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The Good Samaritan School for Exceptional Students

6341 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 1A5
School Type: Special Needs,  Faith Based
Grades (Gender): JK to 12 & AP (Coed)
Tuition: Varies per
Average Class Size: 3 to 6
Enrolment: Day 300 (Gr. JK-12 & AP)

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GSS Program

GSS Program
The Good Samaritan School provides students with a clear structure and predictability as this is the core for success. Explicit instructions provide the setting for individualized progress. Our programs eliminate behavior problems caused by poor instruction and lack of structure. The Good Samaritan School’s vision and philosophy adapts instruction to meet the individual needs of students with special learning needs. An increase in self-confidence often means academic and cognitive progress. In the 6:1 student to teacher ratio class at GSS, each student has an individualized program. This small and supportive setting allows the student additional time and support to accommodate goals and facilitate instruction.

GSS Faculty

GSS Faculty
Our faculty consists of individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Special Education. Each staff member is well prepared to facilitate each student’s progress through the learning process. The Good Samaritan School’s team of continuous learning has resulted in a faculty that is always updating their knowledge, skills and credentials to better serve the needs of their students and their families.

Teacher-Parent Communication

Teacher-Parent Communication
The Good Samaritan School believes that communication between parents, students and teachers needs to be ongoing. Communication is the vital way to establish a positive rapport with the families and students who we support and to identify and solve challenges as they arise. In addition to the contact from teachers, parents are welcome to call the school to speak to teaching staff at any time.

GSS Students

GSS Students
Our students benefit from the optimal learning environment which supports individual needs such as: Autism Spectrum Disorder and other communicative impairments, learning disabilities and impairments. The Good Samaritan School offers exceptional services to students who are falling below grade level and require remedial support in an individualized environment.

The Good Samaritan School for Exceptional Learners welcomes you!

The Good Samaritan School for Exceptional Learners welcomes you!
The GSS is one of the newest private, Christian schools of its kind; Our vision and goal is to recognize that students succeed within a safe, structured and supportive environment, while promoting the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical. A personalized program is developed for each child that promotes students’ specific strengths and needs. The individualized program is monitored closely and adapted to meet the individual needs of the students. Our small group placements, 6:1 student-teacher ratio, ensure that each child receives support in the individual areas of need. The Good Samaritan School for Exceptional Learners would be proud to welcome your child as one of its students! To Enrol your child, book a tour or for more information, please contact our school office at: 905-219-9969 or e-mail us at: gsschool@gsschool.ca

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