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Camp Mishewah

4422 Round Lake Road
Killaloe, Ontario, K0J 2A0
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Camp Mishewah  

4422 Round Lake Road, Killaloe, Ontario, K0J 2A0

  • Type:
    Overnight camp, Family programs
  • Focus:
    Traditional (multi activity)
  • Cost:
    $535 to $560/week
  • Ages:
    8 to 19
  • Gender:
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
  • Programs:
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  • Summary Profile

    About Camp Mishewah

    For 50 years, youth and families have been enjoying an amazing Christian camping experience at Camp Mishewah. We offer youth camps for ages 8-19, family camps, campsite rentals, and seasonal camping. Activities include swimming, canoeing, sailing, crafts, archery, fishing, sports, campfires and more! Memories are made, friendships are formed, and lives are changed at Mishewah.

    • Special needs: Yes, mild support. A few of our campers have special needs.
    • Religious affiliation:Christian, Faith Based

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Camp Mishewah currently has 3 programs available.

    Filter activities available:

    Overnight Camp
    Ages: 8 - 11
    Traditional (multi activity)
    Baking/Decorating|Cooking|Arts & Crafts|Archery|Basketball|Gaga|Volleyball|Canoeing|Fishing|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Swimming
    Overnight Camp
    Ages: 8 - 14
    Traditional (multi activity)
    Baking/Decorating|Cooking|Arts & Crafts|Archery|Basketball|Gaga|Volleyball|Canoeing|Fishing|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Swimming
    Overnight Camp
    Ages: 15 - 18+
    Traditional (multi activity)
    Baking/Decorating|Cooking|Arts & Crafts|Archery|Basketball|Gaga|Volleyball|Canoeing|Fishing|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Swimming

    Financial Aid & Payment Details


    Discount for 2nd child $50
    Discount for 3rd child $50
    Discount for 4th child $50
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of Camp Mishewah

    our take

    In so many ways, Camp Mishewah is everything a camp should be. It’s a traditional camp in the truest sense, set on Round Lake, with all the programming you’d expect, from canoeing to singing around the campfire. It also shares in a long tradition of Christian camp meetings and retreats, dating back to the 19th century. Camp Mishewah was established in 1972, with the first campers arriving the following year. Camp Mishewah is also one of the very first camps in Ontario to offer a family camp, something that’s more common now, but has been an option here since 1979. While campers perhaps don’t dwell on it, the traditions and the history grant a unique sense of place and contribute to an understanding that you are participating within a larger community, one that includes all those who have come before. The adult camps are a chance to extend the experience, and for alumni to stay involved in the camp. The setting is peaceful, bucolic, with all the mod cons necessary, while still retaining a traditional camp feel. Families are rightly drawn by all of that, as well they should be. The opportunity for participants, young and old, to grow in their faith within a shared community is also a draw.  

    User reviews of Camp Mishewah  — Read all 9 reviews

    Home away from Home
    Marilyn (Camper)

    I love Mishewah because its my home away from home and I get to make new friends and have fun adventures

    Love the Community
    Rozalin (Camper)

    I love the community here, its different from the rest of the world

    Never a Dull Moment!
    Cliff (Camper)

    Once again I had one of the best weeks of the year here! The campers and counselors quickly became great friends and there’s never a dull moment at Mishewah!

    I can truly be myself
    Camper (Camper)

    Camp is the one place that I can truly be myself. I’m free to be silly and weird and not worry about being judged. I can leave stresses of home behind and let loose. Camp Mishewah is one of my favourite places ever.

    Special, Loved and Cared For
    Ellena (Camper)

    Everything about camp is so amazing, from skills to chapel to campfires to games. Mish is home away from home because of the counselors and program staff that make us feel special, loved, and cared for.

    I love it!
    Harper (Camper)

    Every single year of my life so far I've went to Camp Mishewah. I love it. I have made some my best friends there. It has the best lake. I'd do anything to keep it going

    Can't recommend enough!
    Tim (Camp alumni)

    This is a wonderful, welcoming place that always feels like home. The beautiful lake is a fantastic backdrop for your stay. Can't recommend enough.

    The best feeling from the best place!
    Raelee (Camp alumni)

    The super-strong family atmosphere gives everyone a chance to feel included and loved, and it’s the best feeling from the best place!

    My Grandson loved it!
    Rose (Parent)

    Corbyn my grandson loved it and can't wait for next year

  • Location & Site Details


    4422 Round Lake Road, Killaloe, Ontario, Canada


    Sleeping Accommodations

    • Cabins


    • Electricity in Sleeping Area

    Washrooms Facilities

    • Flush Toilets
    • Showers (indoor)

    Are meals provided? Yes

    Is Camp Mishewah technology free? Yes During our Scamps & Champs (Ages 8-11) and Jr. Teen (Ages 12-14) weeks, we ask campers to leave electronics at home. Young people spend a lot of time on electronic devices and with the easy access to wireless technology, we are finding it increasingly more difficult to find a balance in allowing some electronics and not others. Camp is one of the few places throughout the year where kids and youth can truly “unplug” and we have made a decision to honour and recognize Camp Mishewah as a “screen free” space.


    Christian Camping International Associations

  • What's New


    • Home Away From Home

      What makes you, YOU? Certain things are better appreciated in hindsight. Looking back, it is remarkable how all the subtleties of our family upbringing, the friends we rubbed shoulders with, and even the places we visited, can facilitate the way we see the world and the character we establish.

      There is likely no single place that has had a greater impact on me than Camp Mishewah. A campground located on little Round Lake in Killaloe, Ontario (home of the Beaver Tail!), 30 minutes outside of Pembroke in the Ottawa Valley. A place I was first dragged to with my family in my childhood to spend a week camping in a cabin, enjoying the outdoors through activities like canoeing, sailing, and swimming.

      As years progressed, I eventually made the decision to return to Mishewah on my own accord to serve as a camp counselor and eventually summer staff team leader. Children and youth weeklong camp programming was typically run in the latter half of each summer. I spent the better portion of 6 consecutive summers at this camp, having the opportunity to love, encourage, and be challenged by the various campers and counselors as I did my part to foster leadership and assorted life skills in these groups. These turned out to be some of the most trying and rewarding years of my life and where I would accredit the development of my heart for serving others and the fortification of many of my personal values.

      Camp Mishewah is also where I met my wife Emily. Together we continue to visit Mishewah seasonally at a trailer we have there. This affords us the ability to continue to cherish memories of this place from our younger years while building new memories as we camp lakeside with our family and friends.

      With the sun shining hot now, we have been able to take some time to head up to our trailer for another season of outdoor antics and spiritual rest.

      ~ Ryan Wark

    • The Impact of Camp Mishewah

      Hi, my name’s Raelee Vanasselt, I’m 16, I’m from Kitchener and I’ve been a camper at Mishewah for 8 years now. 

      When I would hear about it during church every year, ever since I was like 5 I knew I wanted to go, at least try it out. That first year when I was 8 years old, I got on the bus and nearly cried when I saw my mom out the window, but any fear or regret disappeared when I got to camp. There was so much to do, so many great people on staff and counselling and it was just such an amazing space. After that first time I guess Steve and Jeanette just couldn’t get rid of me, so here I am talking to all of you now.

      Being at the kids camps was so much fun for me that I jumped at the chance to counsel. Last year was my first time counselling and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It wasn’t all easy but I learned so much and got a sense of how attached you can get to a few complete strangers, and how they can become like family during the week. This summer I came back to counsel again and if possible had an even better time that the first. I was reunited with a few friends from the year before and was able to make some really strong bonds and get to know more people on a much deeper level. My first week this year was great, I got to live with a cabin of 5 great young girls and a co-counsellor from Newfoundland, which was so much fun. Despite how great my first week was, my second was even better than that. With a group of older girls, I was able to ask and be asked a couple of really great questions. Nothing beats sitting at a picnic table with a 12 year old asking how Jesus could have been 100% God and 100% man. Unfortunately, 12 year old girls only ever tend to be quiet during cabin devotions, so you also learn to be creative. My number one highlight this year happened in devos though: on Thursday during the morning chapel, the speaker invited everyone to participate in a sort of repeat-after-me prayer asking Jesus into your life. During devos right after, I had given the girls a piece of paper to ask any questions, because I found just waiting for verbal questions didn’t go too well. I suggested that if they had said the prayer during chapel, they could write that down too, so I gave them a few minutes and then collected the papers and went off to get ready for the game that we were already late for. I didn’t actually get a chance to read what they had written until after lunch, but when I did I was at a complete loss for words. One after the other had some form of “I said the prayer” written on it. Each one of my 5 girls had made a commitment to follow Christ, and I had never experienced anything like the feeling I got. It made any struggle, late night of not sleeping or 3 am bathroom run absolutely worth it, to know that this camp is making such a difference in the lives of the kids who end up going. 

      Time spent up at Mish has been some of the most impactful while establishing my faith, and counselling was no different. These are just a few of the stories I have to share, and each counsellor that gives their time up there has different, personal and amazing stories of their own.  It’s such a special place up there and I’m really thankful for all of the staff and everyone that works or volunteers at Mish because they really are a big camp family. So thanks for letting be share a bit of my experience up at camp.

      ~ Raelee Vanasselt


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