Question and Answers for Grades 4 to 6

question We are looking for a school for our sons with special needs. Arturo is 11 years old with Asperger Syndrome, Mauricio is 8 years old with ADHD. What school do you recommend for us in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal?

There are many schools across Canada that offer Aspergers and ADHD support for boys. When choosing a school that offers Aspergers and ADHD support for your boys, there are a couple things you should ask yourself:

  • Do you want a school specialized for kids with Special Needs or a more traditional school that offers special needs support.
  • How long do you expect your boys to be at the school? Some schools will end at Grade 8 or 9 while others offer the high school years up until Grade 12.
  • Is it important that both of your sons attend the same school. Perhaps two different schools will be able to meet their needs better.

Browse these schools that offer both Asperges (Autism) and ADHD support or if location is important to you, view the schools on a map. Scroll down the list of schools and you'll see if they are Special Needs, Traditional or Alternative schools.

If you are currently living in Toronto, Vancouver or the Montreal area, Our Kids hosts the Our Kids Private School Expos in the Fall where you can meet many of these schools in one day. More information about the events is available at www.ourkids.net/expo. Be sure to register to get your free admission tickets.

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