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question The reason for considering the option of private school for my 12 year old daughter is due to very low grades. However, I am aware that many of the private schools requires the child to complete an assessment. If the results are low will this reduce the number of schools entry acceptance?

Schools use assessments and tests to make sure their school is right for your daughter. It is not about finding the best students but those students that fit with their school culture and mission the best. There are many components of how private schools decide whether a student is right for the school: interviews, tests/assessments and past report cards. It is best to be honest about how your child learns and it is important to tell the school what factors produce the greatest successes. If your daughter has a learning disability, that is an important factor. Otherwise, if your daughter needs greater one-on-one attention or extra motivation then that information is also helpful and will direct you towards finding the right school.

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