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Culinary Camp


Run by Empower Learning Centre

About this Day Camp

  • Day Camp
  • Age 10 - 13 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Cooking—offers 2 activities
  • 0 session dates to choose from
  • Cost starting from $375
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support available  

Welcome to Culinary Camp, where aspiring young chefs embark on a flavourful journey filled with culinary adventures. Our program is designed to inspire a love for cooking, nurture creativity, and develop essential culinary skills in children aged 10-13 years.

What makes our Culinary Camp special is our focus on hands-on learning and the exploration of diverse flavors and cuisines. Children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of cooking, learn culinary techniques, and create delicious dishes under the guidance of our experienced chefs.

Throughout the camp, children will discover the joy of working with fresh ingredients, learn about different cooking methods, and explore the science behind food preparation. They will experiment with flavors, develop their palates, and gain an appreciation for the cultural diversity of cuisines from around the world.

A typical day at Culinary Camp starts with a warm welcome and an introduction to the day's culinary theme or recipe. Children will engage in interactive discussions about ingredients, techniques, and the cultural context behind the dishes they will be preparing.

Children will work in small groups, collaborating and sharing ideas as they prepare their dishes. They will learn about food safety and hygiene practices, as well as the importance of proper nutrition and balanced meals. Throughout the camp, our chefs will also emphasize the importance of creativity, presentation, and the joy of sharing meals with others.

Safety is our top priority in Culinary Camp, and our chefs will ensure that children follow proper kitchen safety guidelines and learn responsible cooking practices. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where children can express their creativity, develop their culinary skills, and have fun while learning.

By the end of the camp, children will have gained a solid foundation in culinary arts, expanded their culinary repertoire, and developed a passion for cooking. Culinary Camp is a place where flavors come alive, creativity is nurtured, and young chefs can discover their culinary potential.

Join us for a mouthwatering experience at Culinary Camp, where budding chefs can indulge their passion for cooking, explore new flavors, and create delectable dishes that will delight family and friends. Let your child's culinary journey begin here, where every recipe is a masterpiece waiting to be crafted.

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Mississauga, ON
3476 Glen Erin Dr. Unit 13A

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Culinary Camp is run by Empower Learning Centre.

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Run by: Empower Learning Centre
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Culinary Camp  
Run by Empower Learning Centre

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