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Run by Positive Dance Experience
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Positive Dance Experience

Adult Contemporary


Run by Positive Dance Experience

About this Program

  • Program
  • Age 17 - 18+ (Coed)
  • Specialized in Dance (multi) and Jazz—offers 2 activities
  • 1 session date to choose from
  • Cost starting from $25
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support not available  

This program is designed to build the following character traits:

  • Tolerance: It promotes open-mindedness, acceptance of different ideas and interpretations, and fosters an inclusive environment where dancers respect and value the uniqueness of each individual's creative voice.
  • Self-regulation: Develop discipline, focus, and body awareness, honing their ability to self-monitor and adjust their movements in real-time. Through self-regulation, dancers cultivate a sense of responsibility, maintain alignment and technique, and make intentional artistic choices.

Welcome to Positive Dance Experience's (PDE) Adult Contemporary class! Our Adult Contemporary program is a unique and expressive journey that combines fluidity, emotion, and technicality in dance, offering a space for individuals of all levels to explore the beauty and artistry of contemporary movement.

In our classes, you'll delve into a diverse range of contemporary dance techniques, focusing on fluid movements, floorwork, improvisation, and expressive storytelling. Led by seasoned instructors with a passion for contemporary dance, our sessions blend foundational elements with innovative choreography, encouraging dancers to explore their creativity and personal expression.

At Positive Dance Experience, we foster a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages self-discovery and artistic growth. Our Adult Contemporary classes aim to enhance body awareness, musicality, and emotional connection, allowing dancers to deepen their understanding of movement while expressing themselves authentically.

Through a progressive curriculum, you'll have the opportunity to expand your repertoire, experiment with different movement qualities, and refine your technique in a welcoming community of fellow dancers. Whether you're a beginner or have previous experience in dance, our Adult Contemporary program at PDE welcomes you to explore, learn, and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Join us and experience the transformative power of contemporary dance while connecting with like-minded individuals in an inspiring and inclusive space. Our Adult Contemporary classes at Positive Dance Experience offer a space where you can explore movement, emotions, and creativity in an atmosphere that celebrates individuality and artistic expression.

Come dance with us and embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration in PDE's Adult Contemporary class today!

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Session Dates and Rates

Jan 02 - Mar 08. '24
Armour Heights, Toronto, ON
1947 Avenue Rd Suite 202

19:30 - 20:30
$25 - $250


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  Intense or Competitive

  Strength and Conditioning


Adult Contemporary is run by Positive Dance Experience.

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Run by: Positive Dance Experience
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Adult Contemporary  
Run by Positive Dance Experience

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