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question I have a 4yo that has behavioural challenges. I am looking for a day camp for him for this summer. Am I asking too much to find a place that would be able to accommodate him?

There are camps available beginning as young as 4 years of age that can help support children with behavioural challenges. Our Advanced Search tool: http://www.ourkids.net/camp/camp-search.php can help you narrow your search for these types of camps based on location, age range, programs, activities and more. To start, simply select your location and child’s age and click ‘Search - the results page will allow you to refine your search further by clicking on Specialization > Special Needs > Behavioural disabilities. Then click Update. The resulting list of camps allows you to click on any of the individual camp names to take you to their profile with additional information about that camp. Attending the annual Camp Expo every February is also an excellent opportunity to speak with many different types of camps, including music camps, face to face: http://www.ourkids.net/campexpo/ - many families find this a valuable resource to helping narrow down their camp choices and answering their questions.

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