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Run by Positive Dance Experience
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Positive Dance Experience

Pre Intermediate Contemporary Technique


Run by Positive Dance Experience

About this Program

  • Program
  • Age 9 - 11 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Dance (multi) and Jazz—offers 3 activities
  • 1 session date to choose from
  • Cost starting from $20
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support not available  

This program is designed to build the following character traits:

  • Creativity: Contemporary dance embraces creativity, encouraging dancers to explore unique movement vocabularies, innovative choreography, and personal expression, fostering artistic freedom and pushing the boundaries of traditional dance forms.
  • Curiosity: Curiosity unleashed. Dancers explore, question, and push boundaries, igniting a passion for artistic exploration.

At Positive Dance Experience, we stand out by offering a unique combination of personalized attention, an inclusive environment, and a commitment to nurturing the whole dancer. What sets us apart from competitors is our focus on creating a positive and supportive culture that fosters growth, creativity, and a sense of belonging.

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach. Our limited class sizes allow us to provide individualized attention to each dancer, ensuring that they receive the guidance and support needed to thrive. This intimate setting fosters stronger connections between instructors, dancers, and their families, creating a supportive community that feels like a second home.

Our inclusive environment is another key differentiator. We embrace dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, promoting a sense of acceptance and respect. We prioritize creating an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and celebrated for their unique talents and contributions. This inclusivity cultivates a supportive and encouraging space where dancers can grow and express themselves authentically.

Additionally, our commitment to nurturing the whole dancer sets us apart. We go beyond technique and strive to develop well-rounded performers by offering classes in singing, acting, and dancing – the "triple threat" approach. This comprehensive training equips our dancers with the skills and confidence to excel in various performance disciplines, empowering them to become versatile and dynamic artists.

Parents and kids choose Positive Dance Experience because we provide a holistic dance education that focuses on fostering a love for dance, building self-esteem, and creating lifelong memories. Our dedication to maintaining a positive and inclusive environment, combined with our commitment to individualized attention and comprehensive training, sets us apart as the top choice for families seeking a nurturing and empowering dance experience.

Join Positive Dance Experience, where every dancer is valued, supported, and encouraged to shine. Discover the difference that our personalized approach, inclusive environment, and comprehensive training can make in your dance journey.

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Session Dates and Rates

Nov 22. '23 - Jun 07. '24
Armour Heights, Toronto, ON
1947 Avenue Rd Suite 202

16:00 - 16:45
$20 - $685


  Recreational         Instructional      
  Intense or Competitive

  Mindfulness Training
  Strength and Conditioning


Pre Intermediate Contemporary Technique is run by Positive Dance Experience.

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Run by: Positive Dance Experience
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Pre Intermediate Contemporary Technique  
Run by Positive Dance Experience

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