrating 30 years of providing nurturing, creative and engaging early years education in Leaside. Our highly effective phonics program ensures both boys and girls become confident language learners. Preschool at CGS stands out in the community as an academically stimulating alternative to traditional nursery schools. A well-balanced curriculum provides rich experiences in French, music, drama, public speaking, outdoor education, mindfulness and character education. Extended care available.

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The Our Kids review of CGS (Children's Garden School)

our takeCGS was founded in 1986 by Marie Bates, who remains as the principal at the school today. As that suggests, the school has remained very true to the founders’ initial intentions, namely to create a place that provides a strong academic foundation in a caring, open, and supportive environment. While reading, writing, and numeracy are key—just as they should be—so is the development of creativity and social engagement. Bates believes that children learn as much in music class as they do in math class, and she’s right of course. As such, the program promotes links across the curriculum, allowing children to see those connections while also broadening their horizons of interest. The strength of the program is reflected by the reputation that CGS has earned over the thirty-plus years of its life.

Upcoming Events Next event: February 26, 2018

upcoming events
  • February 26, 2018SK-Grade 3
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Register by Monday, February 26 from 03:30 pm

    Our SK-Grade 3 Registration takes place in February. For 2018/19 entry, please call the school to book a tour well before the application deadline of February 26, 2018. If you have missed the deadline, please don't worry. There may still be space, applications are accepted throughout the school year. Late entries can also be accommodated once the school year has begun. Call Kelly Scott, Director of Admission, for more information.

  • May 04, 2018Art Fair
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Friday, May 04 from 02:00 pm - 03:30 pm

    Grades 1-3 show off their art work to parents and CGS students. 

  • May 17, 2018Grandparent's Day
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Thursday, May 17 from 10:45 am

    CGS designs an Assembly just for Grandparents every year, to celebrate their essential contribution to the lives of our students. After the assembly, students share their school work and have a little classroom party with their special guest. It's one of the best days on the CGS claendar!

  • May 23, 2018Beauty & the Beast
    Children's Garden School (CGS), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Wednesday, May 23 from 06:30 pm - 07:30 pm

    CGS actors (SK-Grade 3) take to the stage for our annual Musical Theatre production. Past productions include The Lorax, SHREK, Mary Poppins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Annie, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland.

  • May 31, 2018Grade 3 Sleepover at Norval Outdoor Education Centre
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Thursday, May 31 from 09:00 am - 02:30 pm

    At the end of every school year our senior students plan a sleepover. Past destinations include The ROM and The Zoo. The last few years we have been lucky to travel to Norval, UCC's Outdoor Education Centre. It is an amazing facility with wonderful instructors and programs. The children love it! 


  • June 08, 2018CGS Olympic Day
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Friday, June 08 from 09:00 am - 12:00 pm

    CGS gathers to celebrate the end of the year with an outdoor sports day followed by a family picnic sponsored by the Parent Association.

  • June 18, 2018Week 1 CGS Adventure Camp
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Monday, June 18 from 09:00 am - 03:00 pm

    Every year, CGS offers two weeks of Summer Adventure Camp to give parents a few more weeks of care before the summer starts in earnest. Programming includes fun theme days, trips to the splash pad, sports, co-operative games and arts & crafts. The camp is run by CGS staff and the children love camp time with their teachers, after the formal school year has ended. Siblings welcome. 

  • June 25, 2018Week 2 CGS Adventure Camp
    CGS (Children's Garden School), 670 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario
    Join us Monday, June 25 from 09:00 am - 03:00 pm

    Every year, CGS offers two weeks of Summer Adventure Camp to give parents a few more weeks of care before the summer starts in earnest. Programming includes fun theme days, trips to the splash pad, sports, co-operative games and arts & crafts. The camp is run by CGS staff and the children love camp time with their teachers, after the formal school year has ended. Siblings welcome. 

Principal's Message


Marie Bates, Principal and Co-Founder

Thank you for your interest in our school. CGS has been a home away from home for so many children, and their families, since it was founded in 1986. We pride ourselves on getting to know each child, to the fullest extent possible, while they are with us. Our young students, from Preschool to Grade 3 are protected, cherished, motivated and inspired during the first, and all important, years of their formal education. When you truly know your students it is easy to do what is best for them. 


We are committed to our small class sizes and balanced curriculum. We believe that children can learn as much in Music class as they can in Math class. Along with our strong core curriculum, students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the arts and physical activity. Our goal is to provide an education that is rich and diverse by placing importance on all aspects of a wide and varied curriculum.   


As founding Principal, I have been honoured to work with, and support, a staff that is known for their dedication and commitment to the CGS philosophy. Each and every student is celebrated for who they are. The teachers deliver an exceptional program while keeping the heart in education. Please come and visit. See and feel first hand what makes CGS the special place it is. 




Curriculum Traditional

Primary Curriculum: Traditional

What CGS says: Our curriculum is ‘traditional’ in so far as it is very structured and sets high academic expectations for our students. Acquiring academic skill is the daily focus at CGS but to say we have a purely ‘academic’ approach to our curriculum is misleading. Our students are very young children and a broad focus on physical education, the arts, culture, character and mindfulness are equally important to their development as students and young people.

  • Approach:

  • Pedagogies and subject courses:

  • Mathematics Equal Balance

      These math programs feature an equal balance of “Traditional” and “Discovery” methods.
      Learn about the different mathematics approaches  

    • What CGS says: Methods for teaching math vary widely from school to school and it is a subject of great debate in the educational community. ‘New’ Math (the current multi-strategy, collaborative, language based approach to math) can be confusing for parents, as most of us learned math largely by rote. At CGS, children get the best of both worlds - they get the support they need to create and share the math strategies that work best for them as well as concurrent instruction in basic fact mastery - learning their doubles facts, multiplication tables etc. Our teachers have many creative ways of ensuring that students gain solid number sense as well as the conceptual skills required to become confident, young mathematicians.

    • Textbooks and supplementary materials: Preschool: Touch Math. JK/SK: 'Think. Pair. Share.' approach with appropriate lessons from various sources. Grades 1-3: Nelson Mathematics, Math Makes Sense and Teaching Student Centred Mathematics by John Van de Walle

    • Calculator policy: N/A

    Early Reading Phonics-intensive

      Systematic-phonics programs teach young children to read by helping them to recognize and sound out the letters and syllables of words. Students are then led to blend these sounds together to sound out and recognize the whole word. While other reading programs might touch on phonetics (either incidentally or on a “when needed” basis), systematic phonics teaches phonics in a specific sequence, and uses extensive repetition and direct instruction to help readers associate specific letter patterns with their associated sounds.
      Learn about the different early reading approaches  

    • What CGS says: Our phonics program, Remediation Plus, was brought to Children’s Garden School by our Principal, Marie Bates, after discovering its' extreme effectiveness for her son. The program breaks phonetic skills into logical, step by step, highly organized units. No rules are missed. Watching our students independently sound out words, fingerspell, and check for vowels is a wonderful sight! They see something on the page and they go to work to figure out what is happening. R+ gives them the tools they need to do it. Teachers combine R+ with integrated language arts activities (storytelling, games and art). Our young students experience high levels of success and become confident young readers.

    • DIBELS Testing: This school periodically uses DIBELS testing to assess reading progress.

    • What CGS says: Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). SK-Grade 3 students are assessed once per term. Additional assessments are added if required.

    Writing Equal balance

      Programs that balance systematic and process approaches equally likely have an emphasis on giving young students ample opportunities to write, while providing supplementary class-wide instruction in grammar, parts of sentences, and various writing strategies.
      Learn about the different writing approaches  

    • What CGS says: Preschool children come to us with varying degrees of fine motor skill. Writing exercises are designed with each particular student in mind. For JK and SK students, printing exercises are built into the Remediation Plus program and students spend a lot of time practising their skills each day across their Language Arts curriculum. Grade 1-3 students use Handwriting Without Tears. Cursive is introduced at the end of Grade 2 for those students that are ready and all students begin cursive writing in Grade 3.

    Science Inquiry

      Inquiry-based science emphasizes teaching science as a way of thinking or practice, and therefore tries to get students “doing” science as much as possible -- and not just “learning” it. Students still learn foundational scientific ideas and content (and build on this knowledge progressively); however, relative to expository science instruction, inquiry-based programs have students spend more time developing and executing their own experiments (empirical and theoretical). Students are frequently challenged to develop critical and scientific-thinking skills by developing their own well-reasoned hypothesis and finding ways to test those hypotheses. Projects and experiments are emphasized over textbook learning. Skills are emphasized over breadth of knowledge.
      Learn about the different science approaches  

    • Teaching approach: Science is such a lively part of the curriculum at CGS. The children love hands-on experiments, indoors and outdoors. The Science Fair is optional for SK students and mandatory for Grades 1-3. Winners of the Science Fair join the Toronto Science Fair at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

    • Topics covered in curriculum:

      Subject = offered
    • Treatment of evolution:

      Evolution as consensus theory
      Evolution as one of many equally viable theories
      Evolution is not taught

    Social Studies Core Knowledge

      Usually focused on teaching history and geography at an early age, the core knowledge approach uses story, drama, reading, and discussion to teach about significant people, places, and events. Breadth of content and knowledge is emphasized. The curriculum is often organized according to the underlying logic of the content: history might be taught sequentially, for example (as students move through the grades).
      Learn about the different social studies approaches  

    • What CGS says: At CGS, Social Studies are explored using all three of the above methods.

    Foreign Languages Communicative

      The communicative method of language acquisition emphasizes the use of the target language in authentic contexts. The approach commonly features interactive group work, games, authentic texts, and opportunities to learn about the cultural background of the language. Drills and quizzes may still be used, but less frequently than with the audio-lingual method.
      Learn about the different foreign languages approaches  

    • What CGS says: French is taught with a 'living language' approach. Oral facility is encouraged through storytelling, singing, games and relevant vocabulary. Written work comes later in Grade 2 and 3. 100% Immersion Extended French is offered once a week after school for students JK-Grade 3.

    • Languages Offered: • French

    Fine Arts
    • Program offers:

      Subject = offered
      Graphic Design
      Visual Arts
    • What CGS says: This information is not currently available.

    Computers and Technology Light integration

      Computers are used in the classroom from time to time, but integrating technology into everything students do is not a dominant focus. Digital literacy is understood to be a legitimate skill in the 21st century, but not one that should distract from teaching the subject at hand, or more fundamental skills and literacies. The idea is today’s students, being “digital natives”, are likely exposed to computers and new media enough outside the classroom: the role of the school, rather, should be to develop competencies that may otherwise get missed.
      Learn about the different computers and technology approaches  

    • What CGS says: This information is not currently available.

    • Program covers:

      Subject = offered
      Computer science
      Web design

    Physical Education
    • What CGS says: We strive to bring as much fun and variety to our Physical Education program as possible. From organized sports to team building games and outdoor education field trips, students have frequent opportunities to build skills and practise good sportsmanship. We regularly access community resources for skating, skiing, swimming and gymnastics.

    Sex and Health Education Ontario curriculum
    Topics covered in sex and health education:
    Topics We begin covering this topic at: Begins in Ontario
    Body parts Gr. 1 Gr. 1
    Nutrition Gr. 1 Gr. 1
    Human development Gr. 1 Gr. 1
    Puberty Gr. 4
    Sexual health and hygiene Gr. 3 Gr. 4
    Reproduction Gr. 5
    Pregnancy Gr. 7
    Sexually transmitted infections Gr. 7
    Sex and decision-making Gr. 7
    Contraception Gr. 8
    Consent Gr. 9
    Sexual orientation Gr. 8
    Gender identity Gr. 8
    Misconceptions relating to sexuality Gr. 10
    Relationships and intimacy Gr. 8
    Bias and stereotyping about sex Gr. 12
    Sexual harassment Gr. 9
    Body image issues Gr. 1 Gr. 7
    Mental illness Gr. 1 Gr. 11
    Social justice and diversity Gr. 1

    What CGS says: This information is not currently available.

    Mostly value-neutral

    By and large, we teach sex education free of any particular moral or ethical standpoint. We try not to impose any particular values or value systems (such as social, political, or ideological values) on our students when teaching sex and related issues.

    Fairly value-based

    Sex education is sometimes taught from a particular moral or ethical standpoint. Sometimes particular values or value systems (such as social, political, or ideological values) are invoked when teaching sex and related issues.


    This includes a range of positions. A traditional approach might, for example, go as far as emphasizing the nuclear family and complete abstinence from sex before marriage. Alternatively, this approach might simply involve placing less emphasis on sex outside of the context of marriage and more emphasis on abstinence. Or finally, it might just involve focusing less on sex outside of the context of marriage.


    This might mean more emphasis is placed on the importance of such things as social equality, diversity, and choice in sex education.

    What CGS says: This information is not currently available.

    Preschool/K Curriculum Academic

    • Play-based
    • Montessori
    • Waldorf
    • Reggio Emilia
    • Academic

    Academic-based preschools and Kindergartens are the most structured of the different types, and have a strong emphasis on math and reading readiness skills. These programs aim to expose children to what early-elementary school is like. While time is still allotted to free play, much of the day is built around explicit lessons guided by the teacher. Classrooms often resemble play-based ones (with different stations set up around the room), but at an Academic program the teacher leads students through the stations directly, and ties these activities to a whole-class lesson or theme.

    If you want to learn more about preschool education, check out our comprehensive guide. You can also read our in-depth answers to important preschool questions: What is preschool? What are the main preschool programs? What are the main pros and cons of preschool? What do children learn in preschool? How much does preschool cost?  What makes for a great preschool?

    What CGS says: At CGS we believe Preschool isn’t too early to set children on a purposeful path to learning. Learning is still play-based and nurturing (which is essential for children so young) but it is also structured to include a full phonics, printing and math program. This gentle, early academic start brings joy and confidence to our students and gives them a true sense of readiness for JK. Our curriculum approach in Kindergarten remains well-balanced with a strong focus on acquiring independent reading skills. Our highly effective phonics program, Remediation Plus, provides the foundation of instruction.

    Curriculum Pace Accelerated

    • Standard-enriched
    • Accelerated
    • Student-paced

    The main curriculum accelerates beyond the pace of the provincial one; ALL students do the work of OLDER public-school peers in tangible and measurable ways. This accelerated pace is maintained by the teachers and school, (through textbook selection, topic selection, grading, assignment standards and expectations, etc).

    Flexible pacing:

    Flexible pacing style = offered
    Subject-streaming (tracking)
    Multi-age classrooms as standard
    Ability-grouping (in-class) as common
    Frequent use of cyber-learning (at-their-own-pace)
    Regular guided independent study opportunities
    Differentiated assessment

    What CGS says about flexible pacing: This information is not currently available.

    Academic Culture Supportive

    • Rigorous
    • Supportive

    A school with a “supportive” academic culture focuses more on process than short-term outcomes: academic performance is a welcomed side-benefit, but not the driving focus. This does not mean the school lacks standards, or has low expectations for its students: a school can have a supportive academic culture and still light the fire of ambition in its students. It does mean, however, the school provides a less intensive culture than schools with a “rigorous” academic classification, and is focused more simply on instilling a love of learning and life-long curiosity.

    What CGS says: The academic culture at CGS is unequivocally supportive. Our students are very young children and first and foremost require a nurturing, warm, encouraging environment for learning. Genuine academic achievement comes when children are in a challenging but flexible environment that acknowledges their learning style and pace. It is important to note that our supportive environment is never meant to hinder independence. Children are always encouraged to solve problems on their own, whenever possible.

    Developmental Priorities Balanced

    Primary Developmental Priority: Balanced
    Equal attention is paid to a balance of priorities: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical.

    What CGS says: Being a human being is a challenging thing to be. Learning to make good choices from moment to moment is a huge part of growing up. Our students are still very young and giving them the support and structure they need to realize their best selves is one of our most important jobs as educators. We encourage our students to be kind (to themselves and others), to take responsibility for their actions, to take risks and to consider the world around them.

    Special Needs Support Moderate


    CGS provides special accomodations for certain learning disabilities (moderate to severe). They do not provide specialized support for developmental disabilities, behavioural/emotional disorders, or physical disabilities.

    • Academic Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Learning strategy and study counselling; habit formation
      Extra support and minor accommodations for children experiencing subclinical difficulties
    • Mild but clinically diagnosed ADHD
      Support Type = offered
      Extra support
    • What CGS says: If a child develops difficulties while at CGS, staff will meet with the family to create a plan that best supports the child to be successful at CGS. We can work with many kinds of learners.

    • Support for moderate-to-severe special needs:
      Special needs
      Learning disabilities
      ADHD (moderate to severe)
      Dyslexia (Language-Based Learning Disability)
      Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
      Language Processing Disorder
      Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD)
      Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit
      Asperger's Syndrome
      Down syndrome
      Intellectual disability
      Behavioral and Emotional
      Troubled behaviour / troubled teens
      Clinical Depression
      Suicidal thoughts
      Drug and alcohol abuse
      Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
      Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
      Cystic Fibrosis
      Multiple physical
    • Forms of support delivery:
      Support Type = offered
      A regular class with indirect support
      A regular class with resource assistance
      A regular class with withdrawal assistance
      A special education class with partial integration
      A full-time special education class
    • Additional Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Social skills programs
      Occupational therapy
      Speech-language therapy
    • Summary: We are open to all types of learners at CGS. If we can meet a child\'s needs, and they can manage the program, we will work to create an environment for that child to be successful at school.

    • What CGS says: If a child develops difficulties while at CGS, staff will meet with the family to create a plan that best supports the child to be successful at CGS. We can work with many kinds of learners.

    Gifted Learner Support In-class adaptations

    Dedicated gifted programs:

    Program = offered
    Full-time gifted program (parallel to rest of school)
    Part-time gifted program (pull-out; parallel to rest of class)

    Curriculum delivery: Acceleration and enrichment (There is an equal emphasis on acceleration and enrichment.)

    In-class adaptations:
    Practice = offered
    Custom subject enrichment (special arrangement)
    Custom curriculum compacting (special arrangement)
    Guided independent study (custom gifted arrangement)
    Cyber-learning opportunities (custom gifted arrangement)
    Formalized peer coaching opportunities (specifically for gifted learners to coach others)
    Custom subject acceleration (special arrangement)
    Career exploration (custom gifted arrangement)
    Project-based learning (custom gifted arrangement)
    Mentorships (custom gifted arrangement)

    What CGS says: On occasion, a child comes along that is truly working several grade levels ahead of their peers. CGS will customize curriculum for gifted children, ensuring that they are academically challenged. Gifted children are often not ready to accelerate socially, however. At CGS we support children to stay with their peer group.

    Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide. It’s the first of its kind: it covers different kinds of gifted schools and programs, and a whole host of issues parents face in finding the right option for their gifted child.

    Homework Policy

    In grade 3, CGS (Children's Garden School) students perform an average of 15 mins of homework per night.

    Nightly Homework
    CGS 0 mins15 mins15 mins15 mins15 mins15 mins
    Site Average2 mins5 mins7 mins16 mins18 mins24 mins

    Report Card Policy

    How assessments are delivered across the grades:

    Lettered or numbered grades1 to 3
    Prose (narrative)-based feedbackPreschool to 3
    Academic achievement reportingJK to 3
    Habits and behaviour reportingJK to 3
    Parent-teacher meetingsPreschool to 3

    Class Sizes

    Average class size for each grade:
    Grade PS JK SK 1 2 3
    Size 20 15 15 15 12 10

    Recess Policy

    Non-lunch recessFrequency 2/day 1/day 1/day 1/day 1/day 1/day
    Location Outside Outside Outside Outside Outside Outside
    Amount 30 30 30 30 30 30
    Lunch recessAmount 45 15 15 15 15 15

    What CGS says: Outdoor time is extremely important for children of all ages. Fresh air, physical activity and unstructured play provides a welcome break in the day.

    Non-lunch recesses: All of this school’s non-lunch recesses take place between classes or academic periods. Recess segmentation: This school segments recesses by grade

    What CGS says: This information is not currently available.


    What CGS says:
    • Mindfulness Workshop for parents and students.
    • Performance Skating Program at Forest Hill Arena (Grades 1-3)
    • Field trips to Norval, UCC's Outdoor Education Centre (JK- Grade 1)
    • Science Fair (SK-Grade 3)
    • Holiday Concerts (Preschool-Grade 3)
    • Ski Days at Earl Bales Park (Grades 1-3)
    • Chess Club
    • Extended French Club (JK-Grade 3)
    • Talent Show (Preschool-Grade 3)
    • Public Speaking Contest (Grades 2-3)
    • Art Fair (Grades 1-3)
    • Yearly Musical (SK-Grade 3). 2017/18 CGS will be performing Beauty & The Beast.
    • Field Friday Competition (Grades 1-3)
    • Track & Field Championships at Leaside Fields (Grades 1-3)
    • Sleepover at Norval, UCC's Outdoor Education Centre (Grades 2-3)

    • Sports OfferedCompetitiveRecreational
      Ice Hockey
      Track & Field
      Downhill skiing
      Ice Skating
    • Clubs Offered
      Art Club
      Chess Club
      Computer Club
      Dance Club
      Drama Club
      Musical theatre/Opera
      Outdoor Education
      Science Club
      Student Council

    Tuition & Financial Aid


    Day Day (Half day)
    Day (Half day)$11,700
    What CGS says: Tuition at CGS continues to be competitive and moderate. No registration fee required. Payment plans available.

    Need-based financial aid

    This information is not currently available.

    Merit based Scholarships

    This information is not currently available.


    Total enrollment 100
    Average enrollment per grade14
    Average class size8 to 12
    Gender (grades)Preschool to 3 (Coed)
    Boarding offeredNo

    Student distribution: This information is not currently available.



    Admissions Assessments:

    Assessment = requiredGrades
    InterviewPS - 3
    SSAT (out of province)
    Entrance Exam(s)
    Entrance Essay
    Application Fee

    Application Deadlines:

    Day students:

    What CGS says:

    Completed application and fee of $100. 


    Acceptance Rate:


    Type of student CGS (Children's Garden School) is looking for: Our main criteria for acceptance, given that our students are still so young, is that they are able to manage our very busy program. Curriculum is personalized so different development stages and learning strengths can be accommodated.

    Student Entry Points

    Student TypePSJKSK123
    Day Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)
    16 - 20 (90%)10 - 15 (90%)5 - 10 (90%)5 - 10 (85%)5 - 10 (85%)5 - 10 (85%)

    Notable Alumni


    Alumni Highlights

    • CGS Alumni are thriving at all of the top private schools in Toronto. We look forward to welcoming them back for our annual Alumni Open House on January 18, 2018.

    Stories & Testimonials


    Parent Testimonials

    “From the moment our family stepped in the doors of CGS, we knew it was the best school for our children."

    We love CGS because it has a wonderful nurturing environment, a close parent and family community who share similar values, and an incredibly strong school spirit. This is where our children learned to 'love to learn'! 

    Every day, CGS instills strong character traits for our children such as treating everyone with kindness and respect and valuing people's differences. Our children are encouraged to explore, learn and define their own personality under the guidance and incredible care of the CGS community. Strong academics, values-based daily school life, plentiful opportunities for public speaking and performances as well as teachers who teach from their head and their heart, were among the top characteristics of the CGS environment. We have watched our kids mature into well-rounded and respectful young people with a strong love of learning and a real sense of caring about others and the world around them. 

    We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Children's Garden School for our children, and know that they have had the best start to their education. ~ The Lewis Family

    “We couldn’t be happier with our choice of school for our son!" 

    "As first time parents and our son’s first experience with school, we were being very choosy about what preschool we sent him too. Yes, we wanted a school that offered a good education, but equally important to us was a school that offered a supportive, caring and safe environment. CGS has it all and then some! Our son is learning in leaps and bounds and is loving every moment of it.” ~ The White Family

    “This is our first year at CGS and it has been fantastic."

    "Zoe is registered in the Early Start program and can’t wait to get to class first thing every morning. As parents of only one child, it was difficult deciding on the best school for our 3 year old daughter. CGS made that decision very easy and we’re so happy that Zoe is able to attend a school with such focus on social, academic and creative excellence. At such a young age, she’s already learning a new language (French), taking music and physical education classes, and building the fundamental skills she will require to achieve greatness in the years to come. The small classes and wonderful teachers allow our daughter to connect one-on-one in an environment that promotes kindness and respect for all in the classroom.”~ A. Petrou

    “My husband and I wished to find a school for our son that would provide a more intimate and nurturing environment than the local public school."

    "We visited several private schools in the area and were fortunate that one of them was CGS. When we entered the school, we immediately got a sense that this would be the right place for our son. The warmth, caring and joy that emanated from the staff was palpable. As Kelly showed us around the school, we saw engaged and happy students, and teachers who were attentive and enthusiastic. We had no doubts whatsoever, and decided that day to enrol our son at CGS.

    Our son started JK this past September and the experience for him and for us has been totally positive. We are thrilled with the academic programs and extremely pleased that our son is exposed to varied subjects and effective methodologies. Even more important to us, is that on a daily basis, he is exposed to adults who model kindness, patience, tolerance and respect.”~ The Aitken Family

    “I wanted to let you know how delighted we are that we found CGS!" 

    "When we decided to relocate from London, England to Toronto one of our main concerns was finding a school for our eldest daughter – who was then 5. When we toured CGS we knew at once that this was the right school for us. The CGS teachers and support staff display such a kind, caring and nurturing attitude that our daughter made the transition to school in Canada with ease. Small class sizes and dedicated, exceptional teachers mean that the academic program at CGS is very strong. In addition there are plenty of extra-curricular activities which our daughter enjoyed, and which also helped develop skills such as leadership, social responsibility and creativity.

    When our son was old enough to start a preschool program he joined the CGS Early Start class. He also made a wonderful transition from home to school life, as a result of the kind and caring teachers. We were impressed by the touch math program that the children were introduced to. Additionally the children benefited from music, French and gym classes.

    Our children have had outstanding experiences at CGS. We are thrilled that their formative years have been spent in such a nurturing environment, where they have been encouraged to be the very best that they can be.”~J. Mahendran

    “We trust this school immensely with the well-being, learning and development of our child".  

    Children's Garden School has truly exceeded our expectations. The teachers love each and every child, and have an incredible ability to bring out the magic in each one of them. The school goes above and beyond in so many aspects of academic life, and on top of that, there is a strong focus on character development in terms of respect, integrity, compassion and service. I know my child will graduate from CGS as a confident, powerful and loving young man. What a gift. Thank you CGS!" ~ The Chandarana Family

    “Both of my daughters attended Children’s Garden School and it has been the most amazing experience for our entire family."

    "Our eldest daughter started at CGS 5 years ago in JK as an extremely shy and reserved child. CGS’ small, family-like atmosphere made it the perfect school for her to adjust to going to school and actually enjoy it!

    Over the past 5 years, she has blossomed into a confident, intelligent and kind girl. CGS provided her with so many opportunities to learn and grow - not only with her academic skills - but also with extra-curricular activities. Because of CGS, she has developed a love of theatre and had lead roles in the school play for the past 2 years. When I saw her singing and acting on stage, I couldn’t believe she was my quiet little girl that I had dropped off crying in JK. CGS provided her with leadership opportunities where she was able to help younger students as she got older, and in her final Grade 3 year, she confidently campaigned and was elected mayor of the school.

    When it came time to applying to the bigger private schools, CGS made sure both my daughters were prepared. CGS provided my girls with a strong academic background. I constantly have friends and relatives who approach me and say they can’t believe what good readers my girls are, or are shocked that they can speak some French at their age, or that they can do tricky math in their heads. CGS also developed their confidence and oral communication skills through their small classes, which gives all the children the opportunity to speak-up and take on leadership roles. CGS prepared them so well that my daughters got into all the private schools they applied to. In fact, one school only had 2 spots and 12 applicants, and even with the odds against us, we got a spot.

    I look back on my 5 years at CGS with such warmth and happiness. It is such a wonderful school. The teachers are so kind and at the same time, able to demand the high academic standards that allowed my children to gain the skills and confidence to be successful in life.”~ M. Cavelti

    “I want to thank CGS for giving my son such a wonderful start on his school journey."

    "I am truly amazed at all the wonderful opportunities that he has had at Children's Garden School. Not only has he benefited from the rigorous academic curriculum, but he has had opportunities to express himself through the incredible music, theatre and art programming that CGS offers. I am also extremely impressed with the school’s dedication to raising global awareness and making a difference in other people’s lives. None of this could have happened without such a dedicated, talented and nurturing staff. I am grateful for the commitment, enthusiasm and compassion they have shown throughout our years at CGS. As a result, my son has become a confident and compassionate young man, and I feel he is prepared to take on the challenges that he will face both personally and academically in the years to come as a student and as an adult.”~ J. Eng

    “CGS is an incredibly nurturing, inclusive and highly stimulating environment for our daughter, both academically and creatively."

    "The principal, staff and teachers are second to none. Madeleine was 3.5 years old when she entered the Early Start program at CGS, and to date she has been exposed on a weekly basis to a variety of classes such as French, music, dance, yoga, touch math and phonics, as well as participating in assemblies, talent shows and projects with an emphasis on global awareness and social issues. We are thrilled for Madeleine to attend such a progressive school where there is open, professional and transparent dialogue between the teachers, parents and children.”~ The Cooke Little Family

    “I now have my second child in SK at CGS. I can honestly say that the school has one of the best SK programs in Toronto."

    'When my daughter was in SK, I was simply amazed that every child was reading by end of the year. My son is now immersed in their wonderful phonics program and he is starting the process of learning to read right now. It is truly amazing! I also love the way each child is celebrated for their unique personalities - my son truly feels very special in his SK class.”~ S. Kennedy

    “Children’s Garden School has been everything we wanted and expected - an excellent education with small classes, individual attention to our kids’ needs, opportunities to try new things in a safe environment, and a community of parents who believe in the school’s mission."

    "We are particularly excited because CGS continues to understand and emphasize a global experience, exposing children to global diversity, cultures and relationships that are very important in today’s world. It is important to us that our children have had the opportunity to learn from, experience and enjoy children and faculty from all walks of life. Our children have absolutely loved CGS, they responded well to positive feedback as well as constructive criticism. As a result they gained the confidence to be involved in all aspects of school life including The Principal’s Club, student government, the school play, sports clubs and leadership. Our eldest son just started at UCC and we really credit CGS with preparing him incredibly well for the transition.”~ A. Engel


    A Graduate Writes 'Home'

    November 2011 Dear Marie, My name is Katharina and I went to CGS for Grade 1-3, between 2001 and 2003, when I moved to Germany. I am now in Grade 11. I was recently looking through my old school things and photographs of Canada and wanted to let you know how everything has gone since my graduation! CGS provided great foundations to build upon. I went to a local school in Germany for a year, after which I moved to England to attend a lower school in the Northwest. I passed all my lower school finals with flying colours and then went onto the local high school where I also did very well. Since March 2010 I have been attending the Zurich International School. I am currently working on the full International Baccalaureate program and am part of the National Honour Society chapter in our school as well as the Model United Nations and the Nepal service group. CGS was by far my favourite lower school, and I miss it very much. After finishing college I want to study Civil Engineering! Kind regards, Katharina M.


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    November 29, 2017 - A Fond Farwell

    We did it! It has been a truly wonderful year at CGS. The children have all made amazing progress, each in their own, unique way... ...

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