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Founded in 1879, Lakefield College School has long been one of Canada’s top boarding schools – one that has individualized and experiential learning in its DNA.

Developing tomorrow’s leaders

Lakefield College School's academics, athletics, and arts programs are all highly-respected. But what defines the school is its long-held commitment to developing leadership and character in students.

Encouraging rigour, developing resourcefulness and building resiliency are key aspects of the program which prepares students for university and success in life. There is no better place to experience challenge, success and failure than in a safe and caring community.

The school’s focus on leadership is formalized in its Leadership, Character, Values Program (LCV) which encompasses all grade levels. “The LCV program focuses on a different theme at each grade level, is supported by grade mentors and includes intersession excursion opportunities,” says Peter O’Grady, Director of Student Leadership.

The LCV program gives students a set of tools to apply in all aspects of their lives, and acts as a conduit for engagement in service projects, athletics, co-curriculars, and the Round Square program. “Our goal is to enable each of our students to develop their individual potential as self-confident and ethical leaders who are innovative, inspiring and committed, and who are positioned to make a difference in whatever endeavours they choose to pursue in the future,” says O’Grady.

The school’s reputation for leadership is well-founded: its graduates include many leading artists, CEOs, athletes and even royalty. LCS graduates receive offers of admission to outstanding post-secondary institutions around the world -- last year, 81% of the Class of 2017 received scholarship offers worth a total of $1.4M.

Enhancing the Well-Being of Our Students Through Positive Psychology

"For the last two years," says Heather Avery, Director of Guidance & Learning, "we have been working to educate our students about eating, sleeping, and moving practices that will strengthen their performance and their mental health, as part of our THRIVE well being program. This year, we are thrilled to launch our second pillar of the program, positive psychology, to support the same goals."  
Founded by Martin Seligman, an education steeped in positive psychology involves focusing on strengths; teaching techniques for developing and nurturing positive emotions and for reframing negative experiences and setbacks; seeking ways to engage students fully; helping students learn how to seek out and to build positive relationships and find meaning and purpose in their lives; and helping them to set and realize goals and master skills. 
We are eager to see where the adoption of new behaviours and practices in our everyday lives will take our students and community in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

Student life

With a majority of students boarding on campus, and day students often choosing to stay on campus into the evening hours, Lakefield College School provides an environment that maximizes learning opportunities, and allows students to make the most of them.

With only four classes per day instead of five, students can organize their workload more effectively, and have more time during class for meaningful learning with their teachers and peers.

The schedule offers up to 90 minutes per day of flexible time, called “Grove Time,” which allows for enrichment activities such as leadership development, guidance, clubs or extra help. Night and online classes are yet another way Lakefield College School expands learning hours and helps prepare students for university life. At LCS students enjoy individualized learning support while being immersed in experiences that focus on educating the whole student.

An opportunity to make life-long friends

For the majority of students, Lakefield College School is their home away from home, an intimate community where they engage in a wide range of co-curricular activities and a diverse, vibrant social life. 

The beautiful natural campus, and relaxed atmosphere means students feel comfortable being themselves. The small community also means students feel heard and supported by teachers and staff. All the while, students are challenged to take charge and demonstrate leadership in their life and the community.

In many ways, Lakefield College School is unique, and its many alumni attest to the kind of impact the school had on their lives. Hear what Tavis Simms Class of 2016 said about his experience while at the school:

Visit Lakefield College School to learn more about their unique strengths, including individualized academic support, advanced placement courses, experiential learning, international opportunities and an enriched arts and athletics program. 

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