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Lani Stern - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)
As with any profession, some teachers were better than others. Those that were passionate about their subjects, students and curriculum were naturally more engaging and had a greater affect on me. It's worth noting that those same teachers have gone on into managing roles, tenured careers and heads of their departments. Teachers were always, ALWAYS available. Assignments and instructions were posted online, teachers responded to emails, even at 8PM the night before a test. Excuses were actually heard and sometimes forgiven. Personally, relationships were formed that still exist today, ten years after graduation. student-teacher basketball games remain a highlight for me and some of the students, girls particularly, would sit in the cafeteria and have discussions over lunch/spare/coffee break sitting down one-on-one with a teacher to talk about school, life, gossip and what have you...
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