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April 1, 2022

Unlocking Your Student's Math Potential

In honor of April being Math Awareness Month, LearningRx (www.LearningRx.com), the largest personal brain training company in the world, is sharing five common myths about math. Armed with an understanding about the potential for ANY student to excel in math, parents can make more informed decisions about how to unlock their student’s full potential in the subject.


            MYTH #1: Some people are just destined to always be bad at math.

            MYTH #2: Classroom modifications are the best way to help kids with math struggles.

            MYTH #3: Children who struggle with math always benefit from a tutor.

            MYTH #4: The most common causes of math struggles are low motivation and inadequate instruction.

            MYTH #5: Dyscalculia is a permanent diagnosis.


            “None of these statements are true,” says LearningRx CEO Kim Hanson. “Most people with dyscalculia—which is a broad term used to describe difficulty with numbers—have poor visual processing and memory skills, two skills that can be targeted with one-on-one brain training. Classroom modifications often don’t do anything to address the problem and tutoring is usually best when children fall behind in math due to an extended absence, not when they struggle due to weak cognitive skills.”

            Cognitive skills are the foundational tools we use to think, learn and remember. They include logic & reasoning, auditory and visual processing, memory, attention, and processing speed.        

            Once the weak brain skills are identified with a Brain Skills Assessment, they can be targeted with intensive one-on-one brain training. Unlike digital brain games, personalized brain training uses fun but challenging mental exercises and incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to work on brain skills.

To learn more about LearningRx or to schedule a Brain Skills Assessment, visit www.learningrx.com to find your nearest centre.


About LearningRx®

LearningRx-Richmond Hill is the first LearningRx Centre in Canada. LearningRx is the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world. Their training programs are delivered through more than 200 locations in North America and in 48 countries around the globe (as BrainRx®). LearningRx has helped more than 100,000 individuals and families sharpen their cognitive skills to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better. In addition to their in-Centre training programs that partner every client with a personal brain trainer to keep clients engaged, accountable, and on-task—a key advantage over digital brain games—the company also offers online training through real-time videoconferencing. This virtual delivery method allows clients to train from the comfort of their own home while still receiving the benefits of one-on-one brain training with a personal brain trainerLearningRx's pioneering methods have been used in clinical settings for over 35 years and have been subjected to peer-review in more than a dozen scientific journals. To learn more, visit: https://www.learningrx.com

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Unlocking Your Student's Math Potential

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