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questionDay or boarding school?

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Nights and meals away from home are the difference, by definition, between day and boarding schools. So, of course, the first consideration is whether you and your child are okay with that. Your child's age, family circumstances and distance from the school may also be factors. As well, the choice of living in a community on the school campus and living in the home setting brings into play other aspects of your child's education and upbringing that you may want to discuss with both day and boarding schools you're considering.

You and your child are likely familiar with the day school experience. Learn more about life at boarding schools on the Boarding School microsite.

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Mom of Four wrote:
Boarding schools are great chances for kids to develop independence, make great friends, and get a good education. And if your child isn't quite ready to be far from home but you still want the boarding experience, choose a school that's maybe an hour or two away. It makes for easy visits but still offers the child a new environment.

anonymous wrote:
Yes, boarding schools are great options - if you can afford them. I went to a private day school, and still had an amazing experience for a much lower cost. That's why they are a much more common choice for parents than boarding schools.

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