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Rosseau Lake College
Rosseau Lake College
1967 Bright Street, Rosseau, Ontario, P0C 1J0
Contact name:
Sharon Magor

Phone number:
(705) 732-4351×
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Rosseau Lake College

Rosseau Lake College

1967 Bright Street, Rosseau, Ontario, P0C 1J0

Grades (Gender):
7 to 12 (Coed)
$9,400 to 47,500/year
Main Language:
Avg. Class Size:
12 to 18
Day: 33 (Gr. 7 - 12), Boarding: 62 (Gr. 7 - 12)

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Contact Name:
Sharon Magor

Phone Number:

School Address
1967 Bright Street, Rosseau, Ontario, P0C 1J0

About this school:

Rosseau Lake College is an independent co-ed, day and boarding school offering Grades 7 - 12, located along the natural setting of Lake Rosseau in the Muskoka region.With our engaging, student-centred, personalized approach to learning - a program we call Future Forward - our graduates have a distinct advantage. In a family-like environment, teachers work with each student to develop a personalized curricular approach that will enhance their academic competence. This approach allows students to set clearer personal goals.

The Our Kids review of Rosseau Lake College

our takeRosseau Lake is a small school—the student body, including both boarding and day students, sits at just shy of 100 students. Located on a lake in Muskoka, for many students, there is a lot to get excited about. It’s intimate, active, and the physical plan is stunning. The school is using this, its 50th anniversary year, to renew its commitment to providing a very personalized, forward looking educational experience. The ideal student is an active one, as the setting is used to great advantage to promote, in addition to academics, an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Principal's Message


Lance Postma, Head of School

The cornerstone of a RLC experience has always been its close-knit, inclusive community, set in a truly beautiful and natural setting, where young people learn under the supervision of caring adults who see their profession as a calling, not a job.  Our commitment has always been to provide a 'Best of Self' education that includes developing leadership skills, while building within students the values of Confidence, Competence and Character.

These values remain consistent, but how we define these values must be harmonious with the world our students will soon enter. RLC introduces The Future Fowrad Program to help redefine the Competence value to meet the demands of tomorrow with a focus on relevant skills, knowledge, attributes and credentials that will put our students at the forefront as candidates for the programs and careers they seek.

RLC continues with constant values such as focus on post-secondary preparation, rich extra curriculars, unique natural environment and small learning groups. The Future Forward Program will anchor these values with clearer personal goals, diverse and personalized learning strategies, diverse learning spaces and much focus on building skills and competencies for the future.

Competition for placement in post secondary programs and beyond this, in the workforce, has never been greater. At their age, few of us had to ask, "Will I get a job?" , but today, so many young people do. With Furure Forward, RLC students will be able to ask different questions and have the skills and confidence to answer them.

Lance Postma



Curriculum Progressive

Primary Curriculum: Progressive

What Rosseau Lake College says: We offer an academic program in our curriculum. We have introduced Future Forward - an exciting new personalized learning approach at RLC which is focused on project based learning, clearer personal goals, diverse learning strategies and spaces, and focus on building skills and competencies for the future.

  • Approach:

  • Pedagogies and subject courses:

  • Mathematics Discovery Math

      Discovery Math turns traditional math on its head: it frequently begins by introducing a novel problem to students, and works its way back to “discovering” a method of solving the problem. The goal is to ground mathematical procedures and algorithms firmly in their applications, and to challenge students to think critically about how they might go about solving the problem right from the beginning. Generally associated with the “Chicago Math” movement and related Everyday Math textbooks (Grades 1 to 6), Discovery math spends less classroom time mastering established algorithms and more time getting students invested in and thinking critically about novel mathematical problems and concepts. In this sense Discovery Math aims to establish conceptual and applied understand before procedural understanding.
      Learn about the different mathematics approaches  

    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    • Textbooks and supplementary materials: This information is not currently available.

    • Calculator policy: This information is not currently available.

    Science Inquiry

      Inquiry-based science emphasizes teaching science as a way of thinking or practice, and therefore tries to get students “doing” science as much as possible -- and not just “learning” it. Students still learn foundational scientific ideas and content (and build on this knowledge progressively); however, relative to expository science instruction, inquiry-based programs have students spend more time developing and executing their own experiments (empirical and theoretical). Students are frequently challenged to develop critical and scientific-thinking skills by developing their own well-reasoned hypothesis and finding ways to test those hypotheses. Projects and experiments are emphasized over textbook learning. Skills are emphasized over breadth of knowledge.
      Learn about the different science approaches  

    • Teaching approach: This information is not currently available.

    • Topics covered in curriculum:

      Subject = offered
    • Treatment of evolution:

      Evolution as consensus theory
      Evolution as one of many equally viable theories
      Evolution is not taught

    Literature Traditional

      In traditional literature programs students focus on decoding the mechanics of texts: plot, characterization, and themes. These texts tend to include a balance of contemporary and “classic” literature. When studying a past work, students investigate its historical context -- but only insofar as this adds understanding to the work itself. Past works are therefore studied “on their own terms”, and not merely as historical artifacts to be deconstructed: traditional literature programs are firmly rooted in the humanities, and carry the belief that great literature can reveal fundamental and universal truths about the human condition. These programs emphasize class discussions and critical essay writing, and aim to develop in students critical thinking, communication skills, and a cultivated taste and ethos.
      Learn about the different literature approaches  

    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Humanities and Social Sciences Pragmatism

      Pragmatism in the humanities and social sciences emphasizes making learning relevant to students’ present-day experience. Assignments tend to centre around projects and tasks rather than argumentative essays; these projects will often have a “real-world” application or relevance. There might be more of a social justice component to a pragmatic program, though that isn’t always the case. Subjects like history and philosophy are still covered/offered, but they play a less prominent role in the overall program than in the case of perennialism. The social sciences (contemporary geography, sociology, psychology, etc), meanwhile, might play a more prominent role in pragmatic programs. The key goals are to make learning progressive and relevant, while teaching students real-life skills and critical thinking.
      Learn about the different humanities and social sciences approaches  

    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Foreign Languages
    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    • Languages Offered: • French • ESL

    Fine Arts Creative

      Creative arts programs are studio-driven. While historical works and movements may still be taught to add context to the program, students mainly engage in making art (visual, musical, theatrical, etc). The goal is use the actual practice of art to help educate students’ emotions, cognition, and ethos.
      Learn about the different fine arts approaches  

    • Program offers:

      Subject = offered
      Graphic Design
      Visual Arts
    • Visual studio philosophy:

    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Computers and Technology Medium integration

      Effort is made to integrate the development of digital literacy through the curriculum. However, this is not a dominant focus.
      Learn about the different computers and technology approaches  

    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    • Program covers:

      Subject = offered
      Computer science
      Web design

    Physical Education
    • What Rosseau Lake College says: Rosseau Lake College offers an active outdoors education program which makes great use of our 53 acre campus with over 3000 feet of shoreline on beautiful Lake Rosseau. Climbing, paddling, hiking, camping, and outdoor pursuits and skills are developed in each grade 7 - 12.

    • Rosseau Lake College 's approach to sex-ed: This information is not currently available.

    Religious Education
    • Religious Curriculum (percentage)

      We have no compulsory religion courses
      Up to 25% of our courses are religious courses
      More than 25% of our courses are religion courses
    • Approach to teaching religious and secular curricula

      Completely segregated
      Mostly segregated
      Completely integrated
      Mostly integrated
      Not applicable
    • Approach to teaching religion

      Scripture as literal
      Scripture as interpretive
    • What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Curriculum Pace Standard-enriched

    • Standard-enriched
    • Accelerated
    • Student-paced

    Broadly-speaking, the main curriculum -- like that of most schools -- paces the provincially-outlined one. This pace is steady and set by the teachers and school. The curriculum might still be enriched in various ways: covering topics more in-depth and with more vigor than the provincial one, or covering a broader selection of topics.

    Flexible pacing:

    Flexible pacing style = offered
    Subject-streaming (tracking)
    Multi-age classrooms as standard
    Ability-grouping (in-class) as common
    Frequent use of cyber-learning (at-their-own-pace)
    Regular guided independent study opportunities
    Differentiated assessment

    What Rosseau Lake College says about flexible pacing: This information is not currently available.

    Academic Culture Supportive

    • Rigorous
    • Supportive

    A school with a “supportive” academic culture focuses more on process than short-term outcomes: academic performance is a welcomed side-benefit, but not the driving focus. This does not mean the school lacks standards, or has low expectations for its students: a school can have a supportive academic culture and still light the fire of ambition in its students. It does mean, however, the school provides a less intensive culture than schools with a “rigorous” academic classification, and is focused more simply on instilling a love of learning and life-long curiosity.

    What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Developmental Priorities Intellectual, Balanced

    Primary Developmental Priority: Intellectual
    Academically strong, creative, and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions.

    Secondary Developmental Priority: Balanced
    Equal attention is paid to a balance of priorities: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical.

    What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Special Needs Support High


    Rosseau Lake College provides a high degree of support for special needs students.

    • Academic Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Learning strategy and study counselling; habit formation
      Extra support and minor accommodations for children experiencing subclinical difficulties
    • Mild but clinically diagnosed ADHD
      Support Type = offered
      Extra support
    • What Rosseau Lake College says: Student Services Lead at Rosseau Lake College would review each student file individually and would discuss with the parents if an educational assessment is required. Educational assessments can be arranged and are an added cost. We would assess each applicant based on educational reports and assessments, a personal interview and entrance test. If we feel a student could experience academic success with recommended accommodations, we would consider an offer of acceptance into the school. WE DO NOT OFFER A MODIFIED PROGRAM

    • Support for moderate-to-severe special needs:
      Special needs
      Learning disabilities
      ADHD (moderate to severe)
      Dyslexia (Language-Based Learning Disability)
      Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
      Language Processing Disorder
      Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD)
      Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit
      Asperger's Syndrome
      Down syndrome
      Intellectual disability
      Behavioral and Emotional
      Troubled behaviour / troubled teens
      Clinical Depression
      Suicidal thoughts
      Drug and alcohol abuse
      Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
      Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
      Cystic Fibrosis
      Multiple physical
    • Forms of support delivery:
      Support Type = offered
      A regular class with indirect support
      A regular class with resource assistance
      A regular class with withdrawal assistance
      A special education class with partial integration
      A full-time special education class
    • Additional Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Social skills programs
      Occupational therapy
      Speech-language therapy
    • Summary: Learning Success Program - This is an educational support service providing assistance and added support to students identified a learning disability (LD). The coordinator of the Learning Success Program oversees and implements each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP), promotes self-advocacy, works individually with students, and liaises with teachers, mentors, parents and administration.

    • What Rosseau Lake College says: Student Services Lead at Rosseau Lake College would review each student file individually and would discuss with the parents if an educational assessment is required. Educational assessments can be arranged and are an added cost. We would assess each applicant based on educational reports and assessments, a personal interview and entrance test. If we feel a student could experience academic success with recommended accommodations, we would consider an offer of acceptance into the school. WE DO NOT OFFER A MODIFIED PROGRAM

    Gifted Learner Support High


    Rosseau Lake College offers a high degree of support for gifted learners.

    Dedicated gifted programs:

    Program = offered
    Full-time gifted program (parallel to rest of school)
    Part-time gifted program (pull-out; parallel to rest of class)

    Curriculum delivery: Acceleration (The main focus is on acceleration. This means that all students work at a much quicker pace than public school peers (usually working at least one grade-level ahead). )

    In-class adaptations:
    Practice = offered
    Custom subject enrichment (special arrangement)
    Custom curriculum compacting (special arrangement)
    Guided independent study (custom gifted arrangement)
    Cyber-learning opportunities (custom gifted arrangement)
    Formalized peer coaching opportunities (specifically for gifted learners to coach others)
    Custom subject acceleration (special arrangement)
    Career exploration (custom gifted arrangement)
    Project-based learning (custom gifted arrangement)
    Mentorships (custom gifted arrangement)

    What Rosseau Lake College says: This information is not currently available.

    Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide. It’s the first of its kind: it covers different kinds of gifted schools and programs, and a whole host of issues parents face in finding the right option for their gifted child.

    Homework Policy

    In grade 12, Rosseau Lake College students perform an average of >2 hours of homework per night.

    Nightly Homework
    Rosseau Lake College 30 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins120 mins160 mins
    Site Average54 mins59 mins72 mins83 mins98 mins112 mins

    Report Card Policy

    How assessments are delivered across the grades:

    Lettered or numbered grades7 to 12
    Prose (narrative)-based feedback7 to 12
    Academic achievement reporting7 to 12
    Habits and behaviour reporting7 to 12
    Parent-teacher meetings7 to 12


    What Rosseau Lake College says:
    • Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program

    • Sports OfferedCompetitiveRecreational
      Cross-country skiing
      Downhill skiing
      Field Hockey
      Ice Hockey
      Track & Field
      Ice Skating
      Mountain biking
    • Clubs Offered
      Art Club
      Audiovisual Club
      Community Service
      Computer Club
      Drama Club
      Environmental Club
      Outdoor Education
      Student Council

    Tuition & Financial Aid


    Day Boarding (Domestic) Boarding (International)
    Boarding (Domestic)$22,220 / semester
    Boarding (International)$47,500
    What Rosseau Lake College says: Affording RLC has never been easier. Please contact us to discuss our tuition payment plan. Invest in your child’s future today!

    Need-based financial aid

    Grade range that need-based aid is offered: 7 to 12
    Percentage of grade-eligible students receiving financial aid5%
    Average aid package size$0
    Percentage of total enrollment on financial aid5%
    Total aid available$100,000

    Application Deadline:
    February 01, 2017 Repeats annually

    More information:

    Application Details:

    This school works with Apple Financial Inc. for processing financial applications

    Merit based Scholarships

    This information is not currently available.


    Total enrollment 95
    Average enrollment per grade16
    Gender (grades)7 to 12 (Coed)
    Boarding offered Gr. 7 - 12
    % in boarding (total enrollment)65%
    % in boarding (grade-eligible)65%

    If you want to learn more about boarding schools, check out our comprehensive guide.

    Student distribution:

    Day Enrollment143979
    Boarding Enrollment1614112010



    Admissions Assessments:

    Assessment = requiredGrades
    Interview7 - 12
    SSAT (out of province)
    Entrance Exam(s)7 - 12
    Entrance Essay
    Application Fee

    Application Deadlines:

    Day students:

    Boarding students:

    What Rosseau Lake College says:

    Step 1. The Paperwork

    Application Form, Teacher Reference Form, Academic Records from previous two years, and a non-refundable application fee of $300.00 Canadian.

    Step 2. The Interview

    Once the paperwork is received and evaluated we schedule an interview. This can be done in person and via Skype.

    Step 3. The Entrance Test

    Every applicant must complete an entrance test.The test is used to assess the student's fluency in math, their English comprehension and their ability to write English.


    Acceptance Rate:


    Type of student Rosseau Lake College is looking for: Rosseau Lake College is looking for students who are eager to learn, ready to take full advantage of the opportunity given to them and willing to be a contributing part of our community.

    Day Boarding

    Student Entry Points

    Student Type789101112
    Day Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)
    5 - 7 (80%)5 - 7 (80%)3 - 5 (90%)3 - 5 (90%)3 - 5 (90%)1 - 3 (90%)
    Boarding Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)
    5 - 7 (90%)5 - 7 (90%)5 - 7 (90%)3 - 5 (90%)3 - 5 (90%)1 - 3 (90%)

    University Placement

    Services = offered
    Career planning
    Mentorship Program
    University counseling
    Key Numbers
    Average graduating class size17
    *Canadian "Big 6" placements5
    **Ivy+ placementsN/A

    *Number of students in 2015 who attended one of McGill, U of T, UBC, Queen's University, University of Alberta, or Dalhousie University.

    **Number of students since 2005 that attended one of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, Oxford or Cambridge (UK)

    Schools our students are admitted to (last 4 years): University of Toronto, Queens University, University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, Western University, York University, Dalhousie University, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa, Carleton University, McMaster University,Quest University, University of Guelph, Brock University, Laurentian University, OLDS College, Niagara College, George Brown College, Seneca College
    Schools our students attend (last 4 years): University of Toronto, Queens, Waterloo, Western, McMaster, Dalhousie, Ottawa, Carelton, Ryerson, York, Quest, Guelph, UBC, UNBC, Laurentian, Trent,

    What Rosseau Lake College says:

  • Other Canadian Universities attended: Quest, Waterloo, Guelph, Western, Ryerson, McMaster, Ottawa, Carleton, OCAD, N.S.C.A.D., Brock,York, Bishop's, Laurentian, Lakehead, Nipissing, College of the Rockies, Trent, UNBC,
  • International Universities - Harvard University Cambridge MA, Purdue University Lafayette IN, Brunel University London, Lund University Sweden, Technische University Munich Germany, University of Mexico,

  • Notable Alumni

    Alumnus Graduation Year Accomplishment
    Jonathan Alderson 1987 Jonathan is a Sorbonne and Harvard university graduate. Jonathan is an autism treatment specialist, educational consultant , trainer and lecturer. He founded his company, Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention.
    David Straiton 1983 David is a freelance director, currently living in Beverly Hills. Some of David productions include: commercials and shows for MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, WB Fox and more.
    Katie Tsuyuki 2001 Sochi 2014 Athletes named to the Canadian Olympic snowboard team, competing in slope style, half pipe, snowboard cross and alpine events. The roster includes: Ladies half pipe - Katie Tsuyuki

    Alumni Highlights

    • Alumni Mentoring Day - Friday, November 26, 2016 (for information please contact the school)
    • Alumni Fall Colours Golf Classic - Saturday, September 24, 2016 9:00 am start

    Stories & Testimonials


    Parent Testimonial

    Parents of boarding student currently in Gr. 11

    As parents, our advice is that all the schools tend to sound the same in the brochures, but each school does have a different character, admits different students, and aims for different goals – so it takes a lot of questions to sort out which one really suits your student.

    We have found that Rosseau Lake College has been a good match for our daughter. She chose RLC from a list of schools as the photos reminded her of happy days at summer camp. On our first visit, we saw it does resemble a camp, with low wooden buildings sheltered in the trees, and its own lakefront and docks. Where else could you get acquainted with your classmates on a wilderness outtrip?

    Because it is a small school, there is a feeling of belonging: your entire grade being together in the same class, having fun at the house contests, and traveling on the sport teams. Our daughter feels more relaxed because at RLC, you know everyone, you study in your dorm room instead of a big hall, and the atmosphere is quiet and non-competitive. Students can get extra help for a difficult subject, for study skills, or for learning English. Moral issues are discussed and volunteer work done, but without religious services. Students use technology but are not ruled by it. Most students take the Outdoor Education courses that take advantage of the woods and water.

    For our family, the boarding option is best, as we think that all the benefits of the school are multiplied by living in this beautiful location, near popular tourist resorts. By comparison, many other schools have gone to little or no boarding, or home stays all year.



    Parents of boarding student currently in Gr. 9

    Our son was doing well academically, however we wanted a richer, more broad-based experience for him. We were concerned that he might not adapt, so put it to him to try RLC as a “new adventure” and if it did not work out he could return to his current school.

    That was two and a half years ago! He has excelled in every aspect of school life. The small classes, dedicated teachers and close friendships have made for a superb educational experience.

    We have been particularly impressed with the emphasis on getting the most out of every experience in campus life….in other words, follow the school motto to be the best of self and to build competence,confidence and character!




    In the News


    July 28, 2016 - Rosseau Lake College 50th Anniversary Year Ahead!

    Rosseau Lake College celebrates the 50th anniversary year in 2016- 2017. Special Gala event planned for June 17, 2017 on the RLC campus. ...


    • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Associations
    • The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) Associations
    • The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS) Associations

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    Sharon Magor

    Phone Number:
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