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questionWhy is there no information on private school ratings? When I clicked on your site it said "ratings" after which your site says "we shy away" from rating a particular school. Which is it? Actually I don't think its comparing apples and oranges and if I would consider spending my money on private education I would at least like to feel I made the right decision.

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The trouble with rating or ranking private schools is that they do not factor in the specific needs of your child. We place greater importance on identifying those needs and finding schools that meet them then rankings. Some students are motivated by sports while others have a passion for the arts. Some other students are may require additional help with their studies. That said, using ratings as part of your decision making can help you feel confident in the school you choose or help you uncover important questions you should ask about a school you are considering. As long as utilizing rankings is a portion of your decision and not the entire basis of it, then rankings done by credible sources can be helpful.

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