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questionCan I claim taxes on my tuition fees?

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Unfortunately, unlike post-secondary tuition fees, private or independent school tuitions are generally not tax deductible. However, it's worth checking with schools you are considering or an accountant as to whether there are some circumstances that might affect your taxes. For example, all Canadians are eligible for a federal charitable-donation tax credit for the portion of private-school tuition at religious schools that is tied to religious instruction, as well as a tax deduction for the portion of tuition that represents child-care costs.

One tax-related benefit: The March 2007 federal budget made scholarships and bursaries received to attend private elementary or secondary schools income tax exempt. Read more about this tax benefit.

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Michele wrote:
Can I deduct tuition at MEI academy on my income tax?

cindy wrote:
can I deduct my child tution for boarding school (10th grade)? or any of his expenses for school?

Rudy B wrote:
Please note that private school fees are still not deductibel in Canada. However, we at www.rbca.ca implement income splitting strategies that are sanctioned by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which produce substantial tax savings to parents with children attending private schools up to grade 12.

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