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Survival camps

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Survival camps offer adventure and education for kids and teens interested in learning about wilderness survival and life in the wild. Some of the essentials of surviving in the wild that you will learn at survival camp will include basic survival training, animal tracking, man tracking, water supply conservation, food preparation, education in edible and poisonous plants and many other essential bush survival skills. Many survival camps listed here offer day or weeklong trips into the wild where surviving off the land may be essential to preserving food supplies and or fresh water.

Survival camps are found throughout northern Ontario, including the regions of Temagami, the Huntsville and Algonquin areas and regions as far north as James Bay and Hudson Bay. These are ideal for kids and teens who want to take adventure to a whole new level or want to gain a deeper understanding of life in the woods or get in touch with a part of our past that seems to be receding for good. Given the isolation inherent here, this category has many exclusively boys' summer camps as well as girls' summer camps.  Learn to survive and thrive in Canada’s harsh wilderness at one of these thrilling, adventurous and educational summer camps.

The adventure camps listed below will be able to offer you deep background on what you will learn and what you will need to do in order to survive in the woods.

Survival camps