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questionAre private schools elite?

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Traditionally, this was a common view of private education. But today's schools come in all shapes and sizes and serve students with diverse needs from a broad range of backgrounds. Even so-called old establishment schools have, in the past 15 years, focused on offering more financial help to enrich the socio-economic mix of their population.

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Kats wrote:
I agree, I never thought private school could ever be an option for my kids too. Not because of the stereotype, but just because I simply couldn't afford it. So imagine my distress when my son, Jake, started acting out and failing his classes. I met with his principle countless times, and eventually he told me he thought a private school with a special program for behavioural problems would be the best option for Jake. It sounded perfect, and when I talked to the school we were able to work out a payment plan that allowed Jake to enter the program without putting us out onto the street. The changes I've seen in him are increadible, and I'm so grateful for the suggestion by his principle and the school's cooperation. You never know what you could be missing out on if you don't try your options.

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