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question Can I claim taxes on my tuition fees?

Unfortunately, unlike post-secondary tuition fees, private or independent school tuitions are generally not tax deductible. However, it's worth checking with schools you are considering or an accountant as to whether there are some circumstances that might affect your taxes. For example, all Canadians are eligible for a federal charitable-donation tax credit for the portion of private-school tuition at religious schools that is tied to religious instruction, as well as a tax deduction for the portion of tuition that represents child-care costs.

One tax-related benefit: The March 2007 federal budget made scholarships and bursaries received to attend private elementary or secondary schools income tax exempt. Read more about this tax benefit.

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ask a questionWhat do the tuition fees cover? Will there be extra fees?
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ask a question1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?
2. What additional costs other than tuition fees do I have to consider when budgeting for a school year in a private school (Grade 1)?
3. Why donations are mandatory for some (or maybe all) private schools?
4. What factors are considered when ranking private schools?
5. How do the professional qualifications of a private school teacher differ from those of a public school teacher?
6. Are the private schools' students also required to be tested by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)? If not, then, how do private schools are evaluated in terms of students' knowledge and competencies, and the quality of education provided?

1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?

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  • ask a questionMy son attends a private Montessori school where the teacher seems to have undergone a drastic attitude shift (and not for the better) since last year. I have already paid for the year in advance which is non-refundable and when you try to talk to her about concerns with regards to my son and how he's coming home from school, she gets extremely defensive, rather hostile and deflects the matter as if she has nothing to do with it. ( ie. I don't think its appropriate she leave the children alone while she goes for a smoke - she doesn't think its any of my business) Do Montessori schools get inspected each year? If so, by who? What do yo recommend? Talking to her seems to only be escalating her behaviour.
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