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April 7, 2022

Free Giveaway! Limited Time Offer!

We are proud to announce our new grand opening with a free giveaway.  We are a company that gives back a portion of our profits to charities including support for the Ukraine, scholarships for students who cannot afford camp, and the occasional giveaway that you can win:  Register here

This year we are offering an expansive array of courses and whereas we began as Cool Coderz Camp, we have had to rename ourselves to suit the growth.  Enter Cool Academy (Collaborative Online Overpowered Learning) where we provide activities like:

  • Dungeons & Dragons multimedia roleplaying using Roll 20 taught my Austin Martin
  • Scratch Coding, video and graphics work taught by France Collin
  • 3D dream home design taught by Bryanna Lama
  • Visual mathematics using Desmos to bring math alive taught by Marwa Younis
  • Virtual Theatre taught by award winning teacher Jeff Pinsky
  • Art & Mindfulness relax and explore life through art with Norah Chandler
  • Eat Play Love a combination of cooking, yoga and scrapbooking with Robyn Shiller
  • Cool Coderz Bake off!  An exploration of fun recipes taught by Jana Naguib
  • Picture Perfect Photography taught by our resident expert Christine Hennen
  • Newton's Science a virtual physics program for our young scientists by Marwa Younis
  • What's Your Story an exploration of all your creativity through writing by Catherine Louca

Find out why so many are raving about Cool Academy!  Save your gas, stay safe at home and meet friends from around the world with instructors from around the world in the premiere online experience this summer!

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April 7, 2022
Cool Academy
Free Giveaway! Limited Time Offer!

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