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Mindset Matters


Run by Empower Learning Centre

About this Day Camp

  • Day Camp
  • Age 10 - 13 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Empowerment—offers 9 activities
  • 0 session dates to choose from
  • Cost starting from $375
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support available  

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Welcome to Mindset Matters Camp, where we believe that mindset is the key to unlocking your full potential! Our program is specially designed for children aged 10-13 years, focusing on cultivating a growth mindset, boosting self-confidence, and developing resilience through a variety of engaging activities and inspiring lessons.

What makes our Mindset Matters Camp special is our emphasis on the power of mindset in shaping personal growth and success. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment where children can explore and develop a growth mindset, which is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through effort, dedication, and a positive attitude.

Throughout the camp, children will participate in a range of activities that promote self-reflection, goal-setting, problem-solving, and collaboration. They will engage in interactive discussions, journaling exercises, team challenges, and creative projects that encourage them to explore their own beliefs, attitudes, and strengths.

A typical day at Mindset Matters Camp starts with a morning session focused on setting intentions and discussing the importance of mindset. Children will learn about the concept of a growth mindset and how it can positively impact their learning, personal development, and overall well-being.

They will participate in various activities designed to boost self-confidence, such as public speaking exercises, creative expression, and reflection on personal achievements. Through engaging lessons and discussions, they will learn to embrace challenges, view setbacks as opportunities for growth, and develop a positive attitude towards learning and personal development.

Children will also have opportunities for collaborative projects and teamwork, where they will learn to appreciate diverse perspectives, respect others' ideas, and work together towards common goals. They will engage in problem-solving activities, critical thinking exercises, and group discussions that encourage them to explore different strategies and approaches.

Our experienced instructors will provide guidance, mentorship, and support throughout the camp, creating a safe and inclusive space for children to share their thoughts, ask questions, and express themselves. They will receive personalized feedback and encouragement, helping them develop self-awareness, resilience, and a sense of empowerment.

At Mindset Matters Camp, we believe in the power of mindset to shape one's journey towards personal growth and success. Children will be encouraged to challenge self-limiting beliefs, develop a growth-oriented mindset, and embrace a positive outlook on their abilities and potential.

Through engaging activities and inspiring lessons, children will experience personal growth, develop resilience, and cultivate a mindset that empowers them to overcome challenges and pursue their goals with confidence. They will learn valuable life skills, such as perseverance, adaptability, and self-motivation, that will serve them well in all areas of their lives.

Join us at Mindset Matters Camp and empower your mindset! Discover the incredible potential within you, cultivate a growth mindset, and unlock a world of opportunities. Get ready for transformative experiences, meaningful connections, and valuable lessons that will shape your mindset and set you on a path of personal growth and success.

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3476 Glen Erin Dr. Unit 13A

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Mindset Matters is run by Empower Learning Centre.

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Run by: Empower Learning Centre
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Mindset Matters  
Run by Empower Learning Centre

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