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questionHow old do you have to be to attend a boarding school?

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There is no "qualifying" age, but age-appropriate independence and maturity should be considered. Students from elementary to high school age can spend some or all of their years at a boarding school. Schools may specify a minimum grade level based on factors such as program considerations and school location, the campus facility and house staff capabilities, resources to meet the needs of children at different ages and so on. Talking candidly with boarding school representatives about your concerns, and expectations, is the best way for your child to have a positive boarding experience.

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Beth wrote:
My family has a long-standing tradition of sending our boys and girls to boarding school as they enter middle school, around age 13. That way they can be around family during their early years and mature enough to be on their own, but they are still young enough to be profoundly shaped by the school. It has worked throughout the years, and will most likely stick around for the years come.

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