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question Statistics on effectiveness of overall private school education relative to the public/catholic system by means of both objective and subjective indicators.

We are not aware of any concrete studies that have been done to provide statistics that compare the two school systems. Private school alumni however praise their successes in life and their careers to the schools they attended. And studies that surveyed private school parents and students all conclude that they chose to go to private school because of these top reasons:

1. Private schools give families the choice to live where they want.
2. Families have a choice in the educational curriculum.
3. Students get more individual attention with smaller class sizes.
4. Equipment and resources are more abundantly available.

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  • Steve Nash, NBA basketball player
  • Ann Rohmer, Lead anchor, CP24 Toronto
  • Larry Page, Google co-founder

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    ask a question1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?
    2. What additional costs other than tuition fees do I have to consider when budgeting for a school year in a private school (Grade 1)?
    3. Why donations are mandatory for some (or maybe all) private schools?
    4. What factors are considered when ranking private schools?
    5. How do the professional qualifications of a private school teacher differ from those of a public school teacher?
    6. Are the private schools' students also required to be tested by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)? If not, then, how do private schools are evaluated in terms of students' knowledge and competencies, and the quality of education provided?

    1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?

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