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Boarding Schools: Top benefits of boarding schools

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For parents, sending their child away from home to go to boarding school is a very difficult decision to make. But, boarding schools provide a unique environment for learning and offer the following major benefits:

Quality academics

Smaller classes, top-notch resources and intelligent, passionate teachers are just some of the reasons why 60 per cent of boarders said their choice of school was for a better education.

On-hand guidance

Help is never far from kids needing a little extra help in their classes. Close ties and proximity to teachers make for easy access to extra tutoring. Many schools have designated counselors to help with personal, academic or career guidance.

Independent living

Kids can learn the ropes on how to get by on their own—from doing their own laundry, to cooking, to organizing their own schedule. Students can assert their independence from their family in a safe environment free from fear of making mistakes.

Well-rounded education

Classes do not take up all of students’ time at school. Extracurricular activities such as music, sports, plays and other hobbies are integral to the boarding school experience and provide children with a brand new set of skills.

24/7 social interactions

Students are placed in a much more concentrated area than their peers in day school, and therefore are encouraged to break out of their shells and make lifelong friendships.

Global neighbourhood

The students at boarding schools often reflect many underrepresented populations, including international students and those who require financial assistance. Students are exposed to different cultures, languages and perspectives, which add greatly to a child’s educational experience, curiosity and tolerance.

Ties to home

Even though children are living away from home, the bonds between students and their parents and siblings are not damaged. In fact, 86 per cent of boarders report a satisfactory or better home life. Homesickness can be remedied by writing and phoning home, and through the close-knit community of the school.

Source: The Truth About Boarding Schools, 2004


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