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The Linden School

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Linden School
10 Rosehill Ave
Toronto, ON, M4T 1G5
November 23, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Jean Geary
[email protected]

The Linden School is the only all-girls school in Canada that was specifically created as a feminist school almost 25 years ago. Mandated to address the learning and developmental needs of girls from Kindergarten to Grade 12, Linden offers girls a challenging and empowering curriculum that prepares them with 21st-century skills essential for success in their post-secondary education and beyond. The faculty are dedicated to instilling academic curiosity, self-confidence, and social and emotional well being in each girl that walks through their doors.

Linden teachers are nationally renowned curriculum leaders

Linden’s STEM teacher Beth Alexander is the proud recipient of the 2017 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Bill Nye, Ada Lovelace and the Energizer Bunny have nothing on this science teacher and her innovative programming that gets girls so excited about STEM. Thanks to innovative faculty like Beth, Linden’s curriculum is frequently updated to ensure it is as current, enriched, and innovative as possible. Since there is no mandatory computer studies curriculum in Ontario for students before high school, Linden teachers designed their very own computer studies curriculum for JK to Grade 8. This year, the school has also launched a new Coding, Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, Science (CERES) Lab.

“The new curriculum and CERES Lab speak to the Linden School’s girl-centered philosophy where we want girls to be active creators of technology, not just consumers,” says Beth Alexander, Curriculum Leader and STEM Teacher. “We teach programming from the get-go because one of the most important skills needed in the 21st century are computational thinking skills, and the best time to start developing these skills is as early as JK onwards.”

This kind of innovative and forward thinking is what sets Linden apart. It gives girls an opportunity to explore their academic curiosities in a supportive environment.

Girl-centred culture: more opportunities for girls to gain academic confidence

Linden teachers ensure that power dynamics in the classroom allow students to assert their viewpoints, ask critical questions, and seek answers. Teachers don’t simply lecture; most classes facilitate group work and discussions so that students are truly engaged with their course material. Girls are also encouraged to use their critical thinking skills in approaching the curriculum from multiple perspectives, including a social justice lens.

“It’s important for girls to ask whose voices are represented in the course material, to identify the missing voices, and seek answers. By connecting issues of equity and social justice to the curriculum, we enable girls to understand that everyone has a voice and that their perspectives matter,” says Principal Gladstone. “Such intellectual risk-taking allows girls to develop well-informed opinions, debating and public speaking skills. This is why Linden graduates always find themselves to be the only students raising their hands and asking questions in university lecture halls with 500 to 1000 students,” adds Principal Gladstone.

One proven approach to cultivating confidence is developing presentation skills from an early age. Each year, Linden holds multiple fairs in which students present research projects to their peers, teachers, parents and even community members. “We nurture essential leadership qualities among girls so that they become comfortable taking risks and advocating for themselves and their own ideas,” says Principal Gladstone.

You will have an opportunity to see this confidence building in action. Linden’s upcoming Open House on November 23rd coincides with the school’s Social Justice Data Fair. All those in attendance at the Open House are encouraged to join the fair and observe student presentations. The fair will highlight Linden’s innovative curriculum and its cross-disciplinary nature. Though projects are centered on math and data, they are the perfect opportunity for each student to explore a social issue they are interested in by synthesizing many of their social science subjects, such as history, politics, and geography. It’s a perfect opportunity for parents to see up close what their daughter can be a part of.

Small class size: big impact

“Our smaller classes, and academically engaging teaching style provide a wonderfully collaborative and communicative learning experience. They also encourage girls to develop strong leadership and relationship-building skills,” says Principal Gladstone. “Many Linden families are public school supporters, but sometimes they find that their daughters’ needs are not being met in large classes. Even though their children are really bright, they’re not being challenged enough. This is where they discover the advantage of a Linden education,” she adds.

Dynamic new early learning program

Last year, Linden launched its new inquiry and play-based early learning program with teacher Savannah Barker. Because of her documentation-based assessment practice, Savannah also shares a weekly blog on Linden’s website. Here, families of students and those interested in learning more about the school can stay up to date with what the early learners are doing, and see how Linden’s approach to teaching is unlike any other.

At Linden, girls thrive within a positive, supportive, and challenging environment made possible by exceptional educators. Come see what Linden can do for your daughter.

The Linden School is conveniently located in midtown Toronto at Yonge and St. Clair on 10 Rosehill Avenue, near the subway. Parking is available on the east side of the school.