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Trinity College School
55 Deblaquire Street North
Port Hope, Ontario, L1A 4K7
February 9, 2018

One of Canada’s oldest and most respected independent schools, Trinity College School (TCS), is now offering a full-tuition boarding scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year. The scholarship will allow a child the chance to live and learn in a supportive and diverse learning community offering small class sizes, an exceptional program and endless opportunities for growth.


In 1984, TCS launched a National Scholarship Program aimed at enabling truly outstanding students, from various parts of Canada, to attend TCS. In 2016, the School dramatically bolstered this program by introducing the Cirne National Scholarships.

There are four Cirne National Scholarships. Currently, the School is looking to award a scholarship to a promising student entering Grade 9 in fall 2018. The scholarships are merit-based and include full-tuition for the duration of the recipients’ studies in the boarding school program at Trinity College School.

The deadline for applications is February 9th, 2018. For full details on the scholarship and the application process, click here, or contact the Trinity College School admissions department by email at [email protected]
or by calling 905-885-3209.

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TCS is looking to award a scholarship to a promising student entering Grade 9 in fall 2018