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question My son is a gifted child with difficulty of emotional control. Is it better for him to stay in public school to learn more of sociality and then transfer into gifted program of VSB? or go to private school this year (he is in G2 French Immersion).

Deciding when to send a child to private school is very important, but extremely personal. The same decision is not right for every family, but the most important thing is that the child gets the academic attention and social environment they deserve. If you're concerned about your child's emotional maturity, the specialized attention that he can receive from smaller class sizes and involved teachers may do him a lot of good. Private schools are also known for their strong sense of community, strongly encouraging participation in a wide variety of sports teams, student groups, and other extracurricular activities which help children break out of their shells and find friends with similar interests. Academic programs also can be customized to fit a gifted child's needs, so private schools in many ways develop all aspects of their students. Social skills are not only built in public schools, so if you think your son will get the kind of academic challenge he needs from a private school, that may be where you want to go. We suggest using the Our Kids private school database to search for schools in your area that fit your needs, perhaps French language schools in particular. You can find our listing here http://www.ourkids.net/french-language-schools.php. But again, this is just a suggestion and you must think carefully about the right decision for your son.

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