Glenlyon Norfolk School
Glenlyon Norfolk School
801 Bank Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 4A8
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Chad Holtum

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(250) 370-6845×
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Glenlyon Norfolk School

Glenlyon Norfolk School

801 Bank Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 4A8
1701 Beach Drive, Victoria, British Columbia, V8R 6H9

School Type:
Grades (Gender):
JK to 12 (Coed)
$15,025 to $38,095 per year
Main Language:
Avg. Class Size:
16 to 18
Day: 705 (Gr. JK-12), Homestay: 60 (Gr. 6-12)

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Contact Name:
Chad Holtum

Phone Number:

School Address
801 Bank Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 4A8
1701 Beach Drive, Victoria, British Columbia, V8R 6H9

About this school:

Each child holds our attention at GNS, a day school that is firmly rooted in the values of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Round Square. As one of only twelve schools in Canada offering all three IB programs, GNS is proud of its unique 'IB Advantage': a 21st-Century approach which educates the whole child and creates global thinkers. GNS offers 5- and 7-day Family Boarding options for students who are not residents of Victoria, and provides an extensive co-curricular program.

More information on Glenlyon Norfolk School
Glenlyon Norfolk School is an academic school in Victoria, British Columbia, offering both day and homestay options. The school offers programs for grades JK to 12 with enrolment of 765 students. Glenlyon Norfolk School has an average class size of 16 to 18 students and has a tuition of $15,025 to $38,095 per year. Founded in 1913, this private school requires students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.

Principal's Message expand


Simon Bruce-Lockhart, Head of School

GNS is a place made special by its people, its programs, and the synergy they create together.

Our mission: "to challenge and support our students to do their best through truth and courage in learning and in life" lies at the very heart of everything we do, establishing the values we live by every day.

Simon Bruce-Lockhart
Head of School and father of two GNS alumni

Admission expand


Application Deadlines:

Type Date
Day Rolling
Homestay Rolling

Application Requirement:

Application requirements include receiving a completed application form along with a $200 application fee and the two most recent report cards for the applying student. The student must then complete the entrance exams. We also require the completion of confidential student report by a current teacher. For international students, we also need copies of passports for both the student and his or her parents as these are required for preparation of custodianship documents. Once these items are received, we perform an onsite or Skype interview. We also prefer, where possible, fo the applying student to visit the school for a day.

To receive an admission package please contact:

Chad Holtum
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School Entry Points:

  • Entry Points (Day): Students Admitted
    JK Limited
    SK Limited
    K Limited
    1 Limited
    2 Limited
    3 Limited
    4 Limited
    5 Limited
    6 Limited
    7 Limited
    8 Limited
    9 Limited
    10 Limited
    11 Limited
    12 Limited
  • Entry Points (Homestay): Students Admitted
    6 Limited
    7 Limited
    8 Limited
    9 Limited
    10 Limited
    11 Limited
    12 Limited

Tuition & Financial Aidexpand



Type Tuition
Day Students $15,025 to 27,095 CDN
Homestay Students $22,025 to 38,095 CDN

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Maximum installments available 10


Discount for 2nd child 5%
Discount for 3nd child 10%
Discount for 4nd child 10%

Scholarships & awards:

  • Bursary
       Amount: 40%
       Type: Need based
       Grade(s): 6 to 12
  • Scholarship
       Amount: 50%
       Type: Merit based
       Grade(s): 6 to 12
  • Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarships
       Amount: $5,000
       Type: based

Stories & Testimonials expand


Being the Change We Want to Seeexpand

As a child, Ammar Inaytali grew up in a family where helping others in the community was extremely important and part of their daily lives. He tagged along with his father as he went fundraising door-to-door in their Ontario community, educating others about the Aga Khan Foundation and the charity’s work "to sustainably improve the quality of life of poor, marginalized communities in Asia and Africa."

When he was thirteen, Ammar had a revelatory moment as he watched news about the Haiti earthquake. He realized that there were people in need and that he had the ability to provide a sense of hope and relief. The charitable activities in his childhood suddenly took on new meaning. This new awareness allowed Ammar to embody his values and become an active part of the change he wanted to see.

Fast forward to the present—about four years and hundreds of volunteer hours later—when Ammar’s outstanding community work has now been recognized by the United Way of Greater Victoria. He is a 2014 recipient of a United Now Individual Volunteer Award representing youth between the ages of 15 to 19. Ammar was one of 17 nominees selected by the United Way of Greater Victoria Youth Now Advisory Council (YAC), a group that exists to promote leadership, volunteerism and philanthropy among youth. Ammar impressed the selection committee with his achievements within both his school and community, despite having moved to Victoria only three years previously.

Ammar began his fundraising efforts for the Aga Khan Foundation’s World Partnership Walk in elementary school with two other school communities before becoming a student at GNS in Grade 9. Since then, Ammar has championed the cause at GNS and has been a vital member of the GNS Round Square Committee.

Like a true leader, Ammar won’t take much credit for his accomplishments. He credits his parents as mentors in how they have influenced his service work. Ammar is a quiet leader who has the great ability to take action for the good of others. This award has given him further inspiration to keep pursuing his work.

As a current Grade 11 student, he has already started planning for life after GNS. Ammar’s tentative plans are to pursue economics then law at university. He hopes that he will be able to continue his advocacy work and become a more powerful voice for good in the future.



300 (and more) for 300 (and more)expand

“Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life if you’re not happy with where you are.” That was the central message—and key metaphor—at the heart of Hollywood composer Tim Williams’ address to our school on Monday in the Hall.

Williams, an Alumnus of Glenlyon, is a multi award-winning composer for film, TV, video games and theater. His presentation was wide-ranging: the attentive audience heard an insider’s perspective into major film production; we saw several clips from recent films that Williams had scored; and he found time at the end of the presentation to deliver an inspirational message.

Discussing his trajectory from Glenlyon graduation to present day, Williams recounted two significant “U-turns” in his life. He started out as a pre-med student but then realized it was not for him. He then made the audience laugh by recounting how, a few years later, he “tried law” by being accepted to Osgoode Hall (at York University), then dropped out after one day (thus trying his parents’ patience). He commented upon how his alma mater helped his career along by contracting him to compose the music for the Norfolk House 70th Anniversary. But his message was simple: “Don’t be afraid to take risks and make changes in your life if you’re not happy with where you are.”

Without actually needing to remind his audience of GNS’s motto, Williams then recounted “having the courage to pursue [my] dream: to compose for a West End show.” That he did, with Napoleon—upon which he collaborated with fellow Canadian, Andrew Sabiston. “With this dream accomplished,” Williams said, “I embarked upon the pursuit of an even bigger ambition—to compose for film in Hollywood.”

One of the recurring taglines we use in the promotion of our school is “GNS: A world of opportunity.” Williams reinforced the power of taking advantage of the small opportunities that life occasionally provides in his recounting of his ‘big break’. Working on the massive blockbuster 300, Williams was afforded the opportunity to compose the music for the film’s final scene.

Suffice to say, he never looked back after that!

Williams’ presentation was not only inspirational, but it was fascinating as well. The audience was rapt as he described the pressures facing the modern film composer: “Most people think that when the movie trailers are out, that ‘that’s it’. But that’s really when a film composer’s job is just beginning! The turnaround time between trailer and release is very narrow,” Williams chuckled. It was also quite instructive to see the ‘magic’ required to marry the score to the action on the screen—something we all-too-easily take for granted as we enjoy any film production.

Williams’ final message was simple and humble: “I attribute so much of my success—success and joy, actually—to collaboration…to working with a team of people.” With our Head Boy and Head Girl in absentia due to IB exams, Senior School Principal Mr. Calderwood was called upon, impromptu, to thank Mr. Williams for his excellent presentation. Mr. Calderwood was quick on his feet in explaining the absence of the HB and HG and then pointed out how one of the IB’s primary tenets in preparing our students for the real workplace of the 21st Century is, after all, risk-taking and collaboration—and that Mr. Williams is thus an inspiring example.

For the 300+ students and faculty on hand—including former Heads of School Hamish Simpson, Keith Walker and Peggy Wilmot—this was a wonderful way to close the Centennial Speakers Series. It was also another opportunity for all of us to feel proud of what our Alumni make of their lives and to see that the values of our school are carried proudly beyond the space and time of GNS.

  • winner of 3 Thea Awards—‘Best Score’
  • a Dora Award nomination
  • winner of 6 ASCAP Plus Awards
  • an Emmy Award nomination

GNS’s Evan Letkeman in Canadian world swimming trials!expand

Evan Letkeman, currently in Grade 12 at GNS, is swimming into unchartered waters—and it is a wonderful thing. In March, he qualified for the Canadian swimming trials for a place in the team that will, ultimately, head to the World Championships in Barcelona this summer.

These trials are ongoing, this week, at the Saanich Commonwealth Pool; Swimming Canada describes them as their “flagship event of the Spring. Canada’s best swimmers will race to represent the country at the FINA World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona” [July 19 – August 4].

Letkeman will be participating in three events: the 200m butterfly; a 400m individual medley; and the 200m backstroke. Currently in the top 30 in the men’s category, provincially (an impressive ranking, given that the age range is 16-25), Letkeman is very humble in his expectations. “I hope to improve my times,” said Letkeman, “as well as to move up in the provincial and national rankings.”

Before his Grade 12 year, Letkeman considered the year upcoming and decided upon a major goal: to meet the Senior National Standard times in his chosen events. After his coach allowed him to perform in a time-trial, Letkeman met this goal and thus qualified for this week’s major event.

“I have dedicated quite a bit of time to swimming, for many years,” he said. Letkeman started swimming competitively at the age of 9 and has followed a very rigorous routine since then. “I train at least 9 times per week—most days before and after school, with each session lasting at least two hours.”

Letkeman was also generous in his praise of his two swim instructors: Peter Vizsolyi, currently Head Coach of the UVic Swimming team, as well as Ron Jacks—recognized as one of the top coaches in Canada.

Letkeman already has been accepted at the University of Alberta, but is still weighing his options as he contemplates a very bright future—in and out of the pool. Best of luck to Evan this week, and a warm congratulations to him from the GNS community.


Grade 9s Dazzle at Science Fair 2012expand

“The creativity and imagination shown by these kids is just marvelous,” said GNS parent and UVic professor Dr. Andrew Weaver after serving as a judge in our school’s 2012 Science Fair. From colour-blindness hypotheses to the impact of pheromones on mate selection, and from an inquiry into the accuracy of Da Vinci’s designs to creating the ideal camera stabilizer—and truly so much more!—this was another enormously successful GNS Science Fair.


Dr. Wendy Topic, who teaches IB Chemistry but who also teaches Science 9, was effusive about the history of this event as well as the overall product in the 2012 Science Fair. “What I like the most about it (the Science Fair) is that the students are able to select from the areas that interest them the most,” she said. “It’s a privilege for me to know them a little better as a result of the subjects they investigate; they grow as scientists by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting their results.”

Dr. Topic added, “Because our students are passionate about their chosen subjects, they work so hard to understand and teach their projects to the other students, to the teachers, and to the judges.” She also referred to the rich history of this event, specifically citing Michael Peters’ “Actuator” invention when he was in in Grade 9, in 2006. It would be an invention that would go on to win him provincial and national science fair competitions—culminating in his recent Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 award for innovation (for more on this, see pp. 22-24 of this past summer’s Traditions magazine).

Dr. Kim Venn, also a GNS parent and UVic professor, joined Weaver as one of the six community judges, and said, “These kids are high-flyers! They are really good projects, here; the students are outstanding.”

A warm congratulations to all of our Grade 9 students for a wonderful display at GNS’s 2012 Science Fair.

GNS Grade 9s dazzle at Science Fair 2012


GNS Service Day 2012: ‘The gift of significant contribution’expand

Wednesday, October 3rd was a significant day for our school. Every student and member of faculty at GNS dispersed around fifteen separate locations on the lower island to participate in a whole-school day of community service. That is 750 people from the GNS community!

Service is a cornerstone value of both the International Baccalaureate Organization, as well as the Round Square, and is enshrined in the Vision Statement of Glenlyon Norfolk School:

By leading through truth and courage, GNS prepares outstanding young men and women of character who will contribute to the world through their skills, their leadership, their commitment to service and their understanding that we are all responsible for the future of our communities.

It is therefore “incredibly appropriate,” as Mr. Simon Bruce-Lockhart, Head of School, said to the Senior School in Friday assembly, that “one of our first celebrations of our Centennial was a Day of Service.”

In his Friday address to the Senior School, Mr. Bruce-Lockhart identified three ways in which the day was an unqualified success:

  1. the sense that many hands make light work;
  2. that service operates on many different levels;
  3. and that while service is about giving to others, it is also about receiving.

With regard to the last two points, in particular, he said, “The organizers of Wednesday made a brilliant decision—to mix the classes up, so that older students were working alongside younger students.” At GNS, there is always an endeavor to unite the community across grade boundaries—whether in athletics, the arts, debate, or on days such as these. The mentoring of the younger students by our older ones is one of the more magical aspects of the GNS community.

GNS Service Day 2012: ‘The gift of significant contribution’

Mr. Bruce-Lockhart closed his speech by addressing the reciprocity inherent in service, reminding the school that such a meaningful contribution by our community “is that rare commodity which gives in every direction: to those who receive the service and, equally, to those who give the service.”

To watch the video (above) is to appreciate what Mr. Bruce-Lockhart means when he celebrates “the gift of significant contribution.” A special thank-you to the remarkable organizers of this event: Ms. McKerlich and Mme. Girard in the Senior School; Ms. Horne and Ms. Waugh in the Middle School; and Ms. Emmerson and Mrs. Graham in the Junior School. They were all led by Mrs. Hicks, who chaired the committee and worked tirelessly to make Wednesday such a success.


GNS – The Celebration Beginsexpand

On the afternoon of September 24, over 750 members of our community joined together to launch our Centenary celebrations. The assembled group formed a '100' on our famous turf field. This was the first act of a very exciting year—one where we will celebrate this school's heritage, tradition, and century-long commitment to understated excellence.




In the News expand


December 8, 2014 - Address Homelessness

On December 6, GNS hosted the Address Homelessness conference, intended to help address the homeless situation in Victoria ...

December 8, 2014 - Margaret McCullough wins national teaching award

GNS is pleased to announce that Mrs. Margaret McCullough has been awarded a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence. ...

November 20, 2014 - Superb Six

GNS Sr Boys Win Sixth Consecutive ‘A’ Provincial Championship ...

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Curriculum & Programs

    Specialty Academics

  • Career planning
  • Community service
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Exchange programs
  • IB diploma
  • IB middle years program
  • IB primary years program
  • Round Square
  • University counseling

    School Support

  • After-school program
  • Full-day kindergarten
  • Lunch program
  • Transportation

    Special Needs

  • Learning differences support (ADD/ADHD)
  • Learning study assistance


  • Acting
  • Band
  • Ceramics
  • Choral Music
  • Directing
  • Drawing
  • Graphic design
  • Music theory
  • Painting
  • Production
  • Sculpture
  • Set design

    Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Creative writing
  • Debate
  • Independent study
  • Journalism
  • Literature
  • Public speaking


  • Chinese-Mandarin
  • ESL
  • French
  • Spanish

    Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Computers

  • Algebra
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer programming
  • Computer science
  • Geometry
  • Physics
  • Web design

    Academic / Social Clubs

  • Community Service
  • Debate Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Poetry/Literature club
  • School newspaper
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook


  • Art Club
  • Audiovisual Club
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Jazz Ensemble


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Golf
  • Outdoor Club
  • Outdoor Education
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Running
  • Sailing
  • Sailing Club
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball

    Moral Development

  • Leadership
  • Social justice

    Admissions & Finances

  • Bursaries
  • Entrance exams
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Sibling discounts

    Religious Affiliation

  • Non-denominational

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  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Associations
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Associations
  • Round Square Associations

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