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King's College School: International Schools for Bright and Gifted Children

16379 The Gore Road, Caledon, Ontario, L7E 0X4
School Type: Academic,  Gifted
Grades (Gender): 3 to 12 (Coed)
Tuition: Varies per year
Average Class Size: 12
Enrolment: Day 48 (Gr. 3-12)

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How we do it

How we do it
We teach our students the multiple intelligences required for: a) developing wonderful happiness b) developing wonderful academics c) building worth and self-worth d) making a wonderful life e) making a wonderful difference We do this in an atmosphere of: a) great safety and caring for students b) highly competent and caring teachers c) positive peer pressure d) outstanding results for admissions and scholarships to university

Enrichment and Field Trips

Enrichment and Field Trips
King's offers numerous field trips and enrichment activities; some are subject specific and others are organized annually for the entire school. Examples of enrichment and field trips include the following: * A week-long trip each October to the Haliburton Forest Reserve with an emphasis on leadership, team building, group work, and outdoor education * Trips each autumn to the Stratford and Shaw Festivals and to the Elgin TheatreA week-long school trip in the second half of each academic year to various curriculum related urban destinations. Trips in past years have included visits to Ottawa; Montreal; Quebec City; Southwestern Ontario; London * Participation in Women in Engineering Conference at McMaster University and the National Youth Technology Leadership Conference at Queen's University * Participation in math competitions at the University of Waterloo * In 2005, a number of students, with their parents, will be traveling to Cameroon, West Africa to tour and do volunteer work at a learning centre/library that our students have founded in Kumba, Cameroon.


The emphasis of our athletics program is on individual sports that allow students to develop skill in activities that they could enjoy into their adult life. At Haliburton, students can canoe, rock climb, and challenge their personal limits on a high ropes course. In the winter, students participate in downhill skiing and snowboarding. In spring, both horseback riding and golf are available.


Students from grades three to eight have two hours of visual arts class each week, and students from grades three to ten have music classes each week. Our school band and our school choir (open to students in all grades), produce two concerts each year and participate in music festivals. Students are encouraged to participate in the Drama Club.

High Quality of Student Life

High Quality of Student Life
At King's we focus on the development of the whole person, not just the academic person. On the personal side, our objective is to provide an environment where each child can feel at home, encouraged and empowered to become the very best person they can be. On the social side we strive to ensure each child develops an understanding of the global village world in which they live, ensuring that they develop a social interest and social conscience that will enable them to function as magnificent leaders in their community.

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