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Run by Budding Genius
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Budding Genius

Summer camps


Run by Budding Genius

About this Virtual Program

This program is designed to build the following character traits:

  • Creativity: our program will boost your child's innovative thinking ability
  • Courage: Your children's self confidence will increase through the building of their STEAM skills as long as their interpersonal skills

Budding Genius, named one of the world's most innovative programs for students by the University of Toronto, has opened its registration for Summer Camp 2021!

Since launching it's online school, Budding Genius has been offering more activities than any other learning program, such as the exploration of science, technology, engineering, math and art. High school students can also sign up for University Preparation.

This summer, children from different countries will be attending their Summer STEM Camp.

There will be a vast array of learning activities:

Math and Abacus Camps

Campers will be introduced to:

• The core concepts

• Drills that will increase speed and accuracy when solving problems

• Mental math that will help them to become faster than their calculator

 • Competition level problems that allow them to compete in international math competitions

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Coding Camps

Campers will be able to learn robotics using real robots that can play piano, do handstands, dance and sing. The artificial skills learned can be applied when attending college or university.

Arduino programming is offered as an introduction to electricity and circuitry.

HTML, Java, Python CSS, App Making sessions will also allow campers to discover computer programming, build web sites, and develop their own apps and games.

Art, Craft, and Animation

From learning colour theory to participating in interactive live painting sessions, pencil drawing, sketching and perspective design, all the way to digital drawing, and body motion, this camp will give each child a solid foundation in Art.

Science and Engineering

Campers will be able to:

• Take part in chemical experiments

• Build structures, solar ovens, cars, bridges, robots using recycled materials

• Prepare magnetic slime and changing colour slime

• Change milk into plastic

• Make their own soap

Keep your kids' minds sharp this summer, while having fun! Sign up today online. Summer Camp runs online from July 5 until September 3, 2021.

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Special Needs Support

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  3D Design
  AI (Artificial Intelligence)
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  Video Game Design


Summer camps is run by Budding Genius .

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Run by: Budding Genius
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Summer camps  
Run by Budding Genius

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