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Summer Studies

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For parents looking for summer school programs, there are many private schools offering summer studies. In some cases, these are remedial programs, others are summer camps while others are simply extra credit summer courses that help the student get through school faster.

Investigate the schools linked to below for their summer school programs. (Don't forget that ourkids.net is also your home for summer camp programs.)

Summer school is one way for students to "stay out of trouble" during the summer months. Parents who are working also like summer studies programs that ease worries about their kids and can cut down on childcare expenses. The real benefit is to the student, of course, who keep his or her mind well exercised and sharp and learns all year.

One other consideration with respect to summer school is that this gives parents the opportunity to "test out" a private school without committing to a whole year's tuition. Some schools listed below in fact encourage this sort of taste-testing of private education and have summer programs, camps or summer schools with this in mind.

Check out each of the schools below to find out how they can benefit your child with their summer school programs.

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