Venture Academy Springwater
Venture Academy Springwater
Horseshoe Valley Road
Minesing, Ontario, L0L 1Y0
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Admissions Director

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Venture Academy Springwater

Venture Academy Springwater

Horseshoe Valley Road, Minesing, Ontario, L0L 1Y0

School Type:
Troubled Teens,  Alternative
Grades (Gender):
7 to 12 (Girls); 7 to 12 (Boys)
Varies per program
Main Language:
Avg. Class Size:
Homestay: Varies (Gr. 7-12)

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Contact Name:
Admissions Director

Phone Number:

School Address
Horseshoe Valley Road, Minesing, Ontario, L0L 1Y0

About this school:

Canada's leading therapeutic treatment program for troubled teens and struggling students. Students engage in a clinically comprehensive assessment process with an emphasis on cognitive, psychological, and psycho-educational evaluation. Serving students who may be struggling with ADHD, learning challenges, underachieving, behavioural issues, and a variety of clinical diagnoses. Education and school credit is incorporated. Crisis admission accommodated.

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Venture Academy Springwater is a troubled teens, alternative, homestay school in Minesing, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades 7 to 12. Venture Academy Springwater has varied class sizes and has a tuition of Varies per program. This private school does not require students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.

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Application Deadlines:

Type Date
Homestay Rolling

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School Entry Points:

  • Entry Points (Boarding): Students Admitted
    7 Limited
    8 Limited
    9 Limited
    10 Limited
    11 Limited
    12 Limited
  • Entry Points (Homestay): Students Admitted
    7 Limited
    8 Limited
    9 Limited
    10 Limited
    11 Limited
    12 Limited

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Type Tuition
Homestay Students Varies CDN

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes

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Emotional Growth / Positive Changeexpand

At Venture Academy individualized counselling and skill building sessions help support our students in understanding their emotions, self-concepts, and behaviours. As they learn and participate in sessional work, students gain greater knowledge and understanding of their personal issues and develop strategies that will improve their everyday functioning at school and with family. Positive change for struggling teens.


Individualized Educationexpand

For many students, the academic arena presents challenges and obstacles, which seem nearly impossible to overcome. Sometimes, these youth do not thrive in a regular classroom setting designed for a large number of students. Due their need for individual attention and an alternative approach from the teachers, these students are often labeled as slow learners or can be seen as disruptive to the rest of the class. Students may become alienated from their teachers, schools and friends often resulting in under-achievement, academic failure, school suspensions, frustrated parents, and individuals who are seemingly outcast from the regular classroom setting and educational system. At Venture Academy individualized educational plans are developed with the students based on academic assessments and/or transcripts of schools previously attended. We work cooperatively with previous schools where it is the intent of parents to access Venture Academy as a short-term educational intervention or when required a longer-term placement with a transition back to the original school of choice.


Educational Assessmentexpand

Venture Academy implements psycho-educational assessments in order to determine each student's strengths and abilities as well as identifying reasons for possible academic underachieving. It is a student friendly process involving the assessment of academic skills and of the psychological aspects of learning. Our assessment provides you as parents the answers you are looking for as it relates to your child's academic performance. The results are key when it comes to understanding each student's unique learning style and are an important starting point for any educational planning.



* Year-round Admission - from home or other schools * Psycho-educational Assessments - get answers, get to the root of the problem and measure academic functioning * Clinical Therapy & Treatment - expert help, critical for your child's well being and progress * Continued Education - no concern over falling further behind at school * Short or Long Term - 30 day assessment and/or longer-term treatment and education program * Success Rate - positive changes and improved academic success for struggling teens * Transition Plans - graduate and return home or to boarding school * Follow-up - Two year or unlimited follow-up as needed


Letter from Melissaexpand

To most people, my life right now probably seems near perfect. After completing two years of an undergraduate psychology degree, I decided to transfer to the social work program. I live on my own in a nice area of Toronto and have many friends here, despite moving from BC. I will almost always been seen with a smile on my face and can say that I am truly in a great place in my life right now. Although this is my present situation, I was under much different circumstances during most of my adolescence. Growing up I faced many difficulties and being a free- spirited child, I dealt with most of my problems by delving into what I call "escapism." For many teens it may seem easier to blur the world around them than to face what is actually happening. I chose to deal with my issues by abusing drugs and living a life that now seems like a different world. Fortunately, in the midst of my path of self-destruction I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to change. I toiled with the idea of going to a rehabilitation centre, but after looking at many of the "institutionalized" places that seem to overwhelm drug treatment facilities, I became deterred. I heard about Venture Academy, but was too caught up in my haze that I still would not budge from the life I was living. Then one day, I think that I hit my threshold because I decided I had had enough and wanted something different. I knew that I needed to take myself out of the current situation in order to get a new perspective. When you paint a picture it is usually wise to take a break every once and a while and then come back to it with a fresh mind. Then, you can make alterations to it because you are able to see it more clearly; this is what Venture Academy did for me. It enabled me to look at my life outside of everything else that was happening with my family, friends and environment. I was given the ability to make changes and build my self-esteem, self- awareness, and overall personal empowerment to become the person I had always wanted to be. In September of 2005, just a few months out of graduating from high school, I embarked on a new life journey, one that would hopefully allow me to be me. I feel that the counselling I received was essential in leading the way to figuring out who I truly am. I was soon determined to change and Venture Academy gave me the tools to do this. It wasn't about figuring out what was "wrong" with me, but finding out how I fit into this world and what feels "right". When I was ready, allowing me the freedom to still be me and interacting with the community was a huge freedom that many treatment programs for teens do not allow. I was able to participate in volunteer activities, interact with the other youth in the program, and also work in a full-time position job, which taught me many essential life skills. I know that self-actualization is a key factor in empowering individuals in Western communities. Venture Academy allowed me to do all of this. After reflecting on my time spent in the program and learning about the many aspects of our societal values, I truly believe that Venture Academy connects adolescents with the community in a way that no other program does. It enables youth to build on their own strengths, allowing them to find their inner power and rise above whatever is happening in their life. I am not saying that any treatment program is an easy road, but Venture Academy provides many opportunities and allows the youth when they are ready to actually be integrated with the community. I know that if given the right resources, adolescents can feel empowered to take hold of their chances in life. Problems such as drug abuse are not just individual, but also environmental; therefore, dealing with both sides of the coin (the individual and the environment) are absolutely essential. Not only does Venture Academy do all of this, it does so much more. It gives youth the tools to strive in life, to see that the world can be different than the one they are living in. It can give them hopes and dreams. It gave me a way to connect to who I really was and wanted to be. I was standing at a crossroad and had a choice to make. I chose to leave my current situation and go to Venture Academy. I am on my way to becoming a social worker, something that I know is my path in life and I am so grateful I was given the chance to change.


About Usexpand

Since our establishment in 2000, Venture Academy has become a leader in youth assessment, treatment and individualized education services. When crisis at school or at home present themselves, many families struggle with finding a Canadian option for assistance and suitable programming. Venture Academy provides that option. Our strength based philosophy and individualized approach to each student's needs are conducive to supporting youth in overcoming emerging or historical challenges and establishing positive, long-term behavioural change and improved academic functioning. Venture Academy can help with crisis admission, assessment, stabilization, education and subsequent treatment planning. Direct admissions via parent inquiries, or third party referrals from independent schools are accepted. Our experienced clinical team, educators and counselling support staff provide expert assessment, treatment, and educational services for students who have struggled at home or in their school environments. Our goal is to support our students in reestablishing healthy and positive functioning at home and at school. We support our students in reintegrating back into their school of origin whenever possible.


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Curriculum & Programs

    Specialty Academics

  • Summer studies

    Special Needs

  • Behavioral
  • High needs students
  • Learning differences support (ADD/ADHD)
  • Learning study assistance
  • Special needs support
  • Troubled teen

    Moral Development

  • Character education
  • Leadership
  • Self-esteem development
  • Whole Child

    Admissions & Finances

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