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October 6, 2018

The Michelangelo Code - Contest Registration

The Michelangelo Code: Coding the greatest-kept secret of your age

In the future, written in code - a mysterious narrative that paints a depiction of the creation and evolution of technology from the enlightenment to the present historical era is rumored by some to have been developed through coercion, a commission placed by the establishment forcing developers of a new technological advancement to keep quite the truth of its origin, a fringe movement meant to have never been found out by the public and thereby avoiding the scandal that would have resulted if associated with them.

Instead, validating that the public’s financial contributions played a significant role in Institutional funded artificial intelligence research was of top priority for the establishment, to confirm that it was by their efforts alone, that poverty was finally eradicated from human history.

Encountered only by a few skeptics, a member of the public investigates further into the company that created the A.I and by cracking the code as an employee, stumbles upon a century long secret kept hidden by both church & state – not just a supra-rational, but a “SUPER NATURALIZING” encounter that would have altered the course of human history forever, IF ONLY we would have known sooner!

The Michelangelo Code - Contest of Historic proportion,a portrait of the Enlightenment

On upon the close of this century, a technology company that creates the first Artificial Intelligent (A.I) algorithm that effectively eliminates the longstanding history of chronic poverty, and out of coercion and politically correctness, seeks an Artist to paint a picture in CODE, as it were, of a Narrative of the glory of mankind's creation, a supra-rational history that accounts for the elevation of humanity from chronic poverty through A.I technology. Through a Canada-wide contest this company searches far and wide to hire a Tech Enthusiast capable of painting a Historical account Narrating the Creation Story of Technology by mankind, up to its glorified evolution into A.I, an instrument made by the finger of mankind to save the world.

Are you the Next Michelangelo?

Are you ready to know the truth that is being hidden?

Can you create CODE within this painted narrative, the greatest kept secret hidden behind the glory of mankind’s technological breakthrough?

Or will you choose to remain silence from coding the revelation to the public? Is it because the Public can't handle the Truth? And still, Justice cries out demanding the truth to be revealed to all! Will you be the author that paints this Masterpiece, a politically correct Narrative of Historical events that will be left for future generations of nerds to safely crack open the secret that is now too dangerous to reveal? Will you have what it takes to program "The Michelangelo CODE”?

Register before this year’s annual Computer Science Education Week, Dec 3rd-9th, and learn from our team of professionals to program code artistically. Then compete by completing our online course’s final project that will test your Masterpieces' strength to withstand our efforts in cracking your code, potentially revealing the secret, the Truth hidden in "The Michelangelo CODE!”



Landline: (905) 790-0361 | Mobile: (647) 740 – 9565



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The Michelangelo Code
The Michelangelo Code - Contest Registration

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