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Open House: Lower School (Grades 3-6) featured

Crescent School

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Crescent School
2365 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M2L 1A2
October 27, 2017
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Angela van Straubenzee, Crescent Enrolment Assistant
(416) 449-2556

Since 1913, Crescent School has been dedicated to excellence in boys' education. Crescent's teachers, mentors and coaches are there to not only educate, but to guide each student on his journey toward becoming a Man of Character from a Boy of Promise. Every boy that walks through Crescent's doors is made to feel valued and valuable, and each boy's individuality is nurtured and celebrated.

An education that goes past academics

Crescent is organized into three school divisions: Lower (Grades 3-6), Middle (7-8), and Upper (9-12). There is a strong focus on academics throughout all divisions, however for the Middle and Upper Schools there is understandably more pressure to do well. To ensure each boy feels confident and secure in his studies, Crescent practices "Relational Learning." With this, each student is heard, known, and cared for as an individual. Boys form meaningful connections with their teachers and coaches, which creates a foundation for them to build upon character development and creates an engagement in learning.

These strong relationships between students and their educators is perhaps most important in the Middle School stage. Studies have shown that early adolescent boys put a high value on relationships. Therefore, Crescent created a mentor program to ensure the boys at this age build positive connections with their teachers and coaches. The mentor program continues in the Upper School, with opportunities for senior boys to mentor those in the Lower and Middle Schools.

Preparation for university…and beyond

Once boys reach the Upper School, preparation for university begins. The school boasts a 100% University acceptance rate. Crescent's guidance and university counselors support the boys in their career and university exploration with an eye to determining the best individual fit for each student. Students are guided on the courses needed to keep their best options open. As the university selection process nears, students are exposed to numerous local, provincial, national and international universities, are provided assistance in standardized testing preparation, and supported in the application submission process.

Crescent knows that universities are seeking involved, well-rounded students in addition to strong grades. Crescent offers a vast array of extra-curricular teams, clubs and programs. There is much for students to choose, from athletics to the arts to business and robotics. Crescent's Outreach Program provides opportunities for the boys to participate in activities at the local, national and international level. They gain a broader understanding of the world, a greater awareness of the impact of their choices, and deeper empathy. There are also many student leadership positions, from House captains to school prefects and Head Boy. All of these activities help develop the whole child and add to Crescent's dedication to developing each boy's character.

Come visit an Open House event this fall and see the difference Crescent can make in your son's life. No registration is required, all are welcome.

The event starts at 9:30 a.m. with light refreshments and a feature expo, where you can speak to faculty about different curricular and extra-curricular programs at Crescent. The formal presentation begins at 10:00 a.m. From there, you and your family can enjoy a student-led campus tour and observe some of the classroom magic in action. Afterwards, our Enrolment Team will be available to answer any additional questions that you may have about the School or application process.