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Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program  

  • Type:
    Virtual Program, Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
  • Focus:
    Education (multi)
  • Cost:
    $205 to $500/session
  • Ages:
    8 to 15
  • Gender:
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
    10 to 15
  • Programs:
  • Summary Profile

    About Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

    If your child loves writing and reading literature, or wants to improve their writing skills, consider a Quills and Quotes summer camp. Our online summer classes are perfect for students in grades 4-10. Courses are taught by certified teachers and topics include writing essays, creative writing, writing short stories, literature analysis, understanding Shakespeare, reading comprehension, and novel studies.

    • Special needs: Not available
    • LGBTQ+ friendly community

    COVID-19 Response 

    Quills and Quotes is dedicated to providing students with a responsible and safe education. All of our classes will comply with provincial regulations. We are now offering online classes for essay writing, novel studies, and public speaking.

    View recent COVID-19 updates from Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program currently has 7 programs available; 1 TBD.

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    Virtual program
    Ages: 8 - 16
    Education (multi)
    $1,540 to $1,740
    Virtual Program,
    Oct 07, 2021-May 26, 2022$1,540 - $1,740
    Instructor lead (group)|Creative writing|Debate|Journalism|Language Instruction|Public Speaking|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing
    Virtual program
    Ages: 10 - 13
    Education (multi)
    Virtual Program,
    Oct 18, 2021-Jan 17, 2022$600
    Creative writing|Instructor lead (group)|Language Instruction|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing|Journalism
    Virtual program
    Ages: 12 - 16
    Education (multi)
    Virtual Program,
    Oct 21, 2021-Jan 20, 2022$720
    Creative writing|Instructor lead (group)|Language Instruction|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing|Journalism
    Instructor lead (group)|Language Instruction|Public Speaking|Reading|Writing
    Virtual program
    Ages: 13 - 16
    Education (multi)
    Virtual Program,
    Feb 07-Aug 08$1,500
    Creative writing|Instructor lead (group)|Language Instruction|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing|Journalism
    Virtual program
    Ages: 11 - 15
    Creative writing
    $400 to $452
    Virtual Program,
    Jul 07-Aug 25$400 - $452
    Creative writing|Instructor lead (group)|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing
    Virtual program
    Ages: 8 - 11
    Creative writing
    $400 to $452
    Virtual Program,
    Jul 07-Aug 25$400 - $452
    Harry Potter|Storytelling|Instructor lead (group)|Creative writing|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing
    Ages: 9 - 16
    Traditional (multi activity)
    Virtual Program,
    Date TBDCost TBD
    Instructor lead (group)|Language Instruction|Public Speaking|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing

  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    Editor's Review

    Three Things: Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

    User reviews of Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program  — Read all 7 reviews

    Parent Review
    Quills and Quotes Parent (Parent)

    My daughter loves going to Quills and Quotes. She has seen a tremendous improvement in her writing and speaking skills and is getting better grades at school. I can tell that she is more confident with her presentations and that she looks forward to writing for her English class. I would definitely recommend this program. ... Read More

    Parent Google Review
    Monica Malhotra (Parent)

    I've been looking for a program like this for my children for a long time! So happy to have finally found a curriculum that really focuses on public speaking and writing skills. They cover all essay types, build strong vocabulary and get kids speaking from day one ... Read More

    Parent Google Review
    Dina Mehdiratta (Parent)

    If you are looking to improve your child’s reading, writing and public speaking skills, I highly recommend this program! I wish this program was around when I was in middle school.

    Parent Google Review
    Suhas Kotecha (Parent)

    It was the small things that made the difference in Quills and Quotes. The writing and public speaking curriculum is outstanding, but what really did it for me is that my daughter progressed tremendously AND she loved the class. The teacher really cared that she got all the concepts. She followed up on any missed assignments. She was given positive encouragement throughout. Discussion was encouraged. Questions were encouraged. For the kids the small things that made a big difference were the prizes, the awards, the debates, the fun things like the “Soap Box Speech” and the “Who Is” books and discussing TED Talks. Quills and Quotes is quite a unique program. I highly recommend it ... Read More

    Google Review
    Raj Chopra (Parent)

    My son has gone through this program and has benefited greatly from it. He went from having a mediocre understanding of essay writing and speech making to being proficient at both. We just got his report card and he has a 4+ in language arts now, For which I give quills and quotes a great amount of credit. My son is in grade 7 and is engaged in, as well as looks forward to his quills and quotes classes. Thanks q&q ... Read More

    Review from Guiding Light Academy
    D. Jackson (Parent)

    Dear Mrs. Shauna Jain, Thank you for your enlightening and practical session on the Fundamentals of Pubic Speaking with our students as part of our E-learning program. You have instilled in our students the importance of pubic speaking. They are now inspired by you to present themselves with clarity and confidence. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us. We look forward to more presentations from “Quills and Quotes” in the next academic year. With kind regards, Mrs. D. Jackson Principal, Guiding Light Academy ... Read More

    Google Review
    DJ, grade 6 (Camper)

    I have been a student in this program for a few years. After only a few months, my teachers noticed the improvement in my writing skills. I enjoy the Weekly Words because my vocabulary is growing and I am better at reading comprehension. Also, now I know how to deliver a speech confidently and I am not afraid of public speaking. I also really enjoy being in the Novice class; we have great debates, interesting speeches, fun discussions and my teacher helps me whenever I need it. ... Read More

  • Location & Site Details


    Mississauga, ON
    10 Rosewood Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 3H9
    Mississauga, ON
    2170 S Sheridan Way, Mississauga, Ontario, L5J2m4
    Virtual Program


    Is Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program technology free? Students will use Google Classroom for assignment submission. Online classes will be through Google Meet or Zoom.

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Shauna Jain, Director of Quills and Quotes
    MD, FRCP

    Dear Parents,

    Thank you for your interest in our program. Our mission is to go beyond the classroom to help students achieve academic excellence.

    Why Choose Quills and Quotes?

    Our world is competitive, and students need to set themselves apart. Candidates have 10 seconds to make a first impression and superior writing and speaking skills are the keys to success. Quills and Quotes gives students the tools to be confident speakers and powerful writers.

    After-School Program

    Quills and Quotes combines a writing and public speaking curriculum in one program! Students in grades 4-10 are divided into appropriate levels after a free assessment. 

    Quills and Quotes aims to create a fun and challenging learning environment that fosters effective communication and writing skills. The goal is to graduate students who think, write, and speak with confidence.

    The Writing Curriculum: Students learn to research topics, critically analyze information, and generate essays that stimulate, engage, and persuade. The finished essay has an engaging introduction, a memorable conclusion, and a body of strong supporting ideas. Students learn to edit and proofread for sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. Additionally, students complete weekly vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises. By the end of the year, our students have the skills to write critical and powerful essays.

    The Public Speaking Curriculum: Students master communication and speech delivery. They are taught how to use effective body language, project their voice, and engage the audience. Plus, they learn how to compose a speech with proven speech writing techniques. They practice public speaking in various forums including formal and impromptu speeches, slide presentations, debates, soapbox rants, and mock interviews. By the end of the program, our students have the skills and confidence to speak with passion and polish.

    Summer Program

    We offer a literary course to prepare for high-school English. Students critically read selected literature and learn to write an in-depth analytical essay. The program runs for 10 weeks over the summer.

    New! We offer creative writing courses to stimulate and foster a love of reading and writing! 

    Teaching at Quills and Quotes

    We have carefully selected our teachers. They are certified and specialize in English with expertise in public speaking. They have classroom and online experience and know how to inspire and engage students. Our teachers know that students learn best when taught material in a variety of ways. We reinforce knowledge through visual aids, class discussions, group work, debates, quizzes, and more. Our teachers are committed to ensuring student success and are available for extra help or even one-on-one tutoring if needed.

    We are proud of our students. They genuinely love coming to class and participate with enthusiasm. We love watching our students succeed – conquering public speaking anxiety, winning class speech competitions, entering international writing contests, creating blogs and podcasts, writing short stories, or showing us the As on their report cards – those moments are awesome.

    If you want to learn more about Quills and Quotes, please visit our website at  If you have questions or want to book a free assessment for your child, please contact us at (647) 985-3711 or [email protected]  

    Thank you,

    Shauna Jain, MD
    Director, Quills and Quotes


    In the News

    July 1, 2020
    Quills and Quotes will Continue Some Online Classes Past COVID-19

    “For us, the change was not difficult, for we designed the curriculum to be technology compatible." ... Read More

    June 30, 2020
    After-school Mississauga Program Gets Kids Writing Essays

    Parents in Mississauga and Oakville have found a solution to their children's struggles with essay writing. ... Read More


    • Secrets to a Winning Speech: Tips from Quills and Quotes

      Every year, the same kid wins the school speech competition. During their speech, the audience is laughing, nodding and clapping wildly. You’ve decided this year is your year. This year, the audience will love you. This year you will win that coveted speech trophy. How? Quills and Quotes, a kid’s public speaking program, trains students in public speaking, and they have agreed to share 4 of their 19 sure-fire tips to winning a speech competition.


      1) Hook the Audience with a Prop

      Props are a powerful way of hooking the audience. Props engage the audience through visual appeal, plus they often add humour. Darren Tay, 2016 Toastmasters International Champion, incorporated a wonderfully creative demonstration of prop use during his speech on bullying. He began the speech with a dramatic pause and then put on a pair of white underwear over his suit. The audience was shocked, mesmerized, and HOOKED! The key to effective prop use is to hide the prop until it is needed in the speech; otherwise, it becomes a distraction. When Darren walked onto the stage, he concealed the underwear in his pocket; if he had walked on wearing the underwear, it would have had less impact.


      2) Use a Metaphor to Tell Your Story

      Metaphors help the audience relate to your message. When the audience relates, they care, and when they care, they remember. In this way, a metaphor makes your speech memorable. A fantastic example of metaphor use occurs in Ramona Smith’s speech, “Standing Still.” In this speech, Ramona compares life to a boxing match. The metaphor was so effective she won the 2018 World Toastmasters Championship. Watch the speech and notice how the metaphor creates a winning speech.


      3) Maintain Powerful Body Language

      People respond to body language. A speaker that “closes” their body or “shrinks” on the stage causes the audience to disengage. However, open, strong, emphatic body language connects an audience to the speaker. People interact with one another through body language, even when one is on stage, and the other is 20 metres away. So, be powerful on stage to captivate and hold your audience’s attention. Recall Ramona’s confident and energetic body expression; it mesmerized her audience and won her the speech competition.


      4) Close with a Call to Action

      When a speech calls on the audience to act, it changes the audience’s life, and that is a speech to remember. The action should be for positive change, and the final message should empower, inspire or motivate the audience to take that action. A particularly effective speech by a Quills and Quotes student on “Making Time,” challenged the audience to at that moment, choose a time every day for “me time,” to set a daily phone alarm, and to commit to keeping that alarm for 66 days. The speech created change and triggered action; that is a winning speech.


      We have 15 more secrets for winning speech competitions, so if you enjoyed these 4, enroll in a Quills and Quotes public speaking class today! Register on our website or contact us at 647-985-3711.

    • Embracing Online Learning

      A Children’s Creative Writing Program Goes Online

      We will tell our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will tell them how it changed everything. Our views on travel, social encounters, technology, businesses and online classes changed. After-school programs did not miss a beat in the transition to online learning, allowing children to continue their extracurricular pursuits. Children everywhere took writing classes, public speaking, math, piano, martial arts, and even basketball online. Many of these programs are a stopgap until in-person classes can resume, but some have embraced the web world and plan to incorporate more online learning into their curriculum.

      One such program is Quills and Quotes, a creative writing program for elementary, middle and secondary students. They have found several advantages in conducting classes online, including:

      1) Achieving Efficiency: Driving back and forth to after-school activities often means rushing dinner, grabbing an unhealthy snack, hurrying to finish homework and tiresome hours in the car. With online classes, students can save hours of travel time and mindfully eat dinner. They show up for a course refreshed and ready to learn. Plus, instead of parents spending time driving and sitting through activities, they can complete other tasks; thereby, freeing up spare time to spend with their children.

      2) Eliminating Disruptions: Appeals for a washroom break or a drink of water may seem like a minor point, but these student requests are a significant disruption. The teacher must stop the instruction and address the waving hand, which interrupts the flow of learning. With online classes, teaching progresses smoothly from one point to the next and children in need of a break can do so unobtrusively.

      3) Improving Attendance: There are times when conflicts arise, and children cannot make it to their after-school activity, or they will be so late that it feels pointless to go. Often this is because a parent must work after-hours, or another sibling has an unexpected event. There are also health factors, sometimes children with broken bones or a nagging cough cannot attend classes, causing the student to miss out on crucial learning. Unfortunately, if a student falls behind, they often give up on the activity altogether. Since transitioning to online classes, Quills and Quotes has noticed a nearly perfect attendance and found that their students show up on time.

      Of course, whenever there is an upside, there is often a downside, and this includes security issues with Zoom (though recent updates have improved this issue), tech mishaps, less student engagement and lost social connection. So, while online learning has its perks, there are some aspects of classroom learning that many programs cannot wait to resume. However, faced with a pandemic’s social restrictions, it makes sense to appreciate small silver linings.

      For more information on enrolling your child in classes for creative writing, essay writing, literary analysis, public speaking or enriched English, go to or contact them at [email protected].


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