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March 2, 2018

A Day in the Life of Laura E., Sail Trainee & Camper

A Day in the Life of Laura E., Sail Trainee & Camper

"HELLO EVERYONE!  Some of the trainees have a little problem with waking up, but luckily we have Chris. Chris is one of our cooks and he has a nice party horn. As you can guess he blows the people that are not up yet out of their bunks and it is really funny to see that happen. We had a nice breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon and muffins. We did self-study as usual and practiced some of the songs we learned to sing to the children of the school in Dominica. After lunch, it was time for happy hour, the hour to clean the whole ship. I was on maintenance and me and my group went up into the yard with Dee to stow the course. We were up there for almost two hours and worked really hard while the other trainees were writing their application letters for the ship takeover after they finished their tasks. When we went down we packed our bags and went to the shore for an excursion. We helped locals cleaning up the beach and of course, we also went swimming. We also built a big campfire with the wood we collected. Some of the trainees found a part of an old fishing boat and they paddled to the Wylde Swan with it, the rest of us went back with the tender. Just before dinner, I started writing my application letters. My first and second choice for the ship takeover is the medical officer and the captain. In our application letters we had to introduce ourselves, write down our motivation for the function and write down why we thought we were suitable for it. We had to write it in English and it took some time but we wrote a bunch of nice letters. It also was valentines day and we had a romantic dinner in the main hold. The three courses were all delicious! Jaro, our engineer was walking around in a dress and he was wearing heels while serving us and it was just super funny. We had a nice time that evening and the time just flew.

Regards, Laura E."

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