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August 5, 2019

737 Max 8 software update

Redundancy has played a significant role in the survival and evolution of humans on planet earth and it is a very good thing; two eyes should one be blinded, two hands should one become injured, two ears should one go deaf from too many loud parties, two lungs should one be punctured in a Neanderthal rumble, two humans to raise a family should one...well, you get the picture. Redundancy adds reliability, dependability, and therefore a significant measure of safety - not to mention an enormous sense of trust - to any situation or circumstance. Since its second tragic accident in Ethiopia, the Max 8 has become the most intensely scrutinized, investigated and Googled aircraft ever built. The fundamental reason these and all other accidents happen is simple: Human Factors. It is always the key ingredient in every link of every chain of events that leads to an incident or an accident. Humans dream up, design and build all kinds of wonderful transportation machines for land, sea and air but we must always remember that to operate these vehicles requires a thorough knowledge of not only how they work, but more importantly of how they fail. The 737 Max 8 software update will now have complete redundancy in the Air Data system by using data from two AOA indicators (instead of one) and the two Automatic flight Control Computers will also cross-talk and compare Air Data for errors - instead of only one computer with no ability to analyse it's own data for errors. This redundancy will give the computers the ability to quickly identify corrupted data and disconnect the autopilot from the flight control systems no matter what the cause is, allowing the pilots to continue flying the aircraft manually without the passengers realizing an otherwise major malfunction has occurred. This according to the most recent information from Boeing regarding the changes they are making to the Max 8 software and flight computer systems.

Want the short version of this story? Redundancy: the most rudimentary way to maximize safety and security no matter what incredible journey you might be on.

Have questions about the Max 8? Contact uFly Simulator for information about their "Fly With Confidence" program today!

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August 5, 2019
Aviation Immersion Camp
737 Max 8 software update

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