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Run by LinkedKey
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Math Curriculum Course For G5-12


Run by LinkedKey

About this Program

  • Program
  • Age 10 - 18 (Coed)
  • Specialized in STEM and Math—offers 3 activities
  • 1 session date to choose from
  • Cost starting from $240
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support not available  

Course Intro

LinkedKey Math Curriculum

This course will support students’ success at their day school. It is also for students who want to pre-learn math curriculum to stay ahead of time. We have content covering all G5-12 curriculum and practicing problem-solving skills. It’s a way not only to improve students’ scores but also to lay the foundation for future math learning. Classes are 2 hours long and will have homework after each class.*We Provide both In-Person & Online Classes. When students completed the curriculum classes, we'll recommend them to participate different math contests according to their level. 

Math G3-10 Curriculum, AP & IB Math

  • G7 Math Curriculum
    • Number Part 1: Whole numbers
      Number Part 2: Fractions
      Number Part 3: Decimals
      Number Part 4: Orders of Operations-key concepts and examples
      Number Part 5: Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
      Number Part 6: Exploring rates and ratios
      Number Part 7: Exploring Integers
      Algebra: Solving equations and coding
      Financial Literacy: Money Concepts
      Financial Literacy: Financial Management, Consumer and Civic Awareness
      Spatial Sense: Measurement
      Spatial Sense: Surface Area and Volume of Polyhedron
      Spatial Sense: Location and Movement
      Data: Data Literacy
      Data: Probability
  • G8 Math Curriculum
    • 1. Number Sense Properties and Relationships
      2. Algebra Patterns and Relationships
      3. Equations and Inequalities
      4. Coding Coding Skills
      5. Data Literacy, Collection, Organization and Visualization
      6. Probability, theoretical and experimental probabilities
      7. Spatial Sense, Geometric and Spatial Reasoning, Measurement
      8. Financial Literacy , Money and Finances, Financial Management
      9. Miscellaneous questions
  • G9 Math Curriculum
    • 1. Mathematical Processes
      2. Relations
      3. Polynomials
      4. Equations
      5. Modelling With Graphs
      6. Analyse Linear Relations
      7. Geometric Relationships
      8. Measurement Relationships
      9. Optimizing Measurements
  • G10 Math Curriculum
    • 1. Linear systems
      2. Analytic geometry
      3. Geometric properties
      4. Quadratic relations
      5. Quadratic expressions
      6. Quadratic equations
      7. Trigonometry of right triangles
      8. Trigonometry of acute triangles
  • Functions G11
    • 1. Introduction to Functions
      2. Equlvalent Algebraic Expressions
      3. Quadratic Functions
      4. Exponential Functions
      5. Trigonometric Ratios
      6. Sinusoidal Functions
      7. Discrete Functions: Sequences and Series
      8. Discrete Functions: Financial Applications
  • Data Management (for G11 students who will take AP Statistics Exam)
    • 1.Probability Theorem, Venn Diagram (1)
      2.DeMorgan’s Law, Conditional Probability (1)
      3.Independent and Dependent Events (1)
      4.Fundamental Counting Principle, Permutations (1)
      5.Combinations, Problem Solving (2)
      6.One-Variable Statistics (2)
      7.Binomial Theorem, Intro to Probability Distributions (2)
      8.Binomial Distribution, Geometric Distribution, Hypergeometric Distribution (1-2)
      9.Normal Distributions (2)
      10.Two-Variable Stats, Sampling and Bias
  • Advanced Functions G12
    • 1. Polynomial Functions
      2. Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
      3. Rational Functions
      4. Trigonometry
      5. Trigonometric Functions
      6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
      7. Tools and Strategies for Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
      8. Combing Functions
  • Calculus & Vectors G12
    • 1. Limits and continuity of function (4h)
      2. Derivative and corresponding rules (4h)
      3. Derivative of exponential and trigonometric functions (3h)
      4. Application of derivatives (3h)
      5. Sketch the curve of functions (6h)
      6. Definition of vector and operation between vctors(3h)
      7. Dot product and cross product of vectors(3h)
      8. Equation of lines and planes(6h)
  • University Math (Calculus, Vectors in Year 1)

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Session Dates and Rates

Sep 05. '23 - Jan 14. '24
Mississauga, ON
3300 Ridgeway Dr. Unit 11

09:00 - 21:15
$240 - $960


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Math Curriculum Course For G5-12 is run by LinkedKey.

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Run by: LinkedKey
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Math Curriculum Course For G5-12  
Run by LinkedKey

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