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Kendellhurst Academy

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Kendellhurst Academy
175 Queen Street South
Mississauga, ON, L5M 2M3
October 21, 2017
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Paula Carrasco-Kendell
(905) 567-1070
[email protected]

A Nurturing Environment

With eight classrooms and a maximum of 144 students, Kendellhurst Academy has a small community feel. Student to teacher ratios of 1 to 16 (or 1 to 12 for kindergarten) mean teachers and administrators get to know the needs of each individual child. Kendellhurst believes each child has unique learning needs, and they have designed classrooms and programs to encourage each child’s intellectual, emotional, behavioural, social, and physical growth. The school supports the Me to We Community to cultivate altruism, social responsibility, and leadership.

The school’s small size results in a close-knit, community environment that encourages parental involvement. “We have an open-door policy with our families,” says Paula Carrasco-Kendell. Parents are encouraged to voice concerns with teachers or administrators directly and to participate in their child’s education.

A Focus on Academic Achievement

Kendellhurst offers an inquiry-based education program with attention to personal and academic excellence. Preschool and day school programs cultivate creativity and academic success through a breadth of courses including language arts, math, science and environmental studies, social studies, visual, music and dramatic arts, physical education, and more. Music programs start in preschool with basic percussion and recorder in senior kindergarten. While most schools offer band starting in grade 7 or 8, Kendellhurst students begin band at grade 5.

Kendellhurst’s Advanced French Program from Kindergarten to Grade 8, ensures students receive 40-45 minutes per day of French class, and cultivates early French language skills.

Developing Well-Rounded Global Citizens

In addition to providing students with a challenging academic curriculum, Kendellhurst seeks to develop children’s character, their sense of global citizenship, and values such as perseverance, responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, and integrity.

“Parents come to us because they want their children to be well-rounded. They want them to be global citizens and see outside their direct community,” says Carrasco-Kendell.

Beyond the classroom, an organic content menu provides healthier food choices for kids, while unique extracurricular activities further round out the Kendellhurst experience. Weekly martial arts, hip hop dance, and yoga classes are taught by certified and qualified instructors. Other after school clubs include Lego robotics, Mandarin, culinary arts, etc. “Our students enjoy school," says Carrasco-Kendell. "They can’t wait to come to school and learn.” 


About Kendellhurst Academy

Located in the picturesque Credit Valley in the heart of Streetsville, Mississauga, Kendellhurst Academy is a small private grade school founded by John Kendell and Paula Carrasco-Kendell, parents who wanted their children to have access to a warm, nurturing and personalized academic environment.

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