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6727 South Chippawa Road, Wellandport, Ontario, L0R 2J0
School Type: Military,  Special Needs
Grades (Gender): 6 to 12 (Boys)
Tuition: $40,750 to $44,750 per year
Average Class Size: 10 to 16
Enrolment: Boarding 125 (Gr. 6-12)

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Coming off a high at the OFSSA Wrestling Championships held in Guelph, Ontario in March, 17 year old Alexandre MacIntyre ranked in the top six at the 2013 Cadet and Juvenile Wrestling Nationals held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan April 5 & 6. 

Alex is a grade 12 student attending Robert Land Academy.  With a first place finish in his weight category at OFSAA, Alex was invited to be part of the Junior Brock Badgers Wrestling Club representing Team Ontario at the Nationals this year.  He finished with 4 wins in 7 matches, ranking in the top 6 out of 24 wrestlers in the 76 kg weight category.  This is Alex's second year wrestling at the Nationals, finishing in the top 8 in 2012 in New Brunswick.

Alex says that he was "blown away to have made it this far after just 4 years of wrestling at RLA", and that "you can achieve anything at Robert Land Academy."  He was also impressed to see such amazingly talented wrestlers from all across Canada come together in one place.

Alex plans to continue wrestling next year when he attends university.  When asked where he plans to attend, he says that "he is still undecided and is keeping his options open."

Why a Military Style School May be the Right Choice

Why a Military Style School May be the Right Choice
Many parents of boys ponder the notion of sending their son to military school at least once in their life. Are you one of them? Why is this? It may be because you are frustrated with your son and you recognize such incredible potential in him which he is wasting. Often, the evidence of this is failing grades, conflicting values between family and friends, disruptive behaviour at school and at home, and low self-confidence. Robert Land Academy is a private military boarding school for boys located in Ontario, Canada. It is situated in a rural setting within the picturesque Niagara Region, approximately 60 minutes from Toronto and 30 minutes from the United States border. The school’s military theme is the foundation of its learning and living environment, providing structure and discipline for boys who are troubled by poor grades and wasted potential. Within this boarding school environment, boys are challenged to work to their fullest capacity. Invariably, students quickly realize success. Their grades improve, their level of physical fitness improves, and they have a greater positive impression about themselves as well as a healthier outlook on life. For boys graduating from Robert Land Academy, 100% of those who apply to college or university are accepted into their program of choice. Living away from home means boys are separated from the ever present negative distractions of their current environment. This time away provides opportunity for family relationships to mend – often resulting in a fresh start for the boy, his siblings and his parents. At Robert Land Academy, the goal is to help realize the potential of each student academically, physically and emotionally. If you have ever considered a military boarding school for your son, then it is worthwhile contacting Robert Land Academy for further information.

Robert Land Academy Students Excel at Climbing Competition

The Robert Land Academy Climbing Team competed at its first competition on November 20, 2011 at Peaks Climbing Gym in St. Catharines, Ontario. Two RLA students, Paul B and Brendan W both competed throughout this three hour competition. All competitors were free to climb any of the 45 routes that were set. If they were successful at their climb they received a point value based on the difficulty of each climb. Their six highest scoring climbs were added together to give their total score. In the Junior Category, Robert Land Academy students Paul B, with a score of 2795 and Brendan W, with a score of 2180, finished in second and third place respectively. According to RLA Climbing Team Coach, Lt. Banta, “both RLA participants climbed fairly advanced routes, with the competitors gaining valuable experience about competition climbing”. Officials from the competition organizer, the Ontario Climbing Federation, were very supportive of the climbing program at Robert Land Academy. The Robert Land Academy Climbing Team is preparing for their next competitions planned for December 3rd and January 14th. Congratulations to both climbers on your excellent effort.

Canadian Boxing Legend Visits Robert Land Academy

Canadian Boxing Legend Visits Robert Land Academy
Cadets and faculty of Robert Land Academy were treated with a rare opportunity to meet a Canadian boxing legend. Former Canadian heavyweight boxing champion George Chuvalo visited the Academy in November 2010, sharing his life story of boxing fame and personal tragedy. Chuvalo was once one of the best heavyweights in the world and traded punches with the likes of George Foreman, Joe Frazier and, most notably, Muhammad Ali. His forte was the knockout punch, and he used it to record 64 of his 73 victories in a 93-bout career that began in 1956 and continued through 1973. He held the Canadian heavyweight title three times during his career. After his retirement from boxing, Chuvalo became involved in an anti-drug campaign throughout Canada. The cause had personal meaning for him, as he lost two sons and his wife to drug abuse and suicide. Love is so important," he said. "Make sure you hug your parents every day. Kiss your parents every day. Tell them you love them." Chuvalo told students that this is the key to their future. His sons deaths were the result of them being "ignorant and unafraid" of the consequences of taking drugs. "Even something as simple as not smoking has a long-term benefit," he said. "I know you can't smoke here (at the Academy), and that is a good thing. We know what smoking can do to you, so any young person who is smoking today is disrespecting themselves. And once you disrespect yourself in one area, it's easy to disrespect yourself in another." George Chuvalo's heart-felt message left a lasting impression on the cadets and faculty of Robert Land Academy. Robert Land Academy is Canada's only private, military boarding school for boys in grades six through 12. Located in Wellandport Ontario, approximately 45 minutes from Niagara Falls and the US border and one hour from Toronto, the Academy utilizes a military model to reinforce the importance of structure, discipline, accountability and self-determination. The demanding intellectual and physical challenges are accompanied by support and encouragement to assist each student in developing self-confidence and self-worth through genuine achievement. The highly structured environment at Robert Land Academy is intended to support and encourage boys to reach their potential.

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