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question is there a school that will take our daughter full day at the age of 1

We have information on our website regarding daycare preschools: http://www.ourkids.net/daycare-preschools.php as well as private schools with preschool programs: http://www.ourkids.net/preschools-private-pre-school.php Our Advanced Search feature on our website is also a great way to narrow down your search by selecting the criteria that applies most to you and find something specifically in your area for that age range: http://www.ourkids.net/school/school-search.php You may also be interested in checking out Montessori schools which are well-known for their early years program, Casa: http://www.ourkids.net/montessori-casa-preschools.php. The Montessori philosophy encourages young students to guide their own education using certain tools and texts, which makes sure they're learning while playing. And many parents have appreciated the transition between preschool and more formal classroom environments. You may also be interested in attending any of the upcoming Private School Expos this fall where you can meet face-to-face with a number of different private schools all in one place as well as attend information seminars. Many parents find this helpful to learning more about private school education and narrowing down their choices: http://www.ourkids.net/expo/

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