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Kuper Academy

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Kuper Academy
2 Aesop
Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 5G5
September 27, 2017
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Robert Salette
514-426-3007 ext. 235
[email protected]

“We’re probably the only school that offers flight training,” says Robert Salette. And, certainly, he’s probably right. Students, even from the age of 12, can take part in a flight program headed up by a teacher who also is a professional pilot.

No, not every school would want to have a flight training program, though it’s emblematic of one of the things that Kuper does exceptionally well: providing the space and the flexibility for students and teachers to try new things, and to build upon their areas of expertise and their passions.

30 years of growth and innovation

Kuper was founded in 1986 as a means of providing an intensive, imaginative program for the early grades. In the three decades since, the school has grown to include the upper grades, all housed within modern facilities thanks to a capital development that was completed in 2008.

While the school started off small, with just 100 students in the first year, the student body is now just shy of one thousand students, making it the largest English-language private school in Quebec. That kind of growth, says Salette, has proven to be a very good thing. It has allowed for a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular activity and athletics, including an elite hockey program.

That said, all of the growth within the school has been organic, a product of desire and interest, and the flexibility necessary meet them. “If students want to do something,” says Salette, “we’ll definitely look at that. For example, two kids wanted to fly fish, so we opened a fly fishing club.”

Supporting the core curriculum

The attention to an intensive curriculum remains, one that seeks to straddle the goals of a traditional liberal arts education with a range of 21st century literacies. While not expressly intended as a gifted program, the ideal student is one who is able to thrive within a traditional, challenging, yet diverse learning environment inclusive of a relatively large student body.

“What we are looking for,” says Salette, “is a happy, well-rounded child. Someone who wants to bring new ideas to the table, to take part in the extra-curriculars. Somebody who is willing to try a bit of everything." Certainly, at Kuper, there’s a lot to try, and a lot to love. 

Entrance exams will be offered on Sept 30 from 9 am to noon, and October 14 from 9am to noon.


About Kuper Academy

The Open House is an opportunity for families to experience the Kuper environment and learn more about what makes Kuper Academy such a rich learning environment. Between the hours of 9-11 am and 7-9 pm families will have the opportunity to walk through the various school buildings, to see the work being done in the various grade levels, and to speak with members of the Kuper community.

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